BNP Party leader Nick Griffin

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The BNP (British National Party) has won its first county council seats in Lancashire and Leicestershire as Labour was humiliated in local elections across England.

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For those who have never heard of the British National Party, they are Britain’s political answer to the Klu Klux Klan.

I expected the BNP to win seats because the reality is, there are thousands upon thousands of people in this country who believe in their policies and believe in what they stand for.

It wouldn’t surprise me if one day a BNP candidate comes close to being voted in to office.

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  1. Typical stupid British public. I’ve never seen such a bunch of retarded knuckle heads in my entire history of being in this place. They honestly think that the BNP is the answer to all their problems, reprobates. Where is the intelligence on this island?

  2. This party is out of this world. LOL@verbs. They want us to live in fear imo.

    This is a party that wants to have their cake and eat. The British and American governments have always been power control seekers.

    They are going on about all this immigration but they do not realise that it is their interferance in other people’s business even when it’s not necessary that brings this problem.

    The BNP party can sit on the opposition side and spit all this BS but they very well know that once they gain control, it is going to be a different ball game altogether and they will fall back in the same pattern as the old government.

    Their problems are not in the offices but within the community at the grass root level. For example, if most of their children were going to school with the help of their parents and the schools were really filled, and went on to reach a level of university, filling them, there would not be a need for a large amount of overseas students. Should we say there is an economic agenda here? Why are they complaining about foreign students?

    The benefits policy. They keep on shouting about this, how immigrants take their benefits, but they have no idea how much money is taken from taxes through the immigrants work, both legal and illegal immigrants. If they do not encourage their people to work and wait to earn benefits, they will need more immigrants to uphold their economy and they effin well know this. The economy is not held by those in their offices up there, but by all the people doing the odd jobs. They know these people are needed, but will not admit it.

    The jobs they keep going on that immigrants are stealing, which are in most cases the low paid jobs, they(majority), hate doing these jobs. The care sector especially. In nursing homes and others, many british citizens are target workes, targeting, to buy a car and then leave, to get holiday money, to buy christmas and birthday presents. We might want to take some responsibility here and stop pointing fingures already.

    Immigrants are not perfect, but if there were no existing economic problems in this community already, immigrants would not be a problem. When they start looking at themselves and what they are doing, then they will get there eventually. Or is it too late?

    We are made to believe that their invasions into other countries have been for humantarian reasons, but, we do not trust a word they say. I think they are afraid of losing control over the world and have to cause political unrest elsewhere, while leaving their homes intact. And if there’s unrest elsewhere, they are afraid that it will spraed to their homes, therefore have to have control. What do they want?

    This power hunger has got them in a mess and do not know where to turn anymore, so, blame the immigrants for wasting their money in benefits. SMDH

  3. Co-sign Verbs.

    Somebody pass me the shooter so I could pop a silver one in Nick Griffin’s head, so we have one less racist scum-bag from The British Numbskull Pissheads!!

  4. Albertromania, your essay gave me some laughs. Your argument against them you’re soley basing on assumptions, opinions, and mistakes of OTHER political parties. You’re blaming BNP for the mistakes of the Labour Party.

    I mean, I’m guessing you’re from Romania, so you must be pretty ignorant of whats going on over here, so I’ll let you off. But you being an ignorant Romanion, should pretty much mean you have no need to even comment on how we vote, or how we run our country. I mean, I don’t really care how Romania’s run, its in no way important to me. I don’t plan on moving there, or even holidaying there. Oh, is that what this is? You’re currently saving up all your measly earnings so you can immigrate here and live for free off our benefits? But should the BNP get voted in, you’d lose that chance? Aw diddums.

  5. Ljay:

    Excuse me for interjecting but it has been shown throughout history that you(Edomites) cannot run a bath yet alone a country. This mockery that you call the United Kingdom is just another example that will go down in history as again a failed attempt.

    First and foremost before you started shooting your mouth off about people coming over to YOUR COUNTRY and draining benefits from YOUR COUNTRY and taking advantage of how YOUR COUNTRY is run, I suggest you do some serious research which will show you that your actual country of origin is the western part of the land that today is commonly called Saudi Arabia. From there your people migrated north into the Caucasus Mountains between Russia, Turkey, The Black Sea and Georgia, hence why you are called Caucasian.

    Yes, you are mountain people by origin, hence why you build sky scrapers and tall buildings, it reminds you of back home and hence why you cannot take the sun and heat. So, how can you run Romanians, when your fathers are from that country and further east than that? I’ll never understand British people, they show such disdain for eastern Europeans but you are all the same people by blood, you went west , they remained in the east.

    Albertromania dropped so many relevant nuggets, what he talks about is true. The Greek empire fell when corruption set in as the norm, the same with the Roman empire, and now this resurrection of the Roman empire is travelling in the same direction, downhill to destruction because of what……….corruption. White people in general are very insecure about their temporary hold on power and insecure in general. Many a times at my work when a group of black people have been talking amongst themselves, a white person will butt in and ask “what is going on here then”, as if we are plotting some sort of undercover take over of the workplace or planning something and trying to keep it secret.

    Your deeds testify of your heart Edomites, in your heart you know you have taken over countries and stolen them through skull duggery(The UK and Ireland being a few booties in your bag), so you have to watch your back and be suspicious of everyone else, and before you start saying “why come over here then” or “go back to your own country”, it is such that because of this diabolical system that your fathers have created and you uphold, in order to survive and get by in this world, regrettably we must come down and lie with this beast just to keep our heads above water.

  6. Aw, now a black guy has to come along and get all racist. Nowhere was I or Albert talking about skin. But you’ve turned this into a rant about white people. Atleast we are beyond that now, maybe its time the ‘ethnic minorities’ get over the fact, that we don’t really give a damn what colour you are.

    And sorry, if us whities can never run countries, and can never do anything right. Why is it seems that in general, most powerful countries are run by whites or the like? How many black-run countries do you see up in the top (Don’t include Obama, he’s not done shit, hes just in power, and hes not even black). I find it laughable that people like you can come here, go on about how bad we are, how much you hate us and such, but as always, you all want to come to us, you all want to live in our country. You rely on us, to ‘keep your heads above water’.

    Again, if whites are so much worse than blacks, or asians, at running a country, why aren’t you in africa, or iran, iraq, israel, pakistan, afghanistan etc? Why isn’t the UK or America or Germany, or Spain, or Russia, or France or any other predominantly white country, being invaded by black men running around with spears currently?

    Face it, you speak as though white-men are the ones that do everything wrong, but we’re the ones who’ve made the advances to get to where we are now. Ofcourse, you’re unable to appreciate that, you’ve probably grown up with your parents telling you that all white people are bad, and you’ve took that to heart and run with it.

    Its not like you’re not intelligent, but you scar your intelligence with such ignorance, bias and racism.

  7. Ljay:

    Getting racist??? I know not what thou sayest. There are a few points here that need to be cleared up.

    1. When you refer to the BNP, obviously this deals with white skinned people. Are there black people in the BNP, errr, no. A right wing caucasian group who do not like blacks, asians, orientals, latin americans or any other ethnic majority people. How can skin not be brought into this, the whole issue is about skin. I fail to see your point.

    2. I was not racist, I just showed you your history and shut you off at the spiket just in case you thought of travelling down certain common avenues. This business about you not caring about what colour we are is fork tongued surface talk and lies. Scratch the surface and watch the real pus and slime ooze to the top. Your racism is now hidden in politics and laws as it is easier to execute by stealth in those arenas without drawing mass attention to yourself and being branded openly for everyone to see and note.

    3. Yes, the most powerful countries are run by whites and this is your hour of power, but your reign of terror is at last coming to an end, hence why the world is going into an economic meltdown. It should also be pointed out that your people have never built anything from scratch, you’ve always stolen and built on top of things that were already established, you most recent booties being the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand and Canada being built off the backs of my fathers for more than 400 years, I might also add, without payment. I do not hate white people, but I acknowledge what your fathers done to my fathers and I see what kind of people some of you can be. Is that a crime or should I just ignore it like your people are all too happy to do?

