Mariah Carey’s new single ‘Obsessed’ leaked today and I still demand to know what happened to the ‘Vision Of Love’ Mariah Carey?

Remember her? Mariah with the power house vocals. Mariah who had the ability to shatter glass.

‘Obsessed’ (a diss track aimed at Eminem) isn’t horrible but it just sounds so childish! A nineteen year old should have been given this track to sing, not a woman who has just turned 40.

And to make matters worse Mariah has jumped on the autotune bandwagon.

I am old enough to remember when she debuted in 1990 and blew everyone away with her unique vocal abilities, so this is just heartbreaking.

*rubbing temples*

I can’t… I just can’t…..

Anyway your thoughts please. Hit or miss?

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  1. The older she grows, the less clothes, and more flesh she shows, and the less interesting her music gets.

    I think it’s high time she started a family ASAP, may be she will get more inpirstional lyrics and topics to sing about and better tunes. She absolutely has no excuse for this. None that i can think of.

  2. it will bw another # 1 hit so it will make it the # 19 for her…more power Mariah…great work as always

  3. I am so excited about this new Mariah single and album…can’t wait to get it I will bet it will make it to the top of the charts again…Marich still the # 1…
    It will make her just 1 spot away from the Beatles…Great job!!!!

  4. great Job?… … Im just gonna keep it moving,… I co-sign what lati is saying, she shoud have a big ole family, and put some I’m a mum clothes on lol… but I don’t know how that is goona work out, that family stuff when the ‘leader’ of your house is Nick Cannon, is she serious?

    anyway… I miss the Mariah that did breakdown with bone thugs, Rooftoop with Mobb Deep and Fantasy (I had to google that I forgot the name, who would have thought that was possible) with Ol (late and questionably great) dirty bastard. RIP

  5. It’s like she is moving backwards and becoming less mature. Ok she is married to a younger man but that does not mean she has to act that young. She could sell her records fully dressed from head to toe, no problem.

    As for the diss track, why is she going down that cheap road. She has been much better before, she does not need to play eminem’s sick mind games. She should leave him for Cohen. I cannot take that position stunt Cohen gave eminem, out of my head. He could not have done any better.

    I hope she’s not going through an identity crisis at this time in her life. She should be getting stronger atleast, or more laid back. I think she was at her best when she was going through her worst. Now…. hm

  6. If she’s a successful business woman, which she must be considering what she’s accomplished, her concern is with staying relevant and selling records. She’s been singing power ballads for the bulk of her career and her pipes are more limited than they once were because of it. They get tired just like anything else does. She has a new range and she’s making great music with the voice she has. As with EVERYTHING, when time passes change happens. If you don’t like the direction she’s going musically its not because Mariah has sold out and is making immature music, its because just like Mariah you are getting older, but unlike Mariah, you’re taste in music is no longer relevant. You’ll never hear the “Vision of Love Mariah Carey” again. Just play the old records and get over yourself.

  7. STAYING RELEVANT AT HER AGE? Mariah does not need to stay relevant, she needs to stay authentic and real. If we compare her old music to what she is giving now, it’s not even close.

    The track is not that bad, it is immature considering she has been really goood before. We cannot help but notice.

    Can’t anyone age gracefully these days? Especially the celebrities? LMAO

  8. If her mian concern is selling records, even going down auto tune road, i agree, i will personally move on. I doubt her voice is too bad to avoid auto tune, or she lacks money desperately.

    If your logic, says that she has been successful, her voice has changed and aged, therefore she can produce anything, it sheds more light on why music is going down the drains nowadays.

    For someone who has had tremendous success and genuine talent, to go down that road, it’s sad. Even tina turner has not gone down that road and is bowing out gracefully.

  9. Mariah is going to have her 19th #1 with “Obsessed.” Bitch about her new music all you want……. its not about the money or making someone’s idea of “real music” for her. She done everything……. the only remaining challenge IS and ALWAYS WILL BE staying relevant. Right or wrong……..its all she’s concerned with.

