Singer T-Pain posted photographs of his RIDICULOUS new chain last night on Twitter, and then defended his latest acquisition by telling the “haters”…

Let’s celebrate the fact a black man can have things like this and still care for 3 kids and wife in a $6 million house with 32 cars. Oldest child 5 and already got 4 million in her own account. I don’t do dumb sh*t like this till I know the fams good. so don’t judge me from what I buy. Judge me from what I do. Cuz it’s so many artists that put themself before their family.


Why did he feel it necessary to disclose to the world the amount of money his 5 year old has in her bank account, the cost of his home, and the number of cars he owns?

Was this information supposed to put  those of us who have common sense to shame?

Do you see billionaires Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson behaving like this? Wasting their earnings on gaudy pieces of jewellery and bragging about their wealth and possessions?

I cannot believe that T-Pain walked in to a jewellers and asked them to make that FOOLISHNESS! 

I am betting that as soon as his back was turned the jeweller turned to an assistant, laughed and whispered “that dumb nigger has more money then sense”.

With the money that he supposedly spent on that chain he could have given it to his children or purchased another property.

People like T-Pain have no sense whatsoever. The man is an idiot! 

There is NOTHING to celebrate here!

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  1. Do you see billionaires Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson behaving like this? question of the year, should be put to all rappers and entertainers who feel the need to show off in this way, like they got it like that, Ha, Bill Gates has GOT IT LIKE THAT!… but doesn’t show it like that!

  2. “I don’t do dumb sh*t like this”

    “Judge me from what I do”

    The key word being, “dumb shit”. Priceless

  3. If he really has 32 cars then he is an even bigger fool. They’re probably all on hire purchase, and house on interest only mortgage.

  4. Stop hating on Faheem Najm (T-Pain)!!!! Faheem is a well respected producer, singer, rapper, song writer, and dancer. He provides for his family and puts them first. And everybody should be applauding him for that!!!! Most young men puts themselves first but not Faheem… He is taking care of responsibility like a real husband and father should be.. Nobody has the right to judge Faheem a hard working young man. The only reason why Faheem probably said those things about what his family has and what he has is because he was probably getting tired of his crazy ass haters talking shit about him. Yes, Faheem has a great job and he can afford to do things that some people can’t . But their is no need to hate on Faheem everybody should congratulation him for taking care of his family and being the wonderful man that he is!

  5. Know him personally?

    Why should be be commended and congratulated for something he should be doing anyway?

    He is a father and a husband it’s therefore his JOB to take care of his family!

  6. First of all, congratulations to all parents and siblings doing odd jobs to look after their families.
    Second, what kind of nonsensical message was that from Tpain? Why should i care about why stupid celebrities who have money refuse to look after their families? The children should be encouraged to work and earn their own. That’s what rich sensible people usually do, not encouraging laziness. Ask will smith.

  7. Oh well – it was a matter of time before the HATER argument would return- a favourite amongst mindsets who applaud people for being able to stick around and parent their child and uh…have a job. Well congratulations T-Pain for showing us all how it’s done. Apparently, if you don’t like someone behaiving like an arshole but they earn money from being one- it’s OK. But if you don’t like someone behaving like an arsehole and they don’t have money- HATE ON! Interesting philosophy Brown Lady

  8. Bill Gates’ money is a certified 1st world country. He will probably build his own Star Wars/Star Trek/Nerdvada world.
    Steve Jobs buys turtle necks & provides shoddy ipod replacement service.
    Richard Bronsnan is a certified adrenaline junkie, so he spends his by acting like James Bond.
    As for T-Pain, wetin concern agbero with overload? You know it hurts your neck like crazy.