    4. Much the opposite can be said about who relies on who. Raw materials, metals, clothing materials, food for 1st world countries mostly come from the 3rd world. By the way, nobody wants to ‘live in your country’, we live here by force because of the diabolical corrupt beast system that has been set up by your fathers throughout the entire world.

    5. Let me ask you a question. Why is it that your people cannot leave others alone who are independent and minding their own business? Allow me to give you some recent examples: Afganistan, Iraq and soon to be Iran and Syria. Allow me to give some historical examples: North America, South America, Africa, Australia. Oops, that looks like almost the entire world. Everywhere you take your western culture of filth, corruption flows like a river.

    6. As for invasions, we black people do not need to invade your lands as your very own people are destroying the very same lands anyhow, just look at the UK as a prime example. The place is a dump, whereas it used to be a reasonable place to live. You might then say that it is like this because of all the immigrants coming in. I then say, who is bringing them in? Your people!!

    I could point out some of the evil that my people get up to but that is not the topic of discussion at present. This assumption that I hate white people because I am not afraid to point out the skull duggerous acts that your people have and still commit is off the chart and ridiculous. Am I a racist for pointing out the behaviour of your most of your people? Your traditional “stiff upper lip” rubbish doesn’t wash with me either, I see things and I call them out as they are. It would seem that you have a problem with that method because your people’s hides are constantly getting chapped.

  8. Yep, the truth can be quite a sting to those on the receiving end, especially if you have committed numerous crimes against humanity and have skeletons in your closet unmeasurable.

  9. LMAO. Oh lawd. Anyway, why did they introduce their kind of education with all the nonsense they did then? What did they think? We can’t even speak or discuss them without being told 2 go back home? Well my home country was colonised by the british and i know 4 certain i have a right to be here. One of the benefits i have given myself. And am not on benefits. Lol, oh

  10. Colonised is too light of a word. The words Ravaged, Pillaged and Raped suit more in line with what the british empire has done to the world. We can always expound on this list later, these morsels are just for starters.

  11. Hahaha, i used 2 wonder why there was always a difference in tone in the writings of african historians especially west african writers who were more assertive and aggressive in their interpretation compared 2 western writers. Donkeys of years on, minds have not changed. Whoever said that history repeats its self was right. Oh noo… Very interesting styles though. Lol

  12. This other attitude of being right all times has led to many problems. All other nations apart from britain and USA are right. Yet again, justify your immorality and pull out the moral code book on other races. BNP is just a proper reminder and representation of history. If they get in power, i hope they will remember to practise fair trade with the poor countries so we don’t have to migrate after exploitation which never ends. Get a grip, these things are happening but are we allowed to speak, you aswell?

  13. All other nations are wrong apart from USA and BRITAIN. Typing error above.

  14. Fair trade will never happen. That will be like admitting that they are dependant on other nations in the most significant sector. They cannot give up that. And all ruling governments will always practise unfair trade. But all this doesn’t matter and is justifiable as long they benefit, right?

  15. The only card they have is immigrants and benefits. I know of people who have never worked and have no intention of working, reason being, why work when you can earn more than those working? Not because they are disabled or cannot find work. Ofcourse immigrants are not perfect, but they are not the root cause of all your problems. Pointing fingers and not examining your own does not help, it’s just easier for them to do because it is easier and acceptable to believe.

  16. Was it in the animal farm where they said, ‘all animals are equal but some are more equal than others’. Lol

  17. lul, hadn’t checked this. And in all honesty, I can’t be bothered to give an in-depth response to more hate essays.

    You’re attacking me with written word, you’re coming at me personally. Forgive me here, but you’re the one thats attacking the white people as a whole. Lets follow your tongue and phrasing. You people (*blacks) are barbaric uncivilised runts of society, bringing crime, poverty and disease to our country. Etc etc etc. Now, thats not true. Yes, SOME blacks have come here, brought crime, poverty and disease. You cannot deny that, if you were to deny it, you’d be showing just how badly your intelligence fails you. That is a 100% stereotype. Which is exactly what you’re doing.

    Read up to my first comment. All I said was that his argument wasn’t basing anything in fact against BNP, he related it with opinions, suggestions and facts of PAST political parties. I commented on romanions (Not exactly a hugely black population, so I see not where you could say I’ve sparked a skin-debate), and even then it was just pure ignorant type bullshit to reflect the sort of unintelligable argument he was putting forward. He made an attack based on opinion, I put back an equally poor probable opinion.

    You then followed it up, bringing up white people as a whole. Stereotyping and throwing us all into one bowl, no matter what belief or creed we follow. Therefore, who is the worse person here? Before you sit there and grate on and on about how bad whites are on a whole, how about you dig your head out of the past, and move forward. What exactly do you expect from us, for you to drop your constant whining about a filfthy past. You expect us to say “Hey, blacks, come take our country as payment, we’ll go to Africa” or the such?

    Digest this, if you will. Are ill-will and ill-feelings likely to be forgotten while the ethnic communitys simmer with hatred, sparking anger such as this against white people? Or do you think our future would be better served if past differences were put behind us, and we, as a country, moved forward? I think dropping the blatant differences would be a smarter choice, but hey, thats just my dumb, white, opinion, right? 😉

    Oh, and you act as though at some point I’ve suggested that the BNP should be voted into power. I don’t believe I have suggested such a thing, in all honesty, I’ve never taken the time to even look at their policies. All I know about them, is the less harsh opinions they have on immigration. Because a harsher stance on illegal immigration, and a re-working of the benefits system and legal immigration system, would be welcome. Again, denying this would just show your ignorance of whats wrong with the country. The more people we have in our country, creates a harsher ratio of workers : jobs. Creating more unemployed. More immigration, without a revamp of the benefits system, also creates more people sponging off of the government.

    Now, as the toll on our benefits system rises and rises, how do you think it is helping our economy?

    Either way, I’m not sure I expect you to show much maturity in this, and you will probably come back with another hit against white power and how we destroy everything. Enjoy yourself.

  18. This is exactly why judgement is coming to the UK and The USA. You ravage the whole world, live off the fruits and tell the victims to “forget about it and move on”. This is the cold bloodedness, arrogance and pride of the European Race. It runs in your blood. No, I cannot forget what you have done to my fathers and God hasn’t forgotten either, prepare to meet Him.

    I suggest you pick up a bible and read the book of Obadiah just so you can get a heads up on your future. The cheek, would you tell a man who has just been shot to “forget about it and move on” while he lies there wounded in the street losing blood? You have wounded the ethnic majorities of the world and you have not brought healing to them, so how can you expect them to move on? Pretty easy for your people to say “forget about it and move on” while you sit in your ivory towers of luxury.

    Perhaps people wouldn’t keep bringing up the dirty past of your fathers if your people had genuinely repented for their evil deeds and made a proper menz to the victims of their skull duggery. I’m not going to go off into another long rant, your hour of power is over, you and your fathers have lived the high life but now it is time to give it up, but knowing that you will not give up your power voluntarily, it will be taken by force.

    Unbelievable, even up till today you are still kicking blacks, latinos, indians, orientals etc in the face and immediately saying “forget about it and move on”. Your people should be laying in sack cloth and ashes praying to God for all the crimes of you have committed and repenting for the crimes of your fathers but instead you continue on stone heartedly as if you’ve done nothing wrong. You have no idea what is in store for you and your European cousins.

  19. /yawn, point made. I in no way have ‘ravaged’ the world, I have shot no person, black or white. I have never been racist in any way, towards any ethnicity. Yet you sit here insulting ME. Yet you expect ME to be the one to ‘repent’ for something I haven’t done?

    Your hypocracy and ignorance appalls me. You would be well suited in one of the Jihad hate training camps, because you bring nothing constructive.

