The King of Pop Michael Jackson, has died at the age of 50.

Rest In Peace Michael.

I am just stunned….. it’s definitely the end of an era.

Michael Jackson performs at The Grammy Awards 1988 – Man In The Mirror.

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  1. I am really not happy about how all the tv stations are saying “MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD”

    Have some compassion people, at least say “Michael Jackson has died”, not that the man is just dead.

    That is too harsh……

  2. it’s really shameful how the media is covering his death. Especially after the way they handed Jade Goody a clean slate.

  3. Micheal was no ordinary artist and he attracted attention in all areas of his life. The way the media is handling it, for me is not surprising. He intrigued many but one thing everyone is agreeing to, is his phenomenon success and talent.

  4. One thing the media is getting wrong is his success being compared to elvis, beatles etc. NO, micheal is the only artist ever who had fans from one corner of the earth to another. It does not matter whether the beatles or whomever outsold him. Bar his personal life. R.I.P

  5. Agreed. He cut through all cultures and backgrounds(all races, rich and poor). That cannot be taken away from him atleast.

  6. Well actually the media can attempt to re-write history – but if people actually do their own research they’ll clearly see that Micheal actually REMAINS to be the biggest selling artist of all time. Period……and God help any artist who was releasing an album this or the next few weeks. His posthumous sales are about to smash/break even MORE records and keep artists off the top spot!

    ******After-thought: How is it Jade Goody got more comments up on MadNews asa she died?? Wow, blogger behaviour is fascinating!*******

  7. I have some mixed feelings about this, but R.I.P. MJ all the same, Think I will keep it moving!

  8. He had a crappy/weird personal life and it has to be looked at regardless. On saying that, them trying to alter a few things for whatever reason is hopeless. There are somethings they cannot take from him.

  9. The thing is, mike got himself into a dodgy end with the kids, apparently sharing his bed with them, now 4 any parent, that is a no no/peadophilia tendencies. Lucky 4 him, there was no tape to nail him. When we look at his work, he put his heart and soul into it. Auto tune was never a solution, did he ever mime?, he wrote danced etc.. The music industry has lost an icon, but he was too troubled. He gets to rest.

  10. it’s really shameful how the media is covering his death. Especially after the way they handed Jade Goody a clean slate…?

    @ Nees, funny I don’t remember Jade Goody being a suspected child molester?… what did she do, appear to be racist towards shilpa on big brother, hardly the same imo.

    I think MJ, tarnished himself, and what his mind state was, we all know right from wrong, but some see themselves above all that, Yes he was talented, perhaps the most talented we are ever likely to see in his field, but I can’t look past his personal life or ignore it, or put it aside,… what is the difference between R.Kelly and Micheal Jackson?

    anyway, I don’t wanna smear this sad day for some, mourn and grieve, go head, But the Micheal I loved died ages ago, so excuse me if I show a lack of heart!

  11. Let us not even drag Jade into this. The only crime she committed was not having talent and earning money out of it. Apart from that, there’s no comparison here.

    Much as Micheal had talent and remains the greatest, his personal life cannot be overlooked. There was never proof to get him but even the mere fact that he had children playing on his bed, was not good at all. If he took advantage, it was wrong, but i want to clap the parents for ever settling out of court if it was true. They are a bloody disgrace for encouraging and not standing up to these artists who take the law into their hands. I always hope karma bloody gets them in return for that.

    Apart from that, R.I.P. IMO, Micheal is better off now. It was one scandal after another, what was the point? His health was not the best as we could all see, how was he even going to go through the 50 shows? it was bound to happen with the added pressure. He had children who will miss him, but they will be fine. Life has to go on unfortunately.

  12. I don’t believe Michael molested those children. But he was naïve to think that allowing them to sleep in his bed with him and just allowing them and their suspect parents to get that close would be seen as normal.

    Michael had issues. He just lived in his own world.

    As for R Kelly well there’s the video evidence.

  13. Ditto Jan.

    there are some things u feel without having to be some deranged fan.

    I think he was incredibly naive but I don’t think he did what was alleged….going out so expect a nice healthy mix of fors and againsts by the weekend ….catch you at comment 50!

  14. With Micheal, you wonder who in their right minds would sit back and allow other children to get molested again and again by accepting a settlement out of court. They could have nailed him and still got a payment for it even by going to court.

    There are reservations because there was never conclusive evidence, and the greed factor seemed to appear here and there now and again which makes one wonder who was telling the truth and who was lying.

    The neverland ranch was dodgy no doubt about it, kids playing on his bed quite frankly was foolish and unfortunately, how do you put that out of your head? Even the thought of him playing with the kids on the bed is very weird. What was he ever thinking? Naive is an understatement especially with his status.

