Rapper Bashy

In a new interview with The Metro Newspaper, UK rapper Bashy was asked the following question by journalist James Day….

Is music a way out for young black people now, like boxing used to be?

The question stopped me dead in my tracks this morning, and then I laughed out loud.  

Could James really be this dumb, ignorant and perhaps racist?

Does he actually believe that back in the day a young black man’s (that’s who I assume he is referring too) only goal in life was to become the next Frank Bruno, and in 2009 to become the next Lil Wayne?

James has obviously been brought up with the preconcieved notion that black people have been put on this earth only to sing, shuck and jive while standing next to Amy Winehouse, and to beat seven bells out of each other in a boxing ring in front of a baying crowd.

Forget about studying to become University graduates, doctors, surgeons, dentists, lawyers, media moguls and the President of the United States of America. We simply don’t have enough brain cells to achieve such goals.

No according to James their are no other options for us. Our only way out of the ‘slums’ has always been through the POWER of sport, entertainment and maybe carpentry.

Oh dear, oh dear James.. how did you get it all so wrong?

Since the publication of this interview there have been calls for an apology, and from some quarters calls to fire James Day.

If you wish to complain to The Metro with regards to this interview then email:  – Subject: James Day – Bashy Interview (4th June 2009).

Bashy’s new album Catch Me If You Can is available in stores now!

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  1. Is teenage pregnancies and living on benefits the way out for young white people like it has always been? KMT

  2. i think the guy didnt mean to offend but what they have to realise
    is you’ve got to up your game when referencing or interviewing rap artists nowadays!! we are not in 1994

  3. The fool lives on bloody mars. Is he really a qualified journalist or did he get the job bse he’s white? How can a journalist be that ignorant? Probably his first interaction with a black person in his career. I wonder how many interviews he’s avoided like a plague.

  4. The real truth is that Kieran Meeke asked this question NOT James Day!

    And what’s with “The only possible outcome will be to make minority subject even less likely to be interviewed by our team wary of facing such accusations over seemingly innocent questions.” ??
    You’re calling black people “minority subjects” and you’re threatening not interview black people anymore as you don’t want to be pulled up when you ask an ignorant question.

    Kieran you really should have thought out this defensive letter of ‘apology’ before you rushed it out.
    You’ve added insult to injury and have failed to admit it was you, not James Day, who asked this ridiculous question.

  5. Err…Is this a British thing? Usually back home, it’s Doctor, Accountant, Lawyer, Banker, Buisnessman, Engineer aka “You must work in an oil company”, the [sometimes] delusional “I must go to Yanky/Jand, life’s easier & better there”, Import/Export Trader, the ever popular President aka Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the newly recruited Actor/Musician/Entertainer/Comedian and ever faithful fallback, 419er/hustler. Plus a whole host of others that involve endless flying around the world & making redunculous amounts of money.
    Hmm…maybe it’s an ignorant thing…
    You can’t even attempt to live on benefit, it doesn’t exist.

  6. If we were seeing more black musicians on the music scene in britain, may be he would be more justified in saying that. But even the good ones never make it because their white counter parts are chosen before them. So. where did he base his question from?

    Judging from the X factor and Britain got talent auditionees, i would come up with a different conclusion myself.

  7. This is what happens when people ignore the people they live with and are not even interested in what goes on with them untill they are successful.

    I am wondering whether he even knew how Bashy achieved his goals and his background.

    The question just highlights what goes on in this society.

  8. It was just a silly, not thought out question. It is always wise to do some research on the people you are going to interview whether they are black, white or any other race or background. Who you see on the covers of magazines or stage etc… is never the real person. There’s always more to them than you think. So, having little knowledge about them brings about these kind of offensive questions.

    I think he is just crap at his job.

  9. Mr Meeke, obviously thought it was fine to have this sort of question present in the interview, which just shows up his way of thinking and how he views society, these things won’t change until his generation are dead and gone, and the younger type …thos that studied with black folks at Uni, played with black kids at school, and even dated black people at college replace thier positions, until that happens this type of view or thinking will continue to show up in random places.

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