    Forget about it and move on? Yes. “Tell a man who has just been shot to forget it” ?? Let me ask you, have I just shot you? No. You expect us to give you the world on a platter for something our ancestors did to your ancestors. WE havent done anything to YOU. Except for every imagined slight you presume to take in this PC world. Get over yourself, you’re nothing special. Your ‘fore-fathers’ would deserve something, but you? No. You’re just a new generation fuckwit who expects something for nothing.

    I’m done here.

  20. “Why isn’t the UK or America or Germany, or Spain, or Russia, or France or any other predominantly white country, being invaded by black men running around with spears currently?”

    “But you being an ignorant Romanion, should pretty much mean you have no need to even comment on how we vote, or how we run our country.”

    “What exactly do you expect from us, for you to drop your constant whining about a filfthy past. You expect us to say “Hey, blacks, come take our country as payment, we’ll go to Africa” or the such?”

    You cannot possibly think that colonialism has really ended, do you? Really?? Funny enough a while ago back home, there was a german delegate who was advising the president to be careful while dealing with the asians in all this oil discovery thing that is going on now (lord knows what will happen if there really is alot of oil), and the president said somethin in these lines, they will make sure that they do not make the mistakes they made around the times of colonialism. Do you really ever wonder why we keep on drawing from the past? The realisation and impact of what happened in the past is hitting people, the more they are exposed to the western world. Yes, education has been there but not on a wide scale as it is now, and people in the past have not been wide travelled as they are now or will be in the future. Getting in contact with the western world, coupled with the education they are recieving and the animosity given to them together with the degradation from some fools and foolish behaviour, what do you expect? And it is no secret that white people and black people have a nasty past, and how and where in history did we qualify to be treated the way we are now when we were happy throwing around our spears and being babaric towards each other, and then your grand parents interference comes in, you move people to your land and then what? We qualify to be below you because you came up with a master plan to move us to your homes?

    Funny enough, arabs started this slavery atleast in east africa, but why is it that we do not go on about them? because their attitude does not stink. People like Griffin and yourself(Ljay) have an attitude that will never change, because you cannot help it really.

    Migration has always been apart of human nature since day one, i bet some of us blacks are europeans, who knows?? LOL, As for the crime you say we bring, what did you’s really bring then, unless you say theft is not a crime, really. Well, it’s no picnic being invaded, we faced our music, now lets see how you cope without belittling. Can you believe there were people who took part in the previous world war from africa? And they were always proud of it, but i sit and ask myself? What were they fighting for or more importantly, did they know what they were fighting for? SMH

    I think if western people drop their superiority complex, we will drop our inferiority complex, untill then, i do not see this going away. Not in our life time anyway. We shall talk until it’s out of systems or yours. Why not? But in the mean time life is going on, right? We go and work(some of us) and party etc, etc….LOL

    Seriously, which nation or people have stopped whining or let go of their history and just got on with it. Ok, let us see how America and Britain will get over the terrorist acts that have devastated lives. I bet we and the muslim nations will never hear the end of it and i bet you people will make them pay at one time. Would you really take it well if they told you, get over it and move on. what a whole lot of gibberish and nonsense. Why is it that we have to forget all the time. And by the way, i remember when the American embassy was hit by terrorism and people died especially the locals, but hey,let us move on and forget it and move on with our lives, right?

    Nonsense, History shapes us and unless education is erased, this whining will never stop, i do not see your relations with the french or other nations tight, apart from america? Why? Because you know from history, how you deal with each other, what you have done to each other (who was the aly and enemy and so on) and what you are capable of. So again, why should we stop whining master?

  21. The american embassy in kenya was hit by terrorism and americans were no that helpful.

  22. I stopped reading, when you quoted my comment on immigrants bringing crime. I should’ve stopped when you quoted what I said to Albert.

    What I said to Albert, I have previously stated, was a mockery of the argument he brought forward. Deal with it.

    What I said about immigrants bringing crime. Again, was a mockery of Verbs’ argument. If you’re going to try and bring something to the table, and use my own words against me, atleast do it right.

    Oh, you bring up terrorist attacks that have happened in the past 10 years. And somehow think that is exactly the same as something your generation never saw? Even then, I’ve yet to see white people verbally assaulting muslims and the like in such numbers as people like Verbs come at whites. Where do we expect to be given something for free? I live in London, you dont see me sitting here crying about the bombings here. I didn’t even bring it up, you had to bring it up. I’ve moved on. Maybe you should too?

    You say we need to draw from the past, yes, I totally agree. But the way Verbs is attacking me and white people, is not the way to go about it. He is launching barely concealed threats towards white people and european countries.

    Like I’ve said time and time again. We no longer hold blacks, asians, or any other as slaves. The majority of us are trying to move past differences of skin. But I’ve got to say, black people are victims of their own hatred. I see it time and time again, black guys are happy enough to insult us, call us by racist names or derate us in any way, but then wonder why anything gets said back.

    Yes, remember the history, and learn from it. But don’t expect us to hand you the world on a silver platter, life doesn’t work that way. You have exactly the same opportunities as the rest of us, and you can longer claim that skin is a barrier. If it was a barrier, America wouldn’t have a black president.

    Deal with it.

  23. I can assure you that these terrorist acts will not go away untill you die, and the way you look at muslims in general has changed and that is a fact. You will hold this hatred until, even with generations to come. It will always play on your minds like what happened in the past plays on our minds and that is fact. Everytime an activity happens that destroys lives or devastates lives, that is exactly what happens. You are going to live to see this happen unfortunately. And you are going to have to deal with it as well.

    “Like I’ve said time and time again. We no longer hold blacks, asians, or any other as slaves. The majority of us are trying to move past differences of skin. But I’ve got to say, black people are victims of their own hatred. I see it time and time again, black guys are happy enough to insult us, call us by racist names or derate us in any way, but then wonder why anything gets said back.” I could have said the exact same thing but reversed.

    Yes, there are people who are victims of self hatred, and as as far equal opportunities are concerned, we could debate that all day and come to no conclusions still. Things have changed, true and more opportunities have arisen but let us not kid ourselves and act like it is all right because the fact is and will always be that, opportunities will never be equal, racis will always be there and some people will always point it out. But you british and americans are happy to point out what others do and hate it when people point out what they do. You are a perfect example.

    Seriously what other way did you expect this topic to go?

    Who is asking for things on a silver plate? Anyone black or white or asian, or anyother british citizen that has arms and legs and can work or is able to work, should not be on benefits, so why are you over emphasising on the immigrants as if all your people work and earn an honest living? Seriously.

  24. I cannot believe you even mentioned that the terrorist acts have only happened ten years ago, and we are pullling up things that we never witnessed. Really, ten years ago?? But the pain still lives on and will always live on, and this will be taught in history and passed on to generations and will always be remembered, and that is exactly why it will never be forgotten. I can see you in the pub happily drinking a pint with a beareded muslim and laughing away, without any suspicions, right? I highly doubt. I bet even in an underground you would freak out? And would i blame you? NOt at all, would i blame your grand future grand kids for reacting the same way? Not at all. But are all muslims terrorists? Not at all.

    So, let us cut the BS here luv.

  25. PS, i have white friends and friends married to white people, but do not blame me for disliking the likes of Griffin because the fact is i dislike him and his followers who are using immigrants at the fore front to spread their hatred, and whatever mentality he has towards other races period.

  26. Abandon ship Lati, those who cannot hear must feel. They cannot see what they have done wrong and what they continue to inflict daily on the world and most refuse to see it. Let God deal with them, and he will soon.

  27. LOL, i am done anyway. I hate the way they turn around and say we are imagining things and so on, that everything is ok, we have moved on and so on. It’s just nonsense, if that is what they are, that is what they are, but why is that when other ethnics speak, it’s a problem. Whatever. That’s why there is a big problem of mental health issues in these countries. They play too many mind games even at the slightest thing, even on their own people. SMH

  28. It is easy for the abuser to say “move on and forget about it”. Let them carry on with their jedi mind tricks, like I said their hour of power is over.

