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A woman claims clothing firm Abercrombie & Fitch made her work in the stockroom because her prosthetic arm did not fit the shop’s image.

Riam Dean told an Employment Tribunal she felt “diminished” and “humiliated” by the incident at its Saville Row store in central London.

The 22-year-old law student is suing for disability discrimination and seeking up to £20,000 in damages.

The company said her portrayal of what happened was “inaccurate”. Continue Reading….

I think I remember hearing some time ago that Abercrombie & Fitch is a pretty shallow organisation. If you want them to hire you then you have to look a certain way.

‘The unattractive need not apply’

Anyway best of luck Riam.

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  1. I heard about this and as a fellow disabled person, I wish her the best of luck cos dem dyam people is too blasted renk!!!!!!! How on earth in this day and age can you try and pull something like this and expect to get away with it?

    Sue dem backside luv!!!

    Ok, i need to breathe…..Woooo Saaaahhhh

  2. A&F blatantly hire people based on superficial reasons. you have to be a certain height, size etc. good luck riam, i hope she wins it.

  3. These people and their foolishness.

    A while ago this very discrimination was going on on one of the tv stations. Apparently, parents were behind it making silly complaints, because they thought the presenter who was disabled was scaring thier children. Can you imagine that kind of reasoning from a parent? SMH

    I hope she makes a bigger fuss out of it and wins.

  4. “Freedom of contract” is one of the main ideas of capitalism. It is the freedom of individuals to bargain among themselves the terms of their own contracts, without government interference. In other words companies have the right to buy goods from whomever they want, sell to whomever they want and hire whomever they wants for whatever reasons, without the government forcing some bogus quotas or policies on them.

    That way I do not see any problems with A&F hiring whomever they want. Since Riam did know of their policy to hire only “perfect” people, why did she apply to them in the first place? Why not United Colors of Beneton or Dove who are well known for acceptance of “different” people.

    Moreover, it seems that Riam was raised in some greenhouse and is not capable of living in the real world, if being asked to work in a stockroom makes her “question her worth as a human being”. People get hired, fired, moved to other positions, get bad grades, marry, divorce, see their relative pass away, go bankrupt and a hell lot of other unpleasant things happen to them, but they somehow tend to get over them, rather then “isolate from the cruel world”. If this girl has psychological issues, dealing with them is not A&F’s responsibility, rather then her own and her parents, who obviously did not do a good job there.

    On the other hand, people with such issues usually tend to sit locked up in their rooms, quietly sobbing and pitying themselves. Since this girl tends to run around media, waving her prosthetic arm and bragging how she was discriminated, it does not look like she’s isolated too much. :)))

    She makes an impression of a greedy and irresponsible person, who prefers not to earn her money like other do, but to run around playing a victim, like “oh, I poor thing! Oh, how they discriminated and humiliated me… now gimmi my 25k!”

    Once her attitude is publicly known, I am sure other employers would stand in a line to hire her. :)))

    Even if A&F would pay her some money, I can assure you that it won’t come from their profit. Probably it would be payed by their clients, as A&F would rise their priced by, say, 1$ to summon that money. Or, more likely, it could be payed by other A&F employees, as A&F would decrease their payouts slightly. Or by local cloth manufacturers, as A&F may start producing their goods in Asian countries, if they already haven’t done so. Or even my minority shareholders, etc.

  5. Congratulations to A n F on their superb policies. I’ll give Riam a thumbs up 4 bringing it at the fore front whatever her motives.

  6. If the policies of A and F are allowed to stand without question, then many of us minority would not be in jobs. I am not sure about her motives, but disagree with A and F policies. They are petty and unnecessary in this day and age.

  7. Just a thought, ‘how many of us minority who are employed and not self employed, have been taken on purely on merit and not because of equal employment policy?’ hehehe…

  8. LMAO right now. A while ago i was looking thru ASOS mag, and they were really praising themselves 4 futuring jordan dunn, after an increased amount of requests to future black models in their mag. Priceless

  9. Hey forget the brtish court take the US court it is an american company anfd make enough money to buy the compny out……

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