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Hitmaking artist and songwriter R. Kelly will make his first tour of the African continent this month, courtesy of his participation in the ARISE African Fashion Awards. The awards show and gala will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 20. The inaugural R. Kelly concert will also serve as a close out to Africa Fashion Week, and kickoff a multi-city tour that spans South Africa, Nigeria, and London. The Chicago singer revealed that this tour is his first trip to the Motherland, and he expects the experience to resonate both on personal and professional levels. “I’m very excited about my first visit to Africa, I’ve dreamed about this for a long time and it’s finally here,” Kelly told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “It will be one of the highlights of not only my career but my life. I can’t wait to perform in front of my fans in Africa – who have been some of the best in the world.”

So I’m guessing that R.Kelly plans on travelling to the Motherland by ship, seeing as he has a fear of flying (but he believes he can fly) and refuses to board a plane.

“The inaugural R. Kelly concert” – Right… O..K…. Well this should be interesting.

Lock up your daughters folks!

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  1. perhaps he ain’t getting no love in the US anymore?… so he’s setting off to the Motherland, where people don’t care if you mess with kids, is that what he thinks??

    Kels needs real help imo!… Like Jesus take the wheel type help!

  2. ^ co-sign.

    He ain’t Shabba, so the US mainstream must’ve definitely abandoned him.

  3. Where is this pervert going?? Hm

    Is he taking that Big ass chain with him to SA? Hm Anyway he has body guards.

    Whatever happened to that case of fraud they were pursuing against him?

    I guess he has some unfinished business?

    What does he mean by his fans in africa have been the best in this world, when he has not been yet? Have they bought more records than his other fans esp in us, britain…. or is it bse they have not judged him on his pervert ways? Who is he kidding on?? LOL

  4. He or she who’s got issues must look into their backyard.

    I’m going all out to watch him.

    Instead of providing a support to him people yap yap. Who the hell they think they are.

    Robert some of us are yo fans with no reservations.

    Love you, love your music and pray that all the stories surrounding you must go.

  5. I’m not gona listen to baboons telling me ish about R.Kelly or South Africa. Anyone who does not like R.Kelly or S.A must shut up. We (99 billion fans) love R.Kelly & the beautiful Africa. Nothin will stop us going 2 this already sold out concert. R.Kelly is the best producer ever!

  6. The people who have talent have to go and do really dumb things to spoil their image. He has the fans and talent and is a pervert, altogether in one. SMDH

  7. @ Kgethi…oh please !!! Support who !!!

    Lock up your CHILDREN yes KMT harrrrrrd

  8. Yes he has the talent and fans no doubt about it, his music is fab, that doesn’t make him less of a pervert unfortunately.

  9. R kelly is the best .where ever there is success there is always al does punks who ona spoil sme1’s image

  10. when he was being shown Love in the us, before his dirty laundry got aired for all to see, was he showin love to his “FANS” in africa then? was there any tour plans in place then?… or was he just happy to collect the money from sales and keep it moving?

    These is no doubt about the mans talent, he is trully gifted, but he has some issues, that the whole world knows about now, and I’m sorry, but it’s hard to support someone who doesn’t seem to be seeking to deal with thier issues, but instead wants to hide then under a piece of see through carpet.

    ask yourself this…, in regards to thier “issues” what is the difference between R.Kelly and Gary Glitter?, I have and I only see the ‘known’ age of thier victims!

    so we should give him a break, it’s ok, it’s alright, go head kelly!…NO SIR!

  11. 99 billion? Err…RKF, enough with the thugonomics. If you want to start throwing around nationalities, I (Nigerian) will not be going anywhere near Kelly. Baboon? Seriously, what are you sniffing in SA? Next time, just speak for yourself. I don’t remember voting for you as Africa’s spokesman.
    @ Fr, spot on. I’m tired of these Wesley Snipes style motherland lovings. Tax evasion – go to the motherland; Breakdown – go to the motherland; Slump in sales – go to the motherland; Desparately seeking child* – go to the motherland; Feeling Glitter-ish – go to the motherland**…

    *Good intentions, but all depends on the delivery.
    **Or Asia/Eastern Europe/anywhere with the dodgy age limit.

  12. THE President has criticised European countries and the United States for their policy of protectionism, which blocks African countries from accessing their markets.