  29. They had alot of power when people were really ignorant and not travelled those days.Things are changing but their minds some of them are not changing and they want our minds to change and forget and move on when they cannot? Really? When they still dump their wastes in poor countries? Why not dump it in France or germany? Experimenting drugs in third world countries? Why not in Germany or Russsia? The first place they think of is third world countries? It’s the mentality really. And we are not saying we are perfect but let us not pretend that they are perfect and saving the world.

  30. Verbs, Please, you seem to know me so well. You know my every personal move. You know that I rape, pillage, burn and such in Iraq (even though I’ve never been there, never sent troops there, never been involved with anything Iraq related). Etc. Like said, you’re generalising and stereotyping.

    You’re both full of shit. Do I get nervous when I see a bearded asian on the underground? No I bloody well don’t. Considering if you look at some of the terrorists, some would even pass as white people, what on earth is the point of sticking to stereotyped bearded muslims? I actually got on the underground train WITH a muslim called muhammed just last week, he was bearded, I wasn’t nervous. Funny that?

    You pass on your own prejudices and try to pass them off as my own. You’re telling me what I feel, what I know, how my mind works, and the like, when you really don’t know shit.

    Experimenting drugs in thirdworld countries? Hah, I was just talking to my family about a drugs test I saw advertised in London. Funny that you say we only test abroad, when I’ve come across several of the same types of things?

    Jesus christ, I actually thought you had some sort of intelligence, but I was so wrong. Its all just a pretense, its just a well rehearsed hate essay against white people. Its likely that you sit there researching new things to hate us for, while everyone else in the world gets past it.

    Verbs and Lati, you are contradicting each other, but acting as though you’re supporting each other. Lati brought up the London and America bombings, I said I’d moved past it. Verbs then said “Its easy for the abuser to say move on and forget about it”.

    Again. What we did to your peoples, was a LONG time ago, and was never done to you personally, yet you’re still sat here hating on me, as though I’ve just stabbed you in the back. Whereas, the bombings to London and America have been in the last decade, but I hold no hate towards any ethnicity. Again, you’re rather short sited.

    Oh and lol @ the point you made about me with a bearded muslim. One of my closest friends throughout childhood was a guy called Sulmaan. He was a muslim. There was also Qaiser, a muslim, or Mohammed, a muslim. and so on and so forth.

    It not the white people who segregate you from society, you segregate yourselves. Get over yourselves, you’re nothing special, and neither are we.

  31. Oh and the bit about me over emphasising about immigration? I’m not over emphasising. This discussion is based under a title of BNP. I’ve stated previously that the only part I remotely agree with, when it comes to BNP policies, is their harsher outlook on both illegal and legal immigration.

    I at no point have said that ‘my own kind’ aren’t on jobseekers or other benefits. But when you see people coming to this country just to abuse our benefits system, it needs to change. I couldn’t care less if an asian/black guy who has lived here for several years is on benefits due to trouble finding work, or some other circumstances. But when you hear about a family coming over here, getting bumped up the council houses waiting list, and claiming thousands in benefits, its wrong. I, you, and everyone else in the UK do not pay taxes just to give them a free ride.

    And, although it grates me to have to keep on repeating myself until you manage to understand what I’m saying, I in no way have said that immigrants are the sole cause crime, disease, poverty, lack of work and the like. But just do the math. Using random figures here, say 1 out of 2 people are likely to get swine flu, if we let in an extra 100,000 people, thats another 50,000 that we need to treat in our hospitals. Lets say 1 out of 10 people commit a crime, and we let in that 100,000 people. 10,000 are likely to commit crimes.

    Just figure it out, an increase in people in this country, creates lower availability for jobs, creates more chances for disease, brings more criminals etc. More people = more of everything. I in no way am directing it directly at black people, asian people, or anything. The fact is, Britain isn’t a huge island, and space will run out.

    /sigh but I already presume that none of this will get through to you, and you’ll just come back at me with another rant about how I’m a white pig.

  32. No one is stopping you from carrying out your policies and controlling your borders, but could you not do it without spreading the racial hatred and demonising us with your mistakes as if you are perfect? You think we do not waht you are trying to do to make your home a better place? No one is against that but the racial hatred BNP is spreading using immigrants, and do not give that crap that it’s just about the policies and no racial hatred. That is how we are feeding off that hatred and reflectin a few things.

    They say there’s civilisation here, right? Apply it then.

  33. Let us not pretend that there’s no generalisation here as well, it’s nonsense. Ok, let us look at each immigrant and every british individually. Right?

  34. And who here has called you a white pig? If you are trying to go down that route, i am sorry but i am not capable of calling racist names, but i will say white, black and asian when i am making my generalisation. Don’t even start that nonsense with us.

  35. Ljay, have you been on the BNP site or are you just speaking blindly? Have you read the comments left by the followers? You could not hide your racism even if you tried to. Read and understand first.

  36. You’re all fucking retarded. Honestly. READ, what is being said. I’ve previously stated, that I have no clue what the BNP’s policies are, and I have no real intention of wasting my time finding out. All I’d heard about them is that they want to go stricter on immigration and benefits. Me saying that immigration should be slowed down, makes me racist?

    Lati, I’m not god damn spreading racial hatred. Ahh you now what? See your racism all you like. Thats right, us whites, hate you ethnics. We say hello, what we REALLY mean, is to call you niggers, or paki’s, or any other insulting name. We ask how you are, we’re really saying we think you’re scum. Live your life paranoid that every person is out to get you, and enjoy it. I’ll live my life happily, whether you think I’m racist or not. It bothers me not.

  37. What a waste of time and space. You do not know what you are arguing about. You are trying to get us to call you racist names by resorting to insults and it is not working. Go to bed and read a book and improve on your intellect and reasoning.

  38. Our lives are on a stand still. I am waiting on you to pay my bills, feed my family. Tell us something new as far as this topic is concerned with depth, please.LOL

  39. I thought he was semi-illiterate. Hardly kept in a straight line with his arguments, wrote things and denied implying them, and finally did not know what he was arguing about. Go back and get abit more education and speak with more intelligence and confidence, you do not sound what you are trying to show, but the opposite. Sorry.

  40. Yep. mind games. It did not take much to finally get him to say what he wanted to say in the first place. If there are those wasting their lives in self destruct, let them do it, it’s their choice. There are those who are being productive with their lives like you are presumably being productive with yours, ljay. They will wake up one day. Why get worked up with them when you clearly are not bothered? Acting with perfection is foolish. Like we have kept on saying and you did not hear, these problems are a result of your making generally, and we are not perfect either. Do not deny what your country is doing and has been doing to other countries past and present, hence the problems you have. All countries make their mistakes, but America and Britain do not make mistakes, not that they will admit to anyway.

    It might be a good idea to reflect on your history, and see how you can learn from it to improve on your current state of affairs. It is not a waste of time, logical.

  41. Jeez, where have I denied that we’ve made mistakes? Again, insult what I say or how I say it all you want, but you’re seeing things that arent there.

    You talk to me as though I alone am about to change the world? I’m here, telling you guys I’m not racist, yet you’re screaming back at me that I must be, because I’m white and my fore-fathers were racist. It is tiresome.

  42. This topic was based on BNP which is clearly racist. They can regulate the amount of people coming in and do what is best for their country. Using immigrants as a basis for their campaign means immigrants are the sole purpose of their problems, but obviously you did not read this first before you embarked on your debate. It’s not like you do not have valid points, you missed the point. When we say you, it’s the british in general.

    So you are not racist but you missed the point from the very start. You could not possibly change the world and no one implied that you were, if you are going to generalise, we will generalise. Being ashamed of your past and pushing it aside is what has got this country in a mess. You( British people) should not be able to use it to better your country. It is your country, your home. Do not make mistakes and blame them on immigrants or use them for your campaigns. That was the whole point, mistakes from the past and the present, they will not go away and that is why all this terrorism is happening. You think it’s things that are happening now that are causing this anger? It’s always things in the past and things that are continuing to happen. But you are happy to pretend that they are not a problem in your comfort zone. If you cannot see this, then you really have a problem, racist or not.

