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Singer Mark Morrison has been arrested on an allegation of assault, according to reports.

The former international chart-topper was taken into custody last night in London after an incident involving another man.

The news was confirmed in a statement, which reads: “Police were called to the lobby area of Warren House, Beckford Close, London W14 at 21:50 on 10th June 2009 to a report of an assault. Continue Reading…..

Does anyone remember the time when “bright” Mark was jailed for sending a lookalike to complete a community service order, while he was on tour?

Morrison went through a sad faze of thinking he was above the law and that he was Tupac.  

smh. lol

But anyway it’s the…

“Return of the Mack.. Return of the Mack…”

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  1. He’s returning 4 the wrong reasons.
    Verbs, what abt the voice? The hair cut? Lol 

  2. Holy mackerel, I remember those lean off haircuts in the 90s. That and the flat top and high tops were the cuts of that time. who can forget Kid n Play.

  3. ahhh man, Kid and play, those were the days, I remember first seeing that film as a young boy at an older friends house, what an experience lol
    as for the Mack…KMT lol… he has a new album coming out in sept?…again, KMT lol

  4. oh and fella’s… quick question?… Sidney or Sharannnee?

    sister, for you was it Kid or Play?

  5. That hair cut was so high, anyway, i guess it was fashionable but looking at it now, i cannot stop imagining myself trimming it to 1 inch. The high tops, what was that ever about? And the blinding, shouting colours! eh LOL . I can say that now but it was fashion then. lol

    I only knew these guys for some of their famous songs Fr, not the acting, so cannot choose.

    But they always looked like they were really enjoying the dancing and rapping and really fed the vibe.

    Not like nowadays, when you have some cold people trying to enjoy themselves in videos which even comes through by listening to it on cd or radio. No wonder sometimes people have to have a few drinks to really feel the music on nights out or before they hit the road for a night out. LOL

  6. That idiot still hasn’t grown up, still getting his stupid ass in trouble…Geezus!

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