    “We are ready to liberate the world from bad food,” Museveni declared while opening the fifth Africa-Asia Business Forum at Speke Resort, Munyonyo yesterday.

    He amused the over 250 delegates from 25 countries when he said fruits he had eaten in the US and Europe tasted terribly.

    “When I was in the US, I was given what these people called pineapple. When I put it in the mouth, you could feel the urea in the pineapple,” Museveni said with a cringed face.

    “Now that you are here, you should discover what a pineapple tastes like.”

    He urged Europeans and Americans to pressurise their leaders to open up their markets for African agricultural products.

    “You should put pressure on your governments to stop business protectionism. Its kills business and makes you eat bad food. That will be good news to Africa and we shall be able to export good products to you.”

    I got that quote from our local news papers and could not help but share it. It has got me in stitches though.

  13. CONT”D,

    Describing himself as a milk and beef producer, Museveni noted that while his fresh beef costs only $1.5 (sh3,500) per kilo the same type, termed as kobe beef in Japan, costs $200 (sh420,000).

    “I asked what is kobe beef? They told me, ‘you get a cow, play music for it, massage it and give it some alcohol,” Museveni narrated as the delegates roared with laughter. “I found out that after all that, you don’t get better beef than my beef.”

    The Japanese State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Seiko Hashimoto, who was seated next to the President, listened attentively.

    While the world is gripped by the global economic crisis, Uganda and Africa are doing well, Museveni told the gathering of Asians, Europeans and Americans.
    “Within Africa business is booming. Why? It is obvious that Europeans and Asians have been over-consuming. We have been under-consuming. In Africa there are plenty of opportunities, in your place opportunities are exhausted.”

    He pointed out that Africa’s potential was under-utilised. “In Uganda we have a lot of food. Our problem is where to sell the food. In the villages, bananas are thrown away.”

  14. You KNOW I had to jump in on this one, Jan…

    1st of all, f–k R. “When-you-say-teenager-how-young-are-we-talking” Kelly and his disgusting self. He PEED ON A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL and then f–ked her in her a$$ and videotaped the whole thing, then had the nerve to pay her off to not show up in court.

    F–k him, and f–k you if you support him after all that. I mean all you people on this board specifically who are championing his cause. I’m an African (Ghanaian) and will NOT be going to see him any time soon.

    The thing is, the man is talented. Or WAS, @ least. He does that 1/2 rap-1/2 singing thing that I hate. But he showed (and continues to not show) any remorse for his actions as evidenced by that B.E.T. interview w/Toure.

    F–k R. Kelly w/a syphillis-dipped jackhammer, and f–k you if you like him.

  15. wow,…^^

    adaobi lol…’m tired of these Wesley Snipes style motherland lovings. !!!

    I hear you!

  16. u bunch of hipocrytes who do u think u are it aint R Kellys fault u aint talented so get of his ass ….fuck u too hater….

  17. D ladies r gonna remind dis dude of his TRUCK!! (real African Jewels) but it might cut his hopes short dat he\’s not gonna get to WAX \’em………..lol!

  18. @ grootkop, just chill, this pervert is being looked upon by so many young people. We might not be talented in music, that’s why we are not doing music any way some of us, but we have talents elsewhere.

    Anyway, the man is a pervert end of. It does not matter how many records he sells, how much money he has etc etc.. it is all Bullshit from where some of us are standing. He is a sick pervert end of.

    We might be hypocrits, but stupid is not an option here. He is a pervert and if he pulled his sick ways back home, he will walk because of the dodgy laws and etc…

  19. Yes, and if i was a parent whose child had been violated, i would fuckin castrate him with my bare hands i can assure you that. He would not go to court with his organs intact. I would probably go to jail for it.

  20. Like I said in my earlier post,

    F–k R. “I-don’t-really-sing-just-talk-with-tones-nowadays” Kelly and his pedophilic tendencies, and f–k grootkop for coming to his defense. Are you SERIOUS? Have you not seen the video?

    I will repeat for you in very simple terms as it seems your mind is not acute enough to grasp the truth…

    1. R. Kelly urinated on a girl who was CLEARLY not past the age of 17. Keep in mind that he was in his thirties @ the time of the act.

    2. R. Kelly proceeded to have anal sex w/said underage girl.

    3. R. Kelly VIDEOTAPED it. There was one scene in which he adjusted the camera in order to get the best shot.

    4. R. Kelly then paid the girl (or representatives on her behalf) to not show up in court for the trial, culminating in dropped charges.

