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The man behind the world’s biggest online Michael Jackson fan club has said heartbroken followers of the star have committed suicide because of his death. Continue Reading….

I knew this would happen…..

Rest In Peace Michael.

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  1. I think it’s foolishness. There’s no need for this obsession really. They obviously had no lives. There were people who were saddened by his death but suicide is over the top. I don’t care how much he meant to them, this kind of obsession is wrong on all levels.

  2. I must agree with lati. This is beyond foolishness. This is a man, not a God! People are so quick to worship a man, rather than see the good that resides within themselves. We all must die for a cause one day, maybe protecting a family member or saving someone elses life. However , to take your own life for someone you will never meet in this life time is STUPID ! Believe this, the king of pop would not sacrifice his life for them. So many people around the world feel that they can be just like micheal jackson or a better micheal jackson. In the words of an unknown speaker, ” be a better you”.

  3. the other day on the news page just before the links to the michael jackson news and videos it was posted telling 12 died from suicide so far. It is shocking but, in ways with so many fans of his it does make one think how many more could have. I hope people will think and realize that he would never have wanted fans to do such things. The best things they can do for him is to spread his music and fight to get justice against those that helped him come to such a state.
    http://www.microsoftvideos.com has some of the older and newer videos with news on it all. I would say to remember him from past not now is best.

  4. you know why they did it? I’ll tell you..because they realized how cruel the world is…they really looked at this man..who truly had no childhood…who gave his entire life to his fans..first as a child because his father pushed him into it..and then into adulthood because it was all he ever knew..and throughout that entire time..the media was cruel and made up lies..and as soon as michael learned to read..he read it..as a child – the cruel things people say..he read it at 7 and 8..9..10..11..12..13..14..etc..and on top of that his father was beating them with belts and calling him ugly and other names..and when he got older the media did it..and then people took advantage of him and accused him of doing unspeakable things that were never true..haters haters all the way..when this genius of music did nothing but give and give and give and give and give…he never took..he donated hundreds of millions….he gave us himself..always polite and loving..do other celebrities open up a neverland for sickandying children..NO..and he was a true genius in his music and way ahead of his times..and we picked and picked and picked at him..and still he was going to give us a final tour..and maybe he did have a narc problem..a lot of “normal” people have that and I’m surprised he made it this far without adopting that with everything he has been through..never having a moment of privacy and having to build a lonely world just to get it..no wonder he loved children and animals..they don’t judge and are always honest…these people who killed themselves realized what kind of world this really is to lose someone ..probably one of the most famous in the entire world for his amazing abilities as an artist…and to know society did it…it’s heartbreaking..I have always been a fan and never believed anything bad about michael..really truly…his death has hit me hard…for this to happen…he really truly died too young..it is tragic..I can’t stop crying or thinking about it…it is an incredibly sad story….it reminds me of something I say to myself when I get down that I can’t put food in my son’s tummy or buy him clothes..when you have everything..you have nothing..and that is what happened to him…he tried to take that everything and use it to help others in need because he felt so guilty for it..and he tried to get his childhood back or at least help children also losing their childhood to disease or poverty..he didn’t truly find love I don’t think because he was in a way damaged emotionally as a child and his emotional self couldn’t grow..it never grew past five or six..so adult michael really couldn’t fathom a relationship as an adult…he was shy..and insecure from the cruel things people and his father drilled into his mind..I think that is why. People killed themselves because they are thinking…how in this cruel world someone like michael jackson who was famous and a musical genius and did nothing but good..be treated the way he was? He didn’t just lose his childhood..he lost his adulthood as well. You can’t be a stable adult without a stable childhood. Impossible. Your childhood is the treasure map to your adult hood. I can’t stop crying or thinking about it either. It is sad. Makes you wonder why we are here in this cruel world…is it worth it?

  5. I tell you why, i agree with allot you said , however their is no excuse for killing yourself. It is the ultimate form of selfishness! A bad childhood my friend is just a part of this life journey. Yes, micheal was brillant like all of us are. Yes, it is hard being an adult with a childs mentallity. However, we all make choices in life that we have to live with just like Mr. jackson. The media is the same wether we like it or not . It was design to do exactly what it has done throughout history. To call micheal a victum and blame his death on the media sounds a little insane. Yes, we all mourn his death because most of us grew up with his music. However, his death does not make the world cruel, it is the people we cohabitate with who make this beauiful world cruel. Life is hard, no matter how much we ROMANCE THE THOUGHTS OF IT BECOMING EASY.