  43. It will not happen, the british empire is unrepentant of all its deeds, after all they never have apologised for slavery. This is why this empire is currently sinking with no hope of returning. The book of Obadiah explains everything about these characters and what their future will be, interesting reading.

  44. May be it is better to let sleeping dogs lie.

    You had your points to pass on to ethnics and we had ours to pass on to the British and Americans, and that is why we clashed, but you did not get that in the first place. Do not point if you do not want to be pointed at, that is what happened here. Ignorant Romanian? So much for your knowledge.

    Whose life is miserable? Just because we speak about things does not mean that we are unhappy and our lives are dead. This is a blog where every tom, dick and harry can comment, pleasant or unpleasant, it does not mean we are not living. You are happy with your life but you managed to point out the self destruct we are embarking on, and no one denied it, but you sitting there and pretending, without even reading or have any intention of visiting BNP site and engaging into a debate from nowhere is foolish.

  45. I do not think Ljay is white, and it’s a shame that you had to use them to put your points across. A disgrace. I stand by this thought. smh

  46. Er, when I made my first response, I made it as a mockery of Albert’s argument against the BNP party. Not in defence of the party, just that his arguments were just opinion and blaming that party for past parties mistakes. Again, you can’t always hold every single person responsible for one persons mistake. If I know of someone who knows of someone who knows of someone, who is a rapist, or a child molesteror, does that make me, by assosciation, a rapist, or a paedophile? I don’t think so. The same way that just by the fact that our nation’s history is filfthed by slavery and war and turmoil, doesnt mean I currently fill my house with slaves and treat all ethnics that way.

    @ Albert, yes, the topic is based on BNP, and yes they are generally a racist party. But just by me being here and defending BRITISH and WHITE people, doesn’t make me racist. You’re all going on about how whites are aggressive racist people, yet I’m on the defensive here, and you guys are the ones degrading us. Or is it just the fact that I am white, and you therefore assume that I must be defending BNP, due to them being a white nationalist party? Again, my first post commented on your lack of facts. Which was responded to by Verbs taking this discussion against white people in general. I generalised nothing. I’ve not missed the point, had you or verbs replied with cold facts in relation to BNP’s policies, I would’ve accepted it and moved on. But instead Verbs started talking completely and utterly about white-skinned people, edomites, and our inherant behaviour. Which, forgive me if I’m wrong, has little to do with BNP policies? BNP are white, sure, but if you’re so mature, why does that need to come into the discussion at all? From there on its been an assault against white people, white behaviour, and white past.

    We’ve never apologised for our past?

    “It will not happen, the british empire is unrepentant of all its deeds, after all they never have apologised for slavery.”

    How are we supposed to apologise for it, Verbs? Please, do enlighten me? I keep asking, what do you expect from us? And you keep repeating yourself over and over again, that we WONT apologise. I suppose the charities, and volunteers, and help funds that are set up to help out third world countries mean nothing? Theres no kind deeds that us white people ever do?

    What sort of apology are you expecting? I am sorry verbs, that people were persecuted throughout time at the hands of whites. Will that do you? Or do you want a written formal apology from every white person in the United Kingdom before you are satisfied that the majority of us are no longer racist slave-herders?

    And okay, if you’re bringing up shameful pasts, are you telling me that you, your people, your ancestors, anything to do with any sort of ethnicity have never had any kind of brutal past, or past to be ashamed of? Answering no to this, would be ridiculous.

    “Funny enough, arabs started this slavery atleast in east africa” To quote you there, white people aren’t the only ones with a shameful past. Whites are just the only people that aren’t allowed to move past it.

    Not to mention the stories of torture, beheadings, stonings, ‘honour killings’ that occur throughout the world. If you read the papers, a white man was murdered recently just because a muslim family ‘suspected’ he was having affair with one of their women. Is that not shameful? The London bombings, or the Trade Centre crashes. Are they not shameful?

    Where do I see any predominantly muslim country getting on bended knee to apologise to us and our families? Ofcourse they don’t. No, instead we are made to apologise to them, because of the bad relations that have come forth from this.

    You hear stories about the sort of welcome a white person would get in places like Africa. It is unsafe for white people to be alone there, because people will rob and/or murder them. And don’t tell me this is a biased view coming from a white person. These are stories I hear from black people that grew up in Africa or who have family living there.

    Let us bring up WW2 and Hitler and the holocaust. Millions of Jews murdered at the hands of a German dictator. Yet you don’t often here that brought up. You talk about the atrocities committed by white people, yet all you can bring to the table is attacks against Muslims or Blacks. When it comes to people like Jews, who aren’t very far different from white people skin-wise, you’re not interested. And you don’t often hear of people mentioning the holocaust as an insult, because its a sensitive subject for both the Jews and the Germans. Or maybe its just because the Jewish people have been able to move on, and understand that although it is a dark part of Germany’s history, history can’t be changed, and hating the younger generation for the mistakes made in the past, won’t brew anything but more hatred between Germans and Jewish.

    “and finally did not know what he was arguing about.”

    Like said, it is you guys that went off topic. I mocked Albert’s argument, and it was then turned into a discussion of race, and a match to see who could insult Britain the most. And forgive me, while typing this I do scroll up and down, and cut and drop and add bits here and there, which may make what I am trying to say slightly choppy, but when I have several people saying different things I wish to respond to, ontop of trying to voice my own opinion, some things do get lost in translation. (I’m not proof-reading, for starters).

    I can say I did a quick google of “The Book of Obadiah”, and I may buy it to get more versed. But am I right in assuming that the jist of it is, is that back in history, one set of people, didnt defend another set of people, and so a guy wrote a book detailing that the first set of people shall be by destroyed by their own allies and ‘the Lord’? I have to say, Verbs, belief in this aside. Should it happen, it would be the end of the world as we know it. With the sort of arsenal currently at the disposal of the countries in the world, should the world all suddenly decide to commit to another world war, it would mean complete annihilation. So, be careful what you wish for, especially considering you are a UK resident. Your avid belief in all terrorism against the UK, might one day bite you back.

    “engaging into a debate from nowhere is foolish.”

    With me, any kind of debate is never foolish. I participate in debates like this all the time, no matter what the topic. How better to learn? =) Plus, ’tis quite enjoyable.

  47. Those who do not know where they are coming from, do not know where they are going. If you cut a branch of a diseased tree and leave the rotten root, you end up where you started.

  48. Over the years, they have accumulated debts from many places. Atleast that is what people think. Let us face it, in their hay days of conquering, they used other people. They are not asking for payment back, but they are not asking for BNP attitude either. It’s their racist attitude that sparks anger. Look after your home, but drop the attitude.

  49. Ljay, have you visited the site yet? The BNP members seem to be proud of their history and their white country. Maybe we are deluded and there is no racial issue. Maybe what their grandparents achieved regardless of how it was achieved is their pride. If labour party had the same immigration policy, i believe it would not be a problem because there’s obvious racial issues. Obviously you thought we were too stupid to spot the racism there. Now do you see how the history came in?

  50. Proud of their history eh? Seeeeeeeen, well most of that involves the raping and pillagement of black countries. Now I’ve seen everything

  51. Meh, my last post didnt get put up, presumably because I posted it from a different IP and computer? /sigh CBA writing it all over again.

    But lol @ “Most of that … black countries” Whaaaaat, go over your history some more, pal. Because you don’t seem to be including any wars fought throughout history where it was a white man, killing another white man.

    As always, you turn a blind eye to it, because it justifies your way of thinking if it never happened.

  52. Ljay:

    Do you need to light a candle to see the sun? What on earth are you saying, cold facts? How about the persecution of black people by these clowns during the 60s, 70s and early 80s? How about the distribution of excrement through the doors of black and asian families during these times? How about black and asian shops and businesses being looted and destroyed by these same clowns called the BNP. Experience is the best evidence you can get. Now because they put on a suit and tie, withdraw their physical assault and act and sound political, surely you are not stupid enough to believe that their policies and end agenda have changed?