  10. She will have a number 1 no doubt about it. Is this max clifford? I await Aretha Franklin and julie Andrews auto tune and diss tracks. That will define and seal relevant. LMAO!!

  11. @ JP,… “the only remaining challenge IS and ALWAYS WILL BE staying relevant.”

    can you explain what you mean here, when you say relevant, relevant to who, or what?, as I would like to understand you angle, your point more clearly.

  12. JP- what a weird statement….staying relevant? Someone obviously took a redundant degree in Media to come up with a theory like that. Should have stuck to a major science like Biology and studied the process of age.

  13. Ageing is not a bad thing, do not fight it. Let Nature take its course and embrace it. Then you will be more appreciated and respected. It’s not all about selling records and breaking records, considering she already has, bow out gracefully, if the voice has gone….., or do behind scenes work and support up coming young talent. What is wrong with that? Why do people want to be in the limelight so desperately?

    Like said above, Mariah does not need to stay relevant. Her old music, most of it, is timeless and still relevant up to date.

  14. Its her gift, her voice, her anointing. She should use it however she wants. Being a real artist is about being true to yourself. I mean seriously….. if the woman had a burning desire to continue doing things she’s already done like make more records like Vision of Love, she’d be doing it. She obviously has new ideas and a different creative direction she wants to go in. Who can blame her for wanting to do something new and different. She’s doing exactly what she wants to. That makes her real in my book. I think if you don’t like how someone is expressing themselves artistically then you should look somewhere else to get what you need. Demanding that she make a specific kind of record is like demanding that an actor only play dramatic roles, or a painter only paint portraits. Its crazy. Be grateful for the work she’s done that you connect with and love and quit being a selfish whiny bitch about the fact that she still isn’t catering to your specific taste! So yeah! Get over yourself!

  15. Besides Rowetta….. Mariah Carey the vocal coach? The artist developer? Could you get any more boring? Who the hell can honestly even picture that? Now I’m LMAO!!!

  16. Right so because an opinion has been expressed with regards to the track that you don’t agree with, you now resort. to insults? Selfish Whiny bitch? Really?

    Its clear that you bask in Mariah’s batty and your a true stan. Now move on and allow us to listen to VIsion of love and Dream Lover in peace!

  17. Oh and another thing.. Its not that serious JP so stop getting your knickers in a twist. Get a grip! Read a book, apply for a passport and travel or simply wait for Mimi to drop her next bubble gum ‘club banger’

  18. JP, i forgot she was a DIVA, and divas do not do such things. She’s too big for that.

    The fact is, the song is bad and immature, she can have the number ones and break all the records, but it has turned out to be quantity and not quality any more for her.

    Get over yourself for real, and if you are her max clifford, you need to do better than that, because you are coming up with the worst excuses.

    I await the next excuse. I am not demanding her to do anything after all i will not be buying the single, i am making an observation in comparison to the other greater artists we have seen. Mariah, might have broken records, but when it comes to quality, those days are done and dusted.

  19. This song will NOT be a number one hot — sorry for the folks that say it will. Her popularity is done, she hit her peak and now only faithful fans are buying the crap she puts out. The Mariah Carey we all knew and loved in the early 90s is gone – that voice is gone too. She needs to go away and never return.

  20. So her’s the reason why Mariah has not had a radio hit since Touch My Body and why she will not have another number one hit. The music industry folks don;t want Mariah beating the Beatles record, nobody in the music business does. So to make that happen, her music is not being played on the radio stations as much as they used to. Also, Billboard will be a laughing joke if Mariah beats the Beatles record and they will let Mariah chart, but they will keep her from beating the Beatles. I work in the business and trust me, she won;t have another number one hit again.

  21. I don’t like the song and her days are done, but when u say, ‘people in the music industry don’t want her to beat beatles..’ do u mean the white folks in the industry or everyone? What is the real excuse?

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