Summer blockbuster Transformers 2 recently hit cinemas across the land and has now caused a storm of controversy Stateside.

I haven’t seen the film yet but the robot characters below (Skids and Mudflap) sound totally offkey.



As usual the Americans spot racism no matter how subtle and address it.

As for over here…… well…… that’s another post.

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  1. no matter how subtle? are you kidding me? subtle? there was nothing subtle about it. gold teeth, violence between each other, the worst slang ever, they CANT READ. and they were pointless in the film. They were for comic relief at whose expense? i felt like i either needed to soft shoe, jigg or eat some watermelon to watch this film. My only question is- is this how they view us as a race? and if it is then whose fault is that? i already know the answer!!!!

  2. Just to let you all know, this review contains spoilers.

    There. I said it. Don’t be mad @ me, Jan, but I can’t get into this particular review w/o spoiling a couple things here and there.

    Let me preface this review by stating that I am a HUGE Michael Bay fan. I absolutely love most of his movies and can totally appreciate his style of leave-your-brain-home-and-enjoy-the-pretty-colors direction, and I thought the 1st Transformers movie was an absolute PERFECT junk food movie. I copped it in HD as soon as it came out and STILL watch it once in a while. When I heard Bay was going to make a sequel, the inner fanboy in me bust a virtual nut.

    “MORE Optimus Prime? MORE giant robot fights? MORE intricately detailed transformation sequences? And the Constructicons? AND they form Devastator? Megan Fox draped over a motorcycle w/batty lick shorts on? Sign me all the way up for this!” I said to myself.

    Dammit, Man…this movie sucks.

    No disrespect to anyone on these boards who loved this flick, but this movie sucked huge metal robot balls (which were in the movie, BTW…WTF was up w/THAT one?!?!?!?) in comparison to the 1st.

    There isn’t even a bloody plot for the middle 1/3rd of the movie!


    You could literally cut a whole hour out of this, and it would probably make
    more sense. There were some kewl introductions of new robots in the beginning (more on the Twins later) which was nice, but there wasn’t much of even a semblance of plot. I know, I know, “it’s a Bay film! What do you expect?” you say…same defense I put up against all the so-called “elites” who railed against me for loving the 1st one. One shouldn’t expect Shakespeare from a toy commercial. I get that (for instance, I vehemently defended my love of the largely implausible “Cloverfield” last year! LOL). But this was bad even for him. For instance:

    1.The scene where Shia’s character’s mom eats the pot brownies…did it REALLY need to go on for that long?
    2.Did John Turturro need to strip to his underwear again? AGAIN?!?
    3.How the f–k is it daylight EVERYWHERE on the planet? And if I’m able to teleport across the globe, why drive? I guess that’s how Bumblebee was able to get to Egypt from the US in 2 scenes flat.
    4.Megatron is not supposed to be ANYONE’S bitch, I don’t care how many millennia you have on him.
    5.Since when are Transformers able to disguise themselves as humans?
    6.I’m a shaky-cam fan, but DAMN!

    The Robot Twins…what.the.F–K!

    I don’t like them @ all. Why are they so damn stereotypical? I could accept Jazz in the 1st one because the original G1 Jazz was “black” also (voiced by the late Scatman Crothers, who was also the voice of Hong Kong Phooey, BTW). And he was a decent soldier and a great fighter, though he was destroyed by Megatron in the 1st one. These two Latino carriacatures should offend anyone w/even a modicum of ethnic blood in them. Why can’t they read? They’re cybernetic organisms that were apparently able to absorb complete knowledge of Earth’s languages via the World Wide Web. Why does one of them have a gold tooth? Why are their eyes all kooky? Since when is it ok to have Step N Fetch It in robot form?

    F–k Michael Bay for this part of the movie.

    Jar Jar Binks-like characters (Car-Car Binks in this instance? LOL) will always be an epic fail as far as I’m concerned. They didn’t work in the Star Wars prequels and they don’t really work here. The Twin Robots were funny @ 1st, but then quickly became grating as the movie progressed.