    5. R. Kelly subsequently did a TV interview w/Toure on B.E.T. When asked by Toure if he still engages in sexual activity w/teenagers, instead of saying “HELL NO!” like any sane, rational human being would say, he instead fixed his mouth to say,

    “When you say teenagers, how young are we talking?”

    To grootkop (and any others who dare defend such a person), please keep in mind that everything I’ve posted here–EVERYTHING–is 100% true. There is no exaggeration or embellishment. He did this. And on top of it all, his talent has waned somewhat recently! I’ll be the 1st to proclaim that back in the late 90s, I was a HUGE R. Kelly fan! After all this nonsense came out, I tuned him right out. I don’t give a f–k if he can walk on water–anyone who willingly harms children deserves punishment.

    Having said all that, f–k R. Kelly and personally f–k you, grootkop, Kgethi, sindi ngcobo, Anele and anyone else who still stands behind him.

    Unless you all like to pee and have sex w/underage girls/boys…hmph~!

  21. LOL @ peeps thinking Kellz has no fans in America b/c he’ touring Africa lmao. That’s hilarious. So b/c an artist performs internationally, they have no fans in America? Please. I didn’t know he was known in other countries, but maybe he has a fanbase that extends America. I’m American and I love Kellz regardless. Nothin the media or anybody else say is ever gonna change that ish. It is what it is. all haters can go to hell.

  22. Nikki,

    When you say, “Nothin the media or anybody else say is ever gonna change that ish. It is what it is”, are you CONDONING his actions? Or do you believe that everything that I posted is false?

    I should step back a minute. I was a bit harsh, and I apologize to anyone I’ve offended here, specifically the users who I named. It’s just that I cannot stand violence/harm against children, as they are innocent and unspoiled human beings and should be loved and nurtured, not pissed upon or sodomized. My blood absolutely boils anytime Jan posts anything RE: R. Kelly…if you look back into the archives, you’ll see that I’ve posted similar comments in virtually all of her posts…LOL

    And as far as the so-called “hating” is concerned…hell yeah I’m hating~! I hate pedophiles. And, like I said, on top of everything, R. Kelly is not that hot anymore! He hasn’t put out anything even remotely close to “Chocolate Factory” since.

    BTW, that album came out DURING all this nonsense and was stellar, his perversions nonwithstanding…

  23. LOL, i could feel yo frustration sundance with every swear word that came with it. Lol

  24. lati,

    I’m glad someone understands where I’m coming from. Regardless of how talented Kelly is, he sodomized and urinated on an underage girl.

    And videotaped it.

    There is incontrovertible proof of this, and for people like Nikki, et. al. to continue to support this man even after all that is sickening, frankly.

    I can understand forgiveness-none of us are perfect. That designation is saved for The Lord Allah/God/Whatever-You-Call-Him-Or-Her solely. However, I can’t understand people talking as it the sh–t never happened.

    Get a f–king grip~!

  25. I read about a 7 month old baby gal who was defiled in both ends of her privates. I was in shock. I could really feel your anger. And the parents who take the money make me sick 2 my stomach.

  26. It’s amazing the way people have the nerve to dog R. Kelly but all on Kobe Bryant nuts because of a basketball game. Whether Kelz was with a young girl or not – at least he didn’t rape anyone then try to buy off his wife and the public. Open your eyes………..

  27. Atleast he didn’t rape? But he defiled. Same difference. Anyway, go on and support him if u want to. He’s still a pervert. We’ll leave karma to him.

  28. Ahrah,

    Apples and oranges, Homie…

    Kobe’s victim was of age. And a willing participant, apparently. And Kobe’s still got talent.

    R. Kelly’s victim was a little fu–king kid. And Kells is not that hot anymore.

    Open YOUR eyes~!

  29. ^ When I say “willing participant”, I mean in the sense that the girl was old enough to make a valid, conscious decision as to whether or not she would let Kobe (and a bunch of other men, apparently) have sex w/her.

    Kelly’s victim was a little girl, and therefore not old enough to make that decision.

    I ask again…have any of you coming to his defence actually seen the video? Not the one of him w/the grown woman–that one’s actually off the chain in a good way…LOL

    Again–I was probably R. Kelly’s biggest non-gay male fan back in the day. You couldn’t tell me NOTHING ’bout my man Kells! But come on, people! There’s a f–king videotape of him committing pedophilia!

