Singer Christina Milian and “fiancee” producer/singer The Dream will feature on the final front cover of Vibe Magazine.

This is part of the reason why Vibe slowly went down hill. It was the introduction of tacky and ill thought out front covers like this below.

Who thought that it would be a good idea to put those two on the front cover?

Has the well really run that dry?

And is this what it’s come to Christina? Using producers of the moment to secure some much needed attention?

– Hooking up with The Dream of all people. Times must be hard.



Rest In Peace Vibe.

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  1. That cover is a disgrace. I cant believe VIBE are so stupid as to use Christina Millian (who has done WHAT for music lately btw?) and Mr. No Singing Ability Whatsoever for their last cover. KMT.

  2. This is how they want to end their legacy,? with someone we don’t give a shit about and another we won’t in 12 months…..

  3. Looks like the cover of a crappy porno DVD I saw today, calm down I only saw the cover. Amazing the things you see at the Pallasades for £1.

  4. Lati, why the “Hmmm..”? I’m a bit scared now.
    @ Milli Blonde, you sure ain’t Ms. Jackson.
    @ Mr Eh, you sure ain’t Elizondo’s hands.
    @ Vibe, you sure ain’t Rolling Stone.

  5. Wow, what a tacky way to go out! Cheap looking lame ass z-list front cover that’s been done been done b4 (lol at Adaobi’s “Mr Eh, you sure ain’t Elizondo’s hands”). Stopped buying Vibe a while back as the best thing in it was ’20 Questions’.

  6. That is sad, I love their magazine, I got their ones on T.I., but your right. Who ever is cover editor of that magazine, needs to change it and talk to someone who runs long running magazines like Blender, Elle, and Source. If you can’t figure out a magazine, and I, just a normal person at a retail job can tell you that the bad covers and stories that aren’t marketed well as they could be, is. Then boy do they have problems. As for Christina Millian and her boyfriend and family, the best of luck, I hope she does more acting and more singing, since her voice is awesome and she is awesome in all of the movies she has done.

  7. hey guys better watch out for yahself so a local mag can use u for there cover instead of critising someome , who among you gal is pretty like xtiana milan hugh ,, go see yahself

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