  9. That’s what I am saying what a dumb ass and yes its his money but don’t get mad when someone makes a comment @ the dumb ass purchase u made and had the audacity to brag about it!! Yes he is a dumb asshole, I don’t give rats ass if he doesn’t like the fever he is receiving! If I saw him in the street I would tell him to his face Eeeewwwh Niggah you gay! Lmao

  10. Omg according to the blood diamond jeweler who made that piece apparently has more in the works!! Brown Lady ain’t nobody applauding no one for doing what they r supposed 2 b doing! And some where in the bible it says that you are not supposed to brag and boast about what you do! He is going to get jacked just like all the other show offs… smh what is wrong with being humble? GRRRRR… HE IS A MAJOR DUMBASS!!!

  11. @BrownLady,

    He very well may be holding things down w/his fam/community, et. al., but foolish expenditures such as this are, well, FOOLISH.

    He even says it himself:

    “I don’t do dumb sh*t like this…”


    Dumb sh*t.

    Only ignorant a$$ rappers spend money in such a fashion. Instead of spending $100K on a chain, howabout turning that $100K into $500K? Branson, Gates, Jobs, Winfrey–NONE of them spend money wildly like this, hence their long term success.

    Once the sales dry up and that Autotune nonsense gets played (which it already is, IMHO), I hope that chain fetches a good price on the market.

    Stupidness. THIS is why people look @ us as foolish niggers moreso than anything else.

    And yes, I’m hating. T-Pain has little in the way of talent outside of songwriting…

  12. @lati Yeessssssssssss!! Criminal! Don’t know what is worse, that he is so utterly and completely clueless or what?… I don’t know him personally and don’t want to! Talented singer? Where? Where has he sang and brought me to tears? He ain’t Luciano Pavarati, Yani, Brian McNight… give me an effin’ break he is making me regret purchasing Blame It On The Alcohol as my ringtone … maybe he should blame his jewelry purchases on the alcohol because he was not in his clear, reasonable state of mind when he walked into said jewler and was like I want a big ass chain as a big ass chain?!!! Really? I ain’t mad that he buys jewelry but why does it have to be so ridiculous? And the diamonds….. are they certified non Blood Diamonds?!!! This ain’t going no where as soon as the jeweler finishes his next piece and he has the nerve to post a pic talking about look at what I got I am goin’ off again! Fuck what you heard…. he reminds me of that dude from the Boondocks … Thugnificent of The Lethal Interjection Crew ha ha ha I bet his house is gaudy just like that, with gold statues flanking the house, real bitches sayin’ ding dong whe you ring the bell, mermaids swimming in the pool and a bar that rises from the ground and whips all over the lawn…..


  13. I guess he will order some 4 his teeth, his snickers and toilet roll holder. Kmt

  14. Will the Brownlady return to defend her stance in light of the majority opinion on here which is that the dude is a 1st rate tosser who is spending money like a prat? Is the word dumb even strong enough for this bredder’s actions?

  15. This fool looks like he fell straight out of that 1980’s Wayans film “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”

    What a prat!!

  16. Anyone who buys this big ass chain is a big ass fool. How can you buy jewellery owned by someone who thinks it’s a damn ass shit idea? Yeah, that’s what he thinks of all who will buy it, considering what he said.

    he looks like a slave in chains. What was he thinking?

    Quote of the big ass chain topic and FTW,

    “…he walked into said jewler and was like I want a big ass chain as a big ass chain?!!! Really?” courtesy of Divakattgurl


  17. It’s his money, he can do as he pleases, but damn that chain is such in bad taste… Yuk!

  18. Y all the hate? I couldn’t even read all the respones b4 I got sick of the hate’n!

    yall need 2 understand where most wrappers come from, “NUTHN” so when they do silly shit like this its jus sumthn 4 them 2 b remembered by!

    this was the funniest thing I have seen n a while! yes foolish but still funny! y do yall haters care so much about wut sum1 does wit there own money? last I checked gates talked about have’n the most technical-logical house ever built! bronson talks about owning his own private island and im bretty sure jobs has bragged about sumthn also!

    all of the hate’n ass women on here stop walk’n around rock’n the gucci and channel and coach! yall r doin the same thing SHOW’N OFF!

    and 2 the writter don’t say the N word again if u r not 1!

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