    This is the thing with british folks, they forget the past very quickly. We do not need to examine their policies, we know what they are about from past experience, you are erecting a red herring. The actions of a white man/woman who acknowledges with deep remorse the skull duggery that his/her fore fathers have committed should be to repent to God with a sincere heart on their behalf and then to repent for living off the fruits of their skull duggery in ignorance and to acknowledge that the rewards that they are lavishing themselves with are founded on bloodshed, death and murder.

    Pestilence, famine and racial wars are coming to this country called the United Kingdom simply because the people of this land will not humble themselves and repent for the sins of the past and the present. Ministry of Defence documents have already concluded that at the height of this depression, civil wars nationwide will break out which will last for at least 30 years, yes, 30 years of continuous rioting and looting on the streets of the UK. Are you ready for that Ljay? The people of this land have always committed skull duggery, you’ve never know the feeling of being sorry/repenting, nor have you known what it means to live righteously. These concepts are foreign to most on this land so your contiuous response of “what do you want from us” comes as no surprise.

    Then you have to cheek to bring up charities. First of all, nearly all charities are illuminati fronts, the symbols and logos they use should have told you that if you were studied up to par. Charities are just another way to sucker the public into giving money to organisations who are actually working with programs to exterminate them. These “charities” you talk about are depopulating the continent of Africa through abortion clinics, eugenics and sterilization through the needle. It sounds fantastic if you haven’t done the research but it makes sense when you find out that these “charities” are actually MI5/MI6/CIA fronts. Lets run through a few charities and check the latest:

    Oxfam – Uses an illiminati symbol of the crossing of the bow, similar to the fingers crossed illuminati symbolism. Set up and established I believe in the 1980s to “help poor and hungry people primarily in Africa and other poor countries of the world”. No change in Africa, in fact, the continent is in a worse state now than it was in 30 years ago.

    Red Cross – Uses the illuminati symbol first sported by the Knights Templar( an illuminati group of murderers). Proports to bring aid to the sick people of the world. Turns out that they have been bringing the sickness to the world with deadly vaccines loaded with various viruses and sterilising agents they have been distributing for their partners called big pharma. Where is the healing?

    Live Aid – Talked about “feed the world, let them know its christmas time”. Millions raised for food, shelter and clothing for poor third world countries. The puppet chieftain behind this scam was Sir Bob Geldof. 2009 and nothing has changed. Where did all the money go Bob? You seem to be incredibly wealthy now Bob. To add insult to injury, he peddled the same scam again a few years back with the Live 8 act. How gullable can the public be?

    I remember coming across reports about certain charities being linked to child kidnapping rings, child brothels, child sex rings and human trafficking. Talk to your boy George Bush Snr, he knows all about children and sex. Ask Cathy O Brien, she was one of his victims. She was also a victim of the former first lady Hilary Clinton(yes, Mrs Clinton likes muff diving with little girls).Read the book “Tranceformation Of America”. This is all a side issue I know but I went through this to illustrate the fact that you don’t know the true facts, only what the mainstream media parrots and shows you.

    You simply cannot see what you have done wrong which is why God is going to have to show you your wrong doings by bringing wars, famine, pestilence and death to this land. May be then the penny will drop. I do not want anything from your people, I’m just showing you the crimes that your people have and still commit, and warning you that you will pay the price very soon for your crimes. And yes, just because you personally may not have carried out any evil against my people, that does not automatically exempt you from the firing line as you in the present are living off the bloody fruits of the past.

  53. I also still stand by my statement that most of the countries your people have overrun have been black countries. When whites were fighting whites, these fights brought no substance to the table as whites had nothing to begin with. You had to run into and turn over black and asian countries for their precious metals, raw materials, herbs and food in order to sustain your people as your people were dying from starvation and disease.

    Also, you talked about Arabs starting the whole slavery thing which is true, they will also pay for their part. I have not forgotten them. Their part came into play around the 6th and 7th century with the founding of Islam by Mohammed. They also played a part in the slave trade of 400 years, capturing black people and selling them to your people who in turn put them on ships bound for America and the Caribbean. I never brought the Arabs up because they were not the topic of discussion.

  54. God, your points never seem to follow a straight point. You bring up the rape and pillage of black COUNTRIES. Being past long gone. I respond to this, and then you have a go at me for a more recent history happened in my own country. Or do you consider the UK a black country? I’ve stopped bothering reading what you say Verbs, because you sprout the same shit every time.

  55. And one last thing Ljay , Verbs is anti-Obama. I bet you would get along just fine on this topic. LOL. Cheer up.

  56. I was anti on any of the candidates for the last presidency. So lets not assume that just because Obama was black, meant that I would have been against him. You know what they say about assumptions, right? =)

    Although, does have to be said, alot of the hype over him has died down considering how he’s run things so far, eh? Same with GBrown.

  57. I brought up Obama coz you mentioned something in one of your first posts.

    “How many black-run countries do you see up in the top (Don’t include Obama, he’s not done shit, hes just in power, and hes not even black).”

    That was funny considering Verbs is anti presidents of any kind and colour. LOL

  58. Correction Lati, I’m anti liars and puppets. Bush Jr was also just a puppet, the same with Clinton, Bush Snr and Reagan. We’ve been through this one before. Both sides are brought and paid for by offshore bankers whether Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Labour.

  59. Why isn’t Obama black by the way? The last time i checked, all one needed was a drop of black in them to be considered black. LOL. OK

  60. Ljay:

    Look, just carry on drinking sodium fluoride tap water and getting your cancer virus filled flu shots, your government loves you and everything is fine. You seem to think that as events get further and further into the past, that automatically everything in the present and future is and will now be ok.

    Just read the book of Obadiah. God hasn’t forgotten what your fathers have done and he is going to deal with the UK for its part of past crimes against humanity. I suggest you get right with him before it kicks off here.

  61. lol Verbs, you’re preaching about God to someone who doesn’t believe in religion. In todays world, threats of redemption, and ‘God’ coming down to smite us all, are empty.

    And mock me all you like for being the type of person who wants to forget grudges. You’re preaching to me about God, so you’re either religious, or a hypocrite, I’ll go with religious for the sake of it. So you preach about God, does your God teach you to hate all, never forgive, and kill those who you feel wronged you, or your ancestors, no matter how small? I’ll stick with this white world rather than be a part of your ‘perfect’ one, where murder and hatred are rife. You lay into white people for their atrocities, but promise upon us a fate worse. How does this make you a better person, or a better race, or a better anything? You’re just as bad as we are, you’ve just had less opportunities throughout history due to slower technological and cultural development, which you’re making up for now, right?

  62. Oh, and your usage of the word ‘God’ is going to be the one to make us pay? I’m curious, do you actually believe that God himself is going to come along, and murder the ancestors of those that wronged in the past?

    Or is it just a euphamism for threats against the UK? Honestly, you don’t make yourself sound any better than a common criminal of a terrorist. Like said previously, you’d fit in with the terrorist kind, your hatred for the UK, and your willingness to ‘attempt’ to instill ‘terror’ in the minds of people for some sort of up and coming ‘justice’.

  63. This whole debate fell apart at your first post. It could have gone better i believe. You are not being mocked. If you are not a regular reader and are not aware of verbs and his work and faith, it’s easy to think otherwise. Burying grudges is one thing, and turning a blind eye is another. How are we supposed to move on by turning a blind eye to some things that are clearly happening and saying they are not happening? I am not looking for a debate and i am not turning a blind eye either.

  64. I’ve not said that things that are happening right now should just be forgotten and a blind eye turned to it. I’ve been saying that we need to try and get past the grudges that people like Verbs still hold, for wrongs that predate his life.

