Drake is the overly hyped up artist of the moment folks!

OK so Best I Ever Had is a catchy track, but it’s hardly ground breaking.

The video was directed by the Louis V Fool himself – Kanye West.

Not only does Kanye produce, rap, sing , design trainers (sneakers) and dedicate his time to grooming former strippers, he now directs videos.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Don’t give up the day job Kanye.. whatever that is these days…..

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  1. Ya know…this song is cute…I like it. I mean that’s not saying much, seeing as there is NOT much to like these days on mainstream music. While I like this track…it’s DEF not groundbreaking.

    I won’t even comment on the tackiness of the actual video…you know what? Honestly? I’m just so tired of what music has become…it REALLY does make one want to quit…sometimes I think, what’s the point? (I’m sure Ty can relate) What’s the point if everyone is just gonna fall for the bullshit? Cuz dis gyal here is NOT ’bout da BULL. sigh…

    on another note…I watch Degrassi…the show he was in…lol. Don’t know why I just admitted to

    BTW! Congrats on the interview and recognition Janice!! YOU SO DESERVE IT!! 🙂 Keep it up!!

  2. What in the name of Chihuahua is going on in that freeze frame? WTH? Did they just burst out the boob squad? He could have gone a bit classier with the video. It’s not the classiest song, but it is kinda cute, the video could have been a decent effort. Not old ass women acting like the most ill-conceived basketballers. I don’t remember ever seeing Lebron James doing the splits. So this is what the original song sounds like, after all those remixes (only heard the Teairra Mari remix & the Ted Smooth remix with Swizz Beatz).

    @ Mishal, just **forgive me, I’m about to quote Avril Lavigne** keep holding on, you’re gona make it through, just stay strong **will stop now**. Stay in it, become the exception. I expect my name in the thank you section, ASAP*.
    *You could choose to go deaf on that one.

    PS: If you’re looking for a more traditional ladies anthem, you could always listen to Raheem DeVaughn’s “You”, plus the video’s isn’t tacky, maybe a bit cheesy.

  3. @Adaobi lol. I’ll do you one better…wait for it, wait for it….shameless plug…my single “Oh Lord” was just released yesterday…you can get it on any site….*You COULD choose to go deaf on THAT one…but I’d rather you didn’t…lol.

  4. Just to let u know Mishal , Reclaimin’ is selling the music of independent artists every Sunday at a groovy little market in London called Spitalfields. Let me tell you, it’s like these people never heard music before…it’s really refreshing and inspring.

    I reiterate to keep on….there just needs to be more business minded peope who get hands on and promote, sell and plug the joints as i can say we are attempting! I just dj’d for the talented Stacey Epps last night and my girl had her cds to hand ready to sell! It’s all about having the prodcut and making it available conveniently….

    What I have always argued is proving me right in a good way,. if they hear it and they like it and there’s something to purchase…they will….it’s that simple!! Noone knows who these artists are but they want to, asking me where i dj to hear more, where to locate the artist and label…it really is all about that.

    Until the next uphill struggle episode……xx

  5. Hate the video beyond belief
    …well done Kanye – he actually pulled off doing sub standard tacky video that lacked create vision and fulfill the brief of tits and teeth all at the same time…

    {insert applause here}


  6. Dance?? Seriously, who’s in charge of the genre section of iTunes. Maybe Jazzy Pop or even just pop, ok I know you can dance to it, but seriously, dance?!

  7. @Adaobi…yea unfortunately I or my label of NO CONTROL over the genres picked…lol. But I guess it’s because of the remixes, maybe? lol
    Every site says something says gospel/jazz… gospel? HA HA HA…
    Anywho, as long as it’s getting into the hands of consumers…it could say heavy metal for all I care. lol

  8. OMG what kind of fuckery hawt mess is that?!!! First of all no fucking woman is runnin no where without a bra on! oh but wait those boobs are fake so it doesn’t hurt when they bounce up and down like that does it?! SMDH

    There were quite a few cameos in the video… didn’t see Amber Rose….

    And what in tarnation were they thinking… omg that is the worst video ever!!!!

    @adaobi Raheem Devaughn’s ‘Woman’ is awesome too!!!

  9. The video is lame, lame, lame, and I should know. I have been watching MTV forever. But the song is good, but these guys have bad taste with the age of some of the women in the video and on stage.

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