  6. Some People r just obsessed with MJ and in an unhealthy manner. Be sad and cry if necessary but taking your life is not worth it. The world has and will always be cruel. Anyway, don’t kill yourself.

  7. -Lord im watching the funeral now its soooo
    sadd i mean people loved the man im 18 and im crying !
    so i can only imagine how adults feel .
    I LOVVE HiM !



    may you find peace in your eternal life !

    i’ll make a better place ! THANK YOU SO MUCH !

    you inspire me a LOT !

    -i’ll keep you in my heart-

  9. Even since June 25, I’ve been thinking a lot about Michael Jackson’s death. I’ve been trying to study his life and I bought newspapers and collector’s magazines centering his death. Also, I cried a little bit — especially after his memorial service. Some people think I have grown obsessed, but when a coworker said others had killed themselves over Michael Jackson, I was shocked. I looked it up, and it was true. Now, I’m not the best person to give advice over suicide, but it’s extreme to kill yourself over a celebrity. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sad that Michael Jackson died, too. When I was a little girl, I used to admire him. Though, I’m not really boy-crazy, if I was with a male, I would like if their were as handsome and kind as Jackson was. Also, what thinking of his Thriller era, listening to “Human Nature,” thinking about the memorial, and seeing his daughter say her speech have in common…it made me weep. However, it’s not enough to end my life over. Michael Jackson made had been called “The King of Pop,” but he was simply just an entertainer. He wasn’t like God…he was human. To end this, all I can say for his suicidal fans…seek help if you feel this way. Trust me — life will go on.

  10. Your all losers, to want to kill yourself because of him.
    he was a good singer, but as a roll model ERRR. i dont think so.

  11. how many people have to die befor we realize that we have a problem? we have a problem with p,drug in the united states. we all need to learn from this. for some reason when i heard the news i felt so bad i had to take my vacation ,because i felt lik e part of me was gone. people that get hooked on these drugs need help,we need to put something in plan for people like michael jackson .michael jackson will live on through his music . and remember that michael jackson was not the only one. and if the drugs did,nt kill him we still have a problem with p,drugs.

  12. Michael I miss you so much. You did so much for this world. Even though you have money and fame you didnt let that take contol of you..doing charity works no other celebrity would ever do something like that. i wish you were still here with us today, god has taken you too soon away from your fans and loved ones. Some of the fans are committing sucide because of your gone and i know that you would never want that..you would want your fans to make a better place like you did. They were true fans i guess. What ever the media threw at you all the lies i never believed it because i knew you were innocent. True fans always stay loyal. I miss you everyday even till this day when i go on youtube to listen to some of your great hits i start to cry. I wish god would send you back to us..we need you more. i’d be honest i felt like committing sucide when my mum died but i knew she would never want me to do that. When i heard you died i was heartbroken the one man i looked up to. Your one of a kind..i felt like committing sucide because i loved you so much i couldnt bare the fact that your gone. But i wont do that because i know you dont want your fans to do that..so because of you i won’t but its so hard. On the 29th of august you are finally going to be rested but the sad thing is its on your birthday. you would of been 51..i missed you so much..i wish i could see you again even if its just for a sec because i want to to you that i love you and that your always in my heart forever. No Stories or media because you finally in heaven with god who will look after you. Hopefully one day i will be able to see you in heaven but for now michael rest in peace and know that all your fans especially me are missing you everyday and wish you were still here with us. Michael i love you. Rest in Peace..xx

  13. I just finished watching the Micheal Jackson 30th Anniversay. I enjoyed his performance so much. Micheal is such a special person and has made his mark on the world and on our hearts. As I type this message I lay here in tears missing him. I think I will always miss him.
    I agree with “I’ll Tell You Why.” Your statement has touched my heart and I’m agreeing with you in my spirit and am comforted by your words.
    I lost my “sibling” brother in January 13, 2010. And he too had a wonderful life. He was the only one in our family who found true love and got to experience what a true loving family is.
    I’m trying to, like instead of being sad and depressed I want to celebrate both their lives and learn how to be a better person.
    I love you my brother Louis and I miss you Micheal. I hope you both are hanging out in heaven together! !!The earth lost 2 precious jewels and heaven got

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