  65. I keep telling parents who have bore their children in foreign countries, the importance of knowing your background. All parents of all races especially those from poor backgrounds. If you are faced with racism, and know where you come from, there’s a big comfort. It is all about having a sense of belonging in difficult circumstances. But some parents are too lazy to pursue this. That is why some children in this country are too disorderly and confused. Even if you are white and born in this country, it is important to know your family background. You come from a poor backround, work hard and aim for better. If you sit and wait for the government to bail you out, then everything else falls. So many life values in this country have been lost due to the mismanaged benefit system, you can blame the government if you want, i blame the people. But everybody blames somebody especially the existing government. If there are no job opportunities in this country, immigrants will not come. Majority of them migrate for job opportunities. The more people rely on the government for their livelyhood, the more problems that are created. That is only my opinion.

  66. Where are you going with this ‘hate’ business? I do not hate you or white people. I am however angry that your people do not know the proper meaning of dealing with the past in the proper manner and I have a right to be angry, especially when your people brag about your British Empire and walk arrogantly with chests out as if you have worked hard to get to the position you are in today.

    If the British and Americans had dealt with blacks to at least the level and standard that they have dealt with the ‘jewish people’, then alot less black people would be angry with whites. This whole business of ‘forget the past’ is a smack in the face of justice and making a menz. The fact is Britain/America cannot make a menz because they have stolen and built so much off the backs of others, there wouldn’t be anything left over for them once they’d balanced the books rightfully.

    Lets just deal with some of the folly that you have listed. Firstly, God himself has promised to judge you for your skull duggery, I never said it he did(read Obadiah if you haven’t already), and he even told you why he was going to judge you. If you have issue with this, take it up with him. What, enslave a people for 400 years and build an entire empire off their backs, rape and pillage the entire world for your own selfish desires and greed and should you go unpunished for this????

    God is already afflicting you, the economy of your fathers is coming to a close, folks are being thrown out of their jobs left, right and center, the government continues to increase its oppression on you via higher prices, poor quality living standards, a big brother police state, cancer virus filled vaccines, fluoride drinking water, poor quality food etc. It is very fitting that the people who have and still oppress bitterly should start to taste their own medicine. You say, ‘but this is happening to you also since you are here’. True but because I know the signs of the times and believe that something greater is at work, I know that the end outcome will be in my favour because I trust in God.

    I never preached to you religion(which is always the european argument for evading accountability to God), I advised you to get right with God before the proverbial really hits the fan. You can stick with your white world, however as you can see it is sinking and sinking quickly so I would draft up a back up plan for your own sake.

    Unlike you I have repented for the sins of my fathers and my own, we wronged our heavenly Father and he has place you over us as it is written that he would. Many times in the past when we broke his commandments he place other nations over us too, read the bible, you might learn something useful for the future. However, everytime that the oppression has come to an end, he has destroyed that nation who oppressed his people without fail because they always went overboard with the bondage(sound familiar). Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo/Persia, Greece and Rome all fell with great falls. This empire is next. This is the arrogance of the Caucasian, to think that it will never happen to them(Obadiah verse 3). So yes, we blacks have messed up in the past and God has punished us for this, but now our punishment is at an end.

    Well, the question must be asked, if we are not a race to be feared, why are we being suppressed? History testifies to the fact that on the whole we originated all the technologies that you have today however your people have come along and rewritten the books and lied claiming that we have been good for nothing other than sports and entertainment. All the inventions that sprang up during the slave trade were black originated but because black people at the time were not even viewed as people, the slavemasters stole the full credit. I have even run across clips on youtube with white people in various fields admitting that they were and still are instructed by their superiors to erase any findings of Black run kingdoms/successful black civilizations of the past or black inventions and replace them with a caucasion slant or erase them altogether. If you say that we cannot/could not run anything and that you do not feel threatened by us I suggest you google ‘black wall street’.

    Your ancesters are already paying for their crimes. Yes, I hate this place called the UK because it is based on an evil devilish system in which the scales are always tipped in the caucasion favour and systematically and deliberately built to hinder the progression of the black race. What, should I like being oppressed daily? However, am I bitter, NO, because I see your people are now being dealt with by the Most High and that he hasn’t forgotten what you have done. Before you say ‘go back to your own land’, no need, God is personally going to take me and his people out(Ezekiel 11:16-20 – Isaiah 14:1-3 – Jeremiah 30:7-11 – Amos9:11-12 – Jeremiah 31:7-11 and many more).

    God has a word for you(Joel 3:1-12), get ready as war is coming. Forget about my gripe, God has a gripe with you and your people. I would not want to be in your shoes when you fall into his hands.

  67. I stopped reading shortly after “A menz”. Got to the part of “God himself told you” Wait what? God has told me himself? Where so? The only literature even partially related to your God, is written by man, ‘prophecised’ by man. I haven’t seen God come down, walk into the local WHSmiths and buy a notepad, and write down some commandments, or write a book, take it to a publisher and have it published in his name. Please, do tell me, why should I take any man’s word, and believe it to have come from this ‘God’? You say you didn’t preach religion, only God? I’m sorry, but this Book of Obadiah is part of a religion. Like said, God didn’t write it, God didn’t give it to you, so a MAN wrote it, therein it relates to religion, and not directly to God.

    You expect me to hold faith by any man’s word? Let me ask you, if I suddenly came to your door, and energetically prophecised that the black countries of the world would burn at the hands of the asians, because it was God’s will. Would you believe me? Would you suddenly repent for every single crime I could list, that one or another black man/woman throughout history might have committed? Your race isn’t guiltfree, and I don’t see anywhere near as close a resentful attitude for YOUR races wrongs, as ours. You blabber on about how you don’t have opportunities? HAH. You make me laugh with your ignorance. In this PC country, employers can get into trouble if they DONT employ someone black. No matter who was the better candidate. Ethnics have all the opportunities, you’re just too bitter, and too intent on being the victim, that you’re unwilling to take advantage of it. More fool you.

    If you hate this place, piss off and go elsewhere. It grates me most when people come to this country, and before they even arrive are complaining about how much they hate the UK. Honestly, if you hate the UK, why move here? Go to Germany, or France, or Spain, or anywhere else. And don’t turn around and say “We have to” or the like. Because you are contradicting yourself. You say you have to come to the UK, just to be able to live or whatever. But then say how the system makes it impossible for you to live, or have opportunities. So, it reverses itself again, why are you here, if things are really like you say?

    You sprout shit about how YOU are subjected to oppression, and racism. I went to a secondary school where there was an equal ratio of whites : ethnics. In a business studies class, I was talking with two white friends, and an asian friend. A black kid comes up, and starts calling me and my white friends ‘white boys’, and coming out with other racial slurs. Whereas I hadn’t even said a damn thing to him. But no, whites are the racist scum, we’re the oppressors. Black people do nothing wrong. Obviously, when they’re racist against white people, it is just freedom of speech, or fighting the oppression, right?

    And lol, “Your people are now being dealt with by the Most High” Er, how so? Are you talking about the Economic depression? This isn’t the first time this will happen, and I’m sure it wont be the last. And it affects everyone, not just white people. So your glee will be short lived when it bites you on the ass. Or maybe you’re talking about the terrorism attacks? Again, affects everyone, not just white people. Will you still clap joyfully when it is blank black faces that stare up at you from news screens at the next bombing?

    If ‘God’ has a problem with me, let him bring it. I’m not afraid of death, and I’m not afraid of this ‘God’ that you fear so much. And nothing you say or do would change that. Your threats are empty. Again, you go on about how we’re the evil kind, but sit there joyfully contemplating our demise, our downfall, our murder.

    Please tell me, how are YOU any different from us? The only thing that seperates me and you, are pigments in our skin. You aren’t some evolved version of us. And your thoughts that you are above us, just proves that you are no better. Get over yourself.

  68. People who say that there are equal opportunities make me shake my head. Just recently there were showing how houses to let are denied even viewing to immigrant workers. Then the disability discrimination to a white person. Why is it better to ignore these things? Even discrimination on irish who are white. Why is there a need for equal employment opportunity policies? Those who do not try to have a go at making themselves better are to blame. What about those who try? Racism exists ignore it or not.