    Don’t get me started…LOL

  30. Those who are defending this punk must never have children. Never. If they have already, i fear for their children. In truth.

    Having money seems to make a crime less. Are we in trouble or what? SMDH

  31. This is why this celebrity obsession is a danger. I have never seen anyone come to defend all the other scumbags Janice has posted like they have kelly.

  32. u bunch of hipocrytes who do u think u are…

    1) – @ grootkop

    first off, how are we hipocrytes, as you put it??? do we go around pissing on children, and sweeping away our issues, and then write about then in dodgy coded songs like in the closet??…please!

    it aint R Kellys fault u aint talented so get of his ass???…

    Who ain’t talented?, don’t come round here making assumptions, pls, you have now idea or even a clue towards an idea about how much talent is on this blog, what a muggish comment, how old are you?

    2 – @ Nikki

    So b/c an artist performs internationally, they have no fans in America?

    Not just internationally were on about Africa here, the motherland, the cradle of civilization, a place I thought an artist with the status of R.Kelly would have toured look time ago, So Since R.Kelly has released, born into the 90’s in 1992, …1992 u know, up til now, 17years later, and after his shambolic case and internet exposure, he has only now decided to seek his fans In africa, now he has deceided to tour the motherland, please, think what you want, but I ain’t buying that Bullcrap!… he is getting desperate!… he never had no intention of going there in his hey day, but now… oh things are different now, he has time now?… not so busy now huh? KMT!

  33. Exactly. And he has overcome his flying phobia. Talk about miracles. He is a sick pervert. He’s afraid of ending his career on a low probably. Kmt

  34. I think Albertromania said it best:

    “Those who are defending this punk must never have children…”

    Agreed. God forbid someone w/a decent singing voice molest your child. You’d probably be ok w/it as long as they continue to sing great songs, yes?

    Idiots. Blind, ignorant idiots, the lot of you.

  35. Dammit Jan!

    I told myself I wouldn’t call names again…I hate you for this blog!


    PS: I totally don’t really hate you. You get my blood boiling! I feel like Verbs now…lol


    @ Sundance, that’s what blogs are for, remember that. LOL

    Where is Verbs? I miss his bashing. LOL

  37. @ Adaobi & Fr, i hear you, the mother land is always the last choice. He does not even know anything about his ‘fans’ in africa. He has never been there and all of a sudden he knows how ‘good’ his african fans are? SMH

    @ Ty, he has the fans, but i personally do not believe that they have made him the bigger star that he was at his peak. His US fans gave him that status and took it away at the same time. He will have fun in africa, but i believe if he still had the love in US, it would not bother him or add alot to his status musically as far as he is concerned like Fr clearly pointed out.

    Like we all know, the many fans in africa for any artist do not add prestige. Everytime they make tours there, usually it’s more of a charitable cause if it even gets that publicity and recognition, or like adaobi pointed out, to seek healing (out of boredom). No one is going to bother with his sexual behaviours when he goes there.

    @ Sundance, many felt you, starting from Amy’s post. She had your back. LOL

  38. I hear you loud and clear sundance about the he has talent therefore it’s ok. Rowetta, i wonder what in Africa it means to have Fans. Not until recently have we had major exposure to the western world, media wise. I can picture his fan base being the people in the urban areas and can afford. The majority of upcountry people might not give a damn or even know his existance, thank God.

  39. Sundance – It’s sounds like you think it’s okay that Kobe raped a woman. My point of bring it up is regardless of age of the victim and talent of the individual – a victim is a victim. How can you dog one person but salute the other because he can bounce a basketball. Kobe has committed a vicious crime against women and in my opinion that is equal to a crime of sex with an underage girl. But that didn’t stop millions of men from praising him as if he was a king. There is no apple and orange. You need to go talk to some rape victims on that one…..

    The only thing I am suggesting on R Kelly is that – EVERYONE has done something that the next person may not agree with. If he got off in a court of law and the girl didn’t want to come forward then it’s over. Let the man just be….

  40. This was an underage girl, and videotaped as a trophy. You know that rape or sexually assaulted victims never come forward often. The girl probably felt responsible and guilty. R Kelly consiously picks his victims and makes sure they feel responsible and they are underage. Its not once or twice or thrice. This is a repeated pattern which is why he is labelled now. Thanx to having money, he will never see prison.