    It’s not ALL bad though…if you’re hungering for more robots, this one delivers in spades. I consider myself a huge TF geek-I know most of the robots on sight. But this was almost overload…ALMOST! There were almost too many of them! It was cool, though, to watch them fight, albeit hard to tell which robot was which. The scene in the forest is absolutely spectacular, and here is where Bay shines best. Very well choreographed, and expertly framed…ILM once again proves that they are standard bearers for virtually all other digital FX studios. The integration of the CGI w/set pieces is nothing short of flawless; the robots are even more real and intricately detailed this time.

    And Megan Fox. Wow. She could get all 8.5″. ALL of it, and raw, too…LOL

    Anyway, there is a marked difference in tone from this sequel and the 1st. The first movie was a bit more refined; it was like Bay had Spielberg reigning him in when he got too grandiose. Now, it would seem that since the 1st one did so well, he was allowed to do whatever the f–k he wanted, to ill effect.

    Visually speaking, this movie is just frigging golden! It’s a bit hard to follow @ points from a visual standpoint (what are these robots doing? Are they fighting or dancing? Who is that fighting who? etc.), and the plot is LITERALLY non-existent @ times (bad even for Bay). Like I said, it looks really, really, really, REALLY good, especially in IMAX (although it would seem that most of the scenes weren’t actually shot w/IMAX cameras, as you can tell by the changing aspect ratios) but the Twins and lack of direction kill this for me. A strong rental, as far as I’m concerned.

    5 out of 5 stars for action, CGI, TONS of robots and Megan Fox
    1.5 out of 5 stars for everything else

  3. That was a good review Sundance.

    Oh dear sounds like a dud. I don’t think I’ll bother going to see it.

    I did see the first one and liked it but it sounds as if, like you said, Bay was left to do as he pleased on the sequel because of the first one’s success.

    “And Megan Fox. Wow. She could get all 8.5″. ALL of it, and raw, too…LOL”

    lol. I hear that she was really exploited in the film.

  4. @ Jan,

    She was a bit more…exposed in this one, but it was relatively tasteful. She’s soooooooooooo pretty, though, and Bay knows it, so he used her looks to his advantage w/certain shots…

    @ Peter,

    Nope. Not gonna happen. I could understand the 1st movie’s relative lack of direction–as I said in my review, it was the perfect popcorn movie. Just sit back for an hour or so and enjoy the pretty colors. This sequel, however, was worse than the 1st in terms of bad direction. It was like Bay made the movie for himself and himself only. It’s just bad, especially compared to the 1st one, which I LOVED~!

    And I’m sorry, but Mudflap, Skids and Jolt are uber stereotypical. They didn’t really advance the story much…just there for comic relief. I could understand one or two scenes, but they’re on screen waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Keep in mind (Verbs will attest to this! LOL) that I’m not really into finding racism where none exists. I don’t get offended very easily. This was very offensive.

  5. Um… the movie was long. I liked the effects. The twins didn’t offend me until one had a gold tooth; at that point I turned to my husband and said “really?”. I didn’t mine that the twins fought (they are siblings), I didn’t mind the “urban” vernacular, I didn’t mine them not reading (as none of the newer Transformers could understand the symbols either), but the gold tooth. Yeah that one threw me. Megan was casted because she’s hot, so she showed her hotness. Other then that, the story was all over the place… and Sundance you are right “How the hell did Bumble Bee get to Egypt?”

  6. Thank God I didn’t go to that midnight screening at AMC then. Where the heck is Verbs? Seriously, V we’re waiting…

  7. U people that find the Twins racist need to GROW THE F&#@ UP!!!!!!!!! There are more things going on in the world then just a movie… complain about that…. All of u r ignorant, stupid, no sense of humor, ready to complain about anything, low life, morons need to find somthing better to do.. Its ok that the cartoon Bondocks can make fun of “black people” but when a awsome blockbuster hit has 2 bots that have slang and the creator is white right away its racist. Come on peoplw!!! “black” stand up comics make fun of every race and no one really complains about that. But right away when i “white person” says anything about blacks, latinos, etc, Holy S@#%!!! Hold the phone and let me call everyone and tell them what i just saw.. U guys are just a bunch of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton lovers… The Two most racist people on Earth. I thought the twins were awsome, funny, cool, kept me laughing. So did my “black” friends.. Im Hispanic and i can not wait to see a Latino Autobot on the big screen.. Atleast Latinos dont camplain about petty s#%$ like every other race does.. In other note Keep up the good work and i cant wait to see Transformers 3.. the rest of u complaining retards kiss my A$$ and go put ur head in a hole cause u shouldn’t be breeding

  8. I was a little offended by the sexual-ness of the movie. the 1st half was literally all college chicks and half naked women posters… like Sundance said. . . sense when do transformers, transform into humans? My son ran around after the movie saying. . . “i saw the the girl transformers butt”. . . .

    megan fox’s “sexual-ness” ok she is a character in the movie, that i can watch without taking any offense. . . but all the extra a$$ and posters Just a little unneeded!

    other than that and a higher amount of profanity in this one compared to the 1st. . . . I loved the movie!