  69. I stopped debating atheists on the faith of God through Christ along time ago when I realise that you simply do not want to hear the truth, you love to wallow in lies and deceit. Of course you don’t believe in the bible because it is not your book, its our book. Your kind of books would be The god dellusion by Richard Dawkins, The Origin Of Species By Means Of Natural Selection Or The Preservation Of Favoured Races In The Struggle For Life by Charles Darwin, Ecoscience by John P Holdren, the works of Huxley, H.G Wells, Hitler’s book Mein Kampf to mention just a few.

    The book of Obadiah is called prophecy, just like all the other books of the bible. What other book foretold of future wars between specific countries, a coming one world government, one world currency, one world religion and a mark under the skin without which you could not buy or sell anything thousands of years before it has come to pass and we can clearly see the world going in that direction? World leaders are all over the mainstream news calling for a new world order and a global currency…..or don’t you watch the news? That is what seperates the bible from the run of the mill trough you would pick up at WH Smiths, prophecy. What is religious about that?

    No, I stated that the system is stacked against black people and that it is a struggle, I didn’t say that it was impossible to live, though ‘very hard wouldn’t be far from the truth. I told you why we have to come here, perhaps you haven’t seen the value of currencies and the standard of living in 3rd world countries.

    Equal opportunities in this country is a joke, it is all just on the surface for show. Try and make some real progression within a company being a black person and you will soon be shutdown not even having travelled far up the so called “equal ladder”.

    As for black people and their crimes, I can talk about the crimes of my people, apologise for them and repent on their behalf for their skull duggery but you on the other hand must keep up appearances, pride and arrogance. you must never be seen to have been proved wrong.

    You actually believe the mainstream media about terrorist threats and so called muslim extremists carrying them out? Are you actually buying into this terrorism nonsense? You really been drinking that fluoride down. Do you know how many times the government has been caught staging ‘terror attacks’ to blame it on the foreign enemies for justifaction to go to war? I suggest you google “Government staged Terror Attacks” or “Government False Flags”. You know nothing about this government you worship and think is so cool.

    I never stated that we were better than you, I just stated that all the technologies you have were started by us and you have consistantly lied and mudded the water to make us feel as if we have achieved nothing. Look at history and see who has thought who was better than the other. Your people really went to town when Darwin’s 1st book came out listed above. He refer to blacks as savages, less than human, do I need to continue? He even stated that a married man was a slave, worse than a negro.

  70. Are you saying that because we are all racist to each other, then it’s ok? The end result for racism is hate crimes. Honestly, why is discrimination in this country acceptable? Why is terrorism a threat everywhere? Racial hatred, bottom line. But why do we need bnp to fuel this already existing hate that people do not speak about. I too, i second knowing your background. It’s important. Too much silence in britain, even the white people being oppressed say nothing. The fat, ginger hair, bullying is ok.Why?

  71. An asian friend once told me, that the problem with black people is, we like being employed. Self employment is the way 4ward i guess. It would solve many problems. LOL

  72. Where did I say I was atheist? Where did I say I ‘think this government is so cool’. And sorry, but I don’t buy into the whole consipiracy theorism. Yawn, this is deleted off my bookmarks, what started as a bit of fun has become boring. Adios.

  73. I still say, the only way to solve immigration problems is to get people working. If people are going to depend on the government instead of working, studying, who is going to uphold the economy? The education system is failing, there’s no incentive for the educated, instead the tax system punishes them, the elderly who have worked and those who haven’t end up in the same nursing homes, only that those who worked have to sell their houses to pay for care. People need to work and stop blaming.

  74. LOL, No. God forbid i am and not allowed to speak because i am. Smh. Talk about prejudices. Was taken aback. But no worries. Lol

  75. What is the importance of education? How important is history to our being? Does racism exist? Should it be addressed or not or should people turn a blind eye and get on with it and stop whining? I cannot imagine not knowing my history. I would be lost. A daunting thought either way.

  76. See, the british public, ignorant. I told you that the government has been caught staging terror attacks against its own people and you stand there and call it a conspiracy theory……..hello, it is all documented. Since all you do is sit around sucking your thumb watching Corrie, Hollyoaks and enjoy being indoctrinated by your mainstream media let me rattle off just a few stunts that the government has or was planning to pull.

    Google the following: Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, Hitler blowing up the Ristarg building to blame it on the Pols as an excuse to invade their country, Bill Clinton certifying and signing off HIV infected blood as fit for use in blood transfusions, Bayer caught selling vaccines infected with HIV(you can youtube that one to see mainstream news clips). That is just for starters, don’t tell me I am dealing with theories, get off you backside and investigate what I am saying first and prove me wrong before calling me out as a theorist.

    I brought that up to illustrate how you are just so into your own little world and anything that doesn’t fit in with your paradigm is a ‘theory’. I’ve given you nothing but the facts but because it isn’t Eastenders, Corrie, Hollyoaks, Desperate Housewives or Big Brother, you have to do some work and start to think which seems to be painful for you. The whole world is falling apart and we still have muppets shouting out ‘conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory’. People aren’t buying those lines anymore, people can see something is wrong in the world. That word is dead and rinsed out like the word ‘antisemitism’.

    I assumed that you were an atheist, as that coupled with Darwinism seems to normally be the belief system of the people of this island.

    This ‘forget about it and move on’ garbage has been one of the biggest mistakes we as blacks have made, these issues need to be hashed out to the fullest as if they aren’t then racial tensions increase because of no closure, as they are in the States and over here today. However as usual, the criminals always beat a hasty retreat and do not want to discuss the issues at hand. Enjoy your white world, what remains of it and while it lasts.

  77. The reason I stated that I believe that you think that the government is cool is because you have bought into their propaganda and lies about terrorism and terrorist suspects hook, line and sinker.

  78. What will end all this bitterness is the end of discrimination and racism. As long as these two still exist, this bitterness will go on. It is as simple as that. What happened in the past should strengthen you and not break you.
    Ignoring the existence of racism when some people still practise it and others are still on the recieving end of it, does not solve anything… it just creates more bitterness. At the end of the day, acceptance and getting along is what we need but will that ever happen? Shall we live to see the day when we will all look at each other as equals? Probably not.

    At the end of the day, racism is a slave master’s behaviour, and so many people do not realise this, or do but just act it. One day at a time and we will get there eventually, hopefully.

  79. The reason why immigrants come to this place and this coming from a british, is not because our system is better than other countries, but because the system is dumb and this has been a long time coming, and it has made some of us dumb and lazy that the only thing we care about is money and not the education of our children or work ethic. It has to be noted that the school is failing so bad that now the governents over the years have resorted to paying students to stay in school and the teachers have lost all motivation of teaching because our children are unrully.

    Well, if there are resources that others can use to their advantage while we sit and destroy ourselves in binge drinking and smoking, then, let them have it. A wake up call to see what we have and do not take advantage of is what we need. Some countries have a better education standard, be it, it is hard work but for the better still, and expensive. If some people take pride in earning benefits and living off them, it is a high price to pay. I can think of so many businesses that are striving off the cheap labour of immigrants, but because some people are too ignorant to see this and are drowning themselves in self pitty and how the immigrants are taking over their country. Well, tough. Get off your backsides and get to work and do what you are supposed to be doing.

  80. “This ‘forget about it and move on’ garbage has been one of the biggest mistakes we as blacks have made, these issues need to be hashed out to the fullest ….”

    @ Verbs

    And they are planning to demand payment from Libya( an african country), for supporting the Irish in their attacks.

    all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others (animal farm).

    We ask for equal treatment, they ask for money. Sad but.

  81. They leave their homes intact, any attack, they pursue the alleged attackers. African countries should pursue for compensation for colonialism and all those who have been falsely attacked. They ask us to forget and move on…….

  82. Have they asked the irish for compensation anyway? I am yet to hear them entertain any compensation claims that are of black origin. I guess we have thick skin that can take anything. The animal farm book said it best.

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