  41. It doen’t matter how many times it was it’s still a crime against a woman. If a person shoots someone is he less of a murderer than someone that shoots three people?
    If a man beats a woman once and a man beats every woman he dates – aren’t they both still women abusers?
    If a man rapes a woman once known (could be more than once for Kobe) and a man statutory rapes a woman once known (could be more than once for Kelz) – Aren’t they both rapist?

    I just don’t understand how people can praise one and dog the other when they both are accused of the same crime.

  42. If America says it is okay, it does not mean that the rest of the world has to agree to it. Are you suggesting that the girl whether she agreed to it, kelly was right in taking advantage of her decision? Who is the adult? If a 7 year old boy had sexual fantasies, and i as an adult decided to fulfill them for him, keep in mind i am a he, would you call that consent?
    Boys have these feelings at an early age, but should we take advantage? I would defend an underage before an adult because they come first.

  43. Most of us on here are uk people who might not even know kobe bryant and not interested in BB. Two wrongs do not make a right. Kelly is a serial peado and has no remorse because he has made sure his victims are okay with it. Whichever way you see it and bring comparisons, it does not change what kelly is and why should we let him be… This is a blog to make noise on. Right?

  44. Ahrah,

    Again—apples and oranges!

    The girl that Kobe cheated on his wife w/had a train run on her beforehand. I don’t know if you followed the story like I did, but these things are true:

    1. The girl was a straight up whore. She had raw, unprotected sex w/@ least 3 men BEFORE Kobe smashed it. AND SHE WAS A GROWN WOMAN!!! Regardless, IF he raped her (which most people are prone to believe that he did not—no homo, but he’s handsome and rich, and can have almost any woman he wants…but that’s a story for another blog), that’s also inexcusable. No man should EVER harm a woman in that fashion. Like, EVAR!

    2. Kobe apologized profusely; he was in “I’m sorry” mode for months afterward. Remember the ring that he bought his girl afterward? LOL

    2a. Kobe is arguably one of the best to ever touch a basketball. Still.

    Now, the reason why I say “apples and oranges” is because :

    1. Kelly’s victim was a little girl. I don’t think she was even 16 yet.

    2. Kelly showed no remorse.

    2a. Kelly’s not hot in the talent department anymore. Still.

    There are degrees of depravity that you are totally ignoring here. Your analogies don’t apply.

    Apples and oranges. Epic fail on your part. Sorry!

    By the way, don’t take this as a “defense” of Kobe. YOU brought him up, not me.

  45. PS: I can’t just “let the man be”. He’s not sorry for what he did in the least bit.

    F–k R. “People-In-The-US-Ain’t-Fallin’-For-My-Nasty-Bullsh–t-No-More-So-Lemme-Go-To-Africa” Kelly w/an AIDS infected necrophiliac’s penis.

  46. Wow Sundance you are definitely harsh:-)

    The thing is he can’t show remorse because if he does than he is showing that he is guilty and the courts stated he was not guilty of the crime. I do understand your point. But let’s not have the talent of the individual be a bases as to apples and oranges.
    And by the way – MJ is the best that ever touched a BB not Kobe – but we will save that for another board:-)

  47. Ahrah,

    Yup. Very harsh. No tolerance for pedophilia. Though the courts didn’t find him guilty, that was literally a technicality. We ALL know (save for you, apparently) that he’s guilty as sin. There’s a videotape available for you to watch him in action, if you like. I ask again–have you even seen the vid?

    And I stand by my “apples to oranges” argument. Comparing Kobe’s sins to Kelly’s sins are NOT the same. Remember the degrees of depravity in play here…you can’t ignore that.

    Here’s an example to simplify it for you:

    Say someone has a gun and is showing it off to her/his best friend. The gun goes off, blows said friend’s head off. I’m no lawyer, but that’s manslaughter.

    Say the same person takes the same gun and decides to go kill someone in cold blood by shooting them 41 times. Again, my grasp of the law here in the US is limited, but I believe that’s 1st degree murder, a crime that carries a much heavier penalty than manslaughter. In both instances, someone dies, but the SEVERITY of the crimes are wildly different. There’s a marked difference there. Same w/Kobe and Kelly. See what I mean?

    Apples and oranges.

    PS: No one–absolutely NO ONE–w/even a modicum of knowledge of basketball would argue that Michael Jordan is not the best to ever palm a basketball. I was saying that Kobe is ARGUABLY one of the best, as in some people would say that he’s very close to Jordan in terms of skills. I personally wouldn’t, but some would. I just said that in my earlier post to show the difference in skill level in Kobe and Kelly’s respective fields…Kobe’s great–Kelly kinda sucks nowadays.

    Having said all that, it’s good to be able to have this discussion w/you, Ahrah.

  48. Yes it is good to have this discussion – I’m enjoying it:-)

    I did see the video – the copy I saw was some years ago and the man face really wasn’t clear. The girl in the video I seen was very sexually advance. So I’m not sure if this is the tape you are referring to. I never said I didn’t believe he did it – my only point is that there are so many disgusting men out here that prey on females both young and old that everyone should be condemn the same way. Going back to your example the courts may look at the first killing as a manslaughter but that doesn’t change that person family from looking at the shooter as a murderer.

  49. Well then the video you saw was not the one I’m talking about. There are two floating around out there; one is w/a grown woman who was quite skilled (LOL), and the other one was w/the little girl. His face was quite clear. In fact, @ one point, he looks directly into the camera from a few inches away to try and adjust it for the best view. THAT’S the one I’m talking about.

    He did it, pure and simple. And you’re STILL missing the point! In my examples, yes, someone dies in each, and in both instances a murder takes place. One is by mistake, and one is deliberate. You can’t apply a blanket statement to the two as they are wildly different in terms of the crime itself. Raping (allegedly) a grown whore is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than sodomizing and urinating on a child. Way different. Not even close. Stop trying to defend this man~!

  50. You all losers talkin about R.Kelly, won’t you go do somethin better for yourself than talking nonesense. You losers don’t appreciate good things. And i can bet, all you mother fuckers are all black talking trash. Cos the white people wouldn’t build their time discussin a successful black man. And the history he has made and the gift God gave him can’t be transfer to you and your family, you see too bad. After MJ is R.Kelly as one of the best superstars in the world. Now he is the king of RnB. I thank God for his life. And God will never stop protecting him cos He made him who he is today. He is too talented. And am not in any position to judge anybody but God knows better. Whatever he has done wrong, may God forgive him and if it’s not true, you all losers shall carry the punishment.
    Now, i can see why you people will soon go back to slavery because you do not like your skin as black.

  51. Let me handle this, Jan…

    @ Garty:

    I’m the American-born son of West African immigrants (Ghana), so I’m probably more “Black” than you. And the reason why White people won’t “build their time discussin a successful black man” is because they love the image he’s giving off to our youth–one of perversion and depravity. Of COURSE they won’t speak to it! They want us to shuck and jive and disrespect our own women all day, and if a (one-time) megastar like R. Kelly can perpetuate this, then by all means let a nigga live, right?

    And as far as you not judging anyone, epic fail. You just judged the rest of us sane, rational, caring non-pedophiles as losers. Another epic fail on your part.

    Also, you are right to say that only God should judge. But that doesn’t mean we should give one of our own (last time I checked, R. Kelly was Black) a free pass to f–k little girls and pee on them! If you can’t police your own family, so to speak, how can you expect anyone else to respect you or your family?

    Finally, how DARE you put Michael Jackson and R. Kelly in the same sentence in terms of talent and molestation allegations~! What rock have you crawled out from under?

    First of all, everyone knows Michael Jackson didn’t do any of the bullsh–t he was accused of. And everyone (save for you and a few others on this board) knows that R. Kelly raped, sodomized and urinated on a pre-teen girl, then videotaped the whole affair.

    Secondly, Michael Jackson sold more “Thriller” records than most of your favorite artists entire catalogues COMBINED. Last time I checked, he sold 108 million albums worldwide. Two thirds of the planet has never even heard of R. Kelly, AND he sucks nowadays from a talent perspective. He hasn’t done anything remotely close to the greatness that was “Chocolate Factory” in many many moons.

    Anyway, I hope you have learned a lesson here today. No need to thank me~! LOL


  52. No prob, Jan.

    You know how much I hate what R. Kelly did. I don’t necessarily hate him as a human being, but I hate the fact that he doesn’t give a sh–t about what he did and that people still stand by him and put him up on a pedestal as if he gets a free pass to act the fool.

    Hell naw~!

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