    I was not really offended by the twins. . . although there were alot of “references” to there “race”. . . would anyone have said anything if there was a “trailer trash” transformer?

    It was very long you could cut out the 1st hour and it would be a better movie. . .

    All the transformer action was EPIC. . . . Prime kicked a$$! Bumble bee skinned that cat like a champ!

    I give it 5 stars for after sam leaves college on. . .

  9. I mean seriously now…You all claim that you were big fans of the 1st movie. Well as I recall in the first movie when asked how jazz learned to talk like he did, Prime said through the world wide web. They are robots for gods sake. They go through the web to learn our language and they adapt any personality they want. Skids and mudflap are not even close to being racist or stereotypical. They choose to be the persona they wanted. Now granted they are created characters but come on now people. Get you heads out of your rear. I am sick of seeing people bash a movie just to bash it. I for one am not racist….I just hate everyone equally. If you all think that Skids and Mudflap were stereotypical and racist then you need to get out more. Even the black man doing the voice of one of them did NOT think it was racist at all. They were just being posers.

  10. Let people post their opinion, why do you have to go delete what you don’t like assholes!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Deleting posts? Haven’t got a clue what you’re ranting on about luv?

    Perhaps going to see Transformers 2 and the lovely Megan Fox in action will calm you down and un- twist your panties.


  12. @ Will,

    I think I’m much more intelligent than you are, evidenced by my grammar–it’s much better than yours, and I don’t resort to name calling…LOL

    Also, “The Boondocks” exposes ignorance via satire and irony. It’s a bit different, My Dude…when an ignorant Black character is shown in “The Boondocks”, it’s 98% of the time implied that this character is either out of touch, a loser or otherwise somehow flawed, and usually dealt with appropriately by the end of the episode.

    In this movie, The Twins were complete Step N Fetchit. Totally. Have you ever even seen any of the old Step N Fetchit stuff? Probably not, hence your vitriol RE: My comments. Go back and check that stuff out and you’ll see why I (among many, many other people–my opinion is not an isolated one) feel there was some racism evident w/The Twin Robots.

    I am, however, in agreement w/you RE: Sharpton and Jackson. Those two? Sheesh…LOL

  13. @ Atavus,

    I was a HUGE fan of the 1st movie and didn’t like this one anywhere near as much because it simply wasn’t a better flick than the 1st one. It’s evident that the Law of Diminishing Returns seems to be play here, much as it was w/”The Matrix” and it’s declining sequels (i.e., the 1st one was stellar, the second one not so much, and the third complete trash)…but I could be wrong (and I hope I am…)

    RE: Jazz from the 1st–learn your G1 history, willya? Jazz was initially voiced by Scatman Crothers, a Black man, and was always portrayed in a positive light. He was a great warrior, reliable and always delivered for Prime and the rest of the Autobots when battle arose. Hell, in the 1st Bay Transformers, he even took on Megatron w/no regard for his own safety!

    Skids and Mudflap don’t serve any real purpose (except for the very end against Devastator) other than comic relief. They’re funny @ 1st, but then it becomes suuuuuuuuuuuuper grating and uber stereotypical…

    I am not one to find racism where none exists. Ask Verbs~! He and I have had heated discussions about things that he thought were racist/morally wrong and I would tell him to “Calm down, Homie!” or “Get a girfriend!”, etc. So for me to get offended by these two I think speaks volumes.

    Honestly, it’s more of an issue for me because I have a daughter; I would like for her (and other children of color) to see positive, relatively intelligent representations of themselves rather than shucking and jiving…

  14. PS: @ Atavus,

    You say:

    “Well as I recall in the first movie when asked how jazz learned to talk like he did, Prime said through the world wide web.”

