I was on Twitter last night and happened to come across a tweet from singer/actor Tyrese who attended the MTV Movie Awards.

A highly amused Tyrese tweeted that Emimen “was pissed and just walked out”.

Now I can see why…….

Via EW

Did Eminem know he would be getting a face full of Sacha Baron Cohen’s bare butt cheeks? We’ll have to investigate. You gotta wonder why he would’ve stuck around at this awards show otherwise. But then again, are he and his bodyguards such good actors? (Props to the cameraman, by the way, for spotting audience member Zachary Quinto’s dropped-jaw reaction.)


I don’t think he was in on the joke…

I don’t see Eminem agreeing to be a part of this….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sacha is CRAZY!!!


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  1. Foul, no wonder he was pissed, you can’t put you bare ASS in peoples face like that and call it comedy, as funny as I find that, it’s not a joke , haha!, LMAO!

    seriously, though lol

  2. Just saw it on the news. I sometimes feel sorry for