    I am not a parent, so i could understand why some parents would see it as peadophilia period even without the conclusive evidence because it is not right at all for an adult to do, if i had child, would i allow them into neverland ranch to jump on Micheal’s bed, hell no. Would i be happy if i found him playing with my kids on his bed, hell no.

    When it comes to music, his head was in the right place but when it comes to his personal life, he was too lost to be found.

    As for bloody R kelly….. there’s even no room for twisting.

  15. I’ll keep this brief…

    Michael Jackson the ARTIST was the best to ever do it, bar none. No one–NO ONE–was as popular as Michael Jackson was (is), like EVER. Seriously, I think the only other entity that is more well know is God Himself. His music is timeless. He sold more albums than 5 of most of your favorite acts COMBINED (Thriller sold upwards of 108 million copies), and was recognized globally.

    Michael Jackson the PERSON was different…troubled, lonely, surrounded by yes-men/women…God, in His Infinite Wisdom, took him to be by His side.

    He will surely be missed. The world is literally a different place w/o him.

    PS: I never-not for one solitary second-believed any of the molestation allegations. Not a single one. He was too childlike and innocent to pull an R. Kelly…

  16. My issue isn’t with Jade (RIP) it’s with how the media decided everything that she did before having cancer was irrelevant but with MJ the first thing they wanted to talk about was the madness in his personal life. Last night the BBC kept showing the clip of him holding his baby over the balcony over and over.

    Does the media talk abot Elvis having a relationship with a 14 year old Priscilla? do they condemn Frank Sinatra’s criminal connections? Regardless of what you think of Michael he was never convicted of any crime so for a repsected media outlet to focus on allegations instead of his achievenments is what upset me.

  17. today has been a weird day, i’m just now catching up on the days’ news and the whole things sounds crazy.

    I feel for his kids, the vultures have got them in their sight.

  18. If we are talking about the same media that covered his scandals from the minute they dropped to the minute they finished, honestly, i am not surprised in the least bit. They made so much to make sure that he was exposed with or without evidence. But from what i have noticed, his success has over shadowed his allegations simply because there were never convictions.

    The truth is, whether he was guilty or innocent, there are things that he did that must never be condoned under any circumstances. If every artist decided to behave that way and be allowed to, the consequences might come out different possibly negative consequences.

    I am not bothered that Micheal’s troubles are being talked about since he took the bad and the good, so must his fans and all who appreciated his music. His life and music are all life lessons.

  19. I totally agree, i’m not sitting here pretending MJ was perfect he had serious issues and a lot of his problems were his own fault.

    But A LOT of artists who died suddenly had flawed and tragic lives but the media chose to remember and celebrate their talent only. I’m just saying as ‘responsible’ journalists they should be just that.

  20. My theory is, do not trust white media to make a black man greater than their alleged greatest.

    Side bar,

    At home we used to have one radio station and one tv station at one point. That has changed now, but trust, micheal was known and played even then and almost everyone who had a radio knew the man. He was the only western man that could be recognised almost anywhere. Forget all these other ones who claim to have fans in Africa.

    OMG, when his video with eddie murphy came out and he kept changing into animal shapes, guess what the story going around was courtesy of some christians. That he was a devil and possessed. LMAO

    My point anyway is, he was known even in times when we had little and limited exposure to western music.

  21. Micheal had problems in his personal life, i do not expect all of us to see them the same and feel the same because there were dodgy moments in his life which people cannot ignore and have to accept. The allegations were surrrounded with alot of inconclusive evidence and incoherency.

    I was watching Micheal’s tributes and he was the only one, i think who ever attempted to have total inclusion in his work. I have seen almost all the races, the young, the old, black, white, asians, rich, poor. He tried to include all that in his videos. I think Micheal tried too hard to please everyone and somehow in his personal life it backfired on him. But in his work, it shone through.

    I guess we will all remember him as we want to, but him being black and achieving what he achieved in an era that was not so accepting, was incredible. Even if he bleached himself, he was still black at heart and his music was black.

  22. Joe Jackson, ” GET A LIFE ” It sickens me to no avail that this so called father would pitch his new record label on national TV just hours after losing his son and especially when the reporters question was how the Jackson family was coping with their loss !!! Let this be a lesson to the rest of the Jackson family in terms of what Joe Jacksons motives has been and will always be about ???? ( MONEY NOT FAMILY )

    My heart goes out to the rest of the Jackson family and their loved ones…..

    Michael ” REST IN PEACE ”


  23. So so talented and gifted, so young and MISUNDERSTOOD, You will be missed, RIP MJ.


  24. micheal you were the best you tried to make a world a better place your in that place now were u can have peace. when you had concerts and perform you had the world at your feet. when your children came along they were your world at your feet. i hope your children cherish the memories of you and hope they see all your performices and i hope they follow in your footsteps may you rest in peace god bless you micheal and your children and family

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