    EXAAAAAAAAACTLY…if these cybernetic organisms are intelligent enough to glean knowledge of Earth’s languages via the internet, why aren’t they smart enough to read?

    I’ll tell you why…

    Because Step N Fetchit wouldn’t be as funny if they were intelligent.


  15. Neither of these films should be analysed (or watched) for 3 very simple reasons, A. they both insult the intelligence and patience of everybody on the planet collectively, B. Waste of valuable time and money when you could be doing something more useful like staring into space and the ten euros/dollars that Michael Bay has just robbed from you could be used to sponser a starving child, C. They are shit!. Anybody wanting to evolve and progress mentally as a living, breathing being, dont think about my pointers and just accept them instantly. I’m not a person who is usually abrupt but I know this time I’m right. Go for a walk, read a book, ignore these trashy films.

  16. @Stop delet…..yada yada, has it ever occured to you that wordpress messes up sometimes? Geez, I know for a fact that I post a comment, then 3 or 4 comments appear later outta nowhere above my comment, so just chill.

    Finally watched this, I actually enjoyed the movie, thanks my trademarked brain*. They did get on my nerves a bit, was the gold tooth really necessary? Some scenes were just too convienent.

    Now they’ve done another Transformers movie & GI Joe, so where the hell is Jem?!

    *It chooses to ignore the laws of thermodynamics, gravity & other relevant laws of science &engineering, decency, morality. It still malfunctions at fart jokes & toilet homour though.

  17. @ Will

    a Latino that lives in America and believes that being made fun of via stereotypes for the world to look on and laugh at…im offended.

    i was hurt by the movie, not just because of the racism via The Twins and the minority with bad teeth in the butcher shop, but more because I actually like the Transformers and respected Michael Bay.

    Now, everyone has a right to their own opinion. If you chose not to be offended, then good. I, unfortunately, am tied to my race – as a Black man – and find it a central feature to my identity. Not the ONLY feature, but A central feature. The bad grammar, constant bickering, not contributing to the progress of the quest (or plot), the gold teeth, not being able to read…it’s all stereotypical, and I find it offensive. It’s unfortunate that you, as a human, cant appreciate someone expressing their opinion and feeling offended. Moreover, it’s unfortunate that you – as a minority – can’t appreciate a minority (or non-minority) being/feeling offended by the stereotypical depiction of these characters.

    I’m not on here to pick an argument, but I just saw the movie and needed a space to let others know that the movie was ok until it took time out to be racially exploitative (as well as sexually exploitative as well).

    ps – and did no one catch the “falafel” reference by the Sector 7 agent? equally offensive

  18. Are those black qualities? Sounds to me like they are stupid and the as I remember both races can be stupid. Is gold teeth a black characteristic? Is being unable to read a black characteristic? Don’t think so. They were supposed to come off as dumb. Why relate yourself to the negative when there are so many positive things to associate with.


  19. I just saw the movie. My humble opinion…It was an infomercial for the US armed forces and a cry from GM to buy my cars. The real damage is that it actually will influence a lot of those young people that have no direction to join the armed service hoping to fly a F16 (but will end up scraping barnacles off a ship or worse, on the front lines in Iraq). Movie was totally insulting to anyone that has more than a 10th grade vocabulary. Oh wait, the average person in the US only has a 10th grade vocabulary….Hey that was not a coincidence. I will never spend money on a M. Bay film again.

  20. i think most of what sundance says is right. i mean, i did really hate how the twins acted, but i was also really embarrassed to sit through this thing with the VERY crappy editing. Ex., when they were at the plane museum or whatever it was called and they went outside , i dont know if you guys notice this but, there were mountains! Now im not sayng you should watch it again cause it was horrible but im saying they were in Washington D.C. …. WTF ARE MOUNTAINS DOING IN WASHINGTON D.C.!? that and other bits were just crappy lacks of editing just because Michael thought that he could get away with anything because of the 1st transformers succes (Sundance’s reference). Well yea the rest of the movie was pretty epic (the forest scene with optimus) and all but i take stars away from racism and lack of editing. OH and another thing! remember the scene where sam’s mom is high?! .. well.. did that REALLY have to happen?! all these points of concern were just really embarrassing to watch with my family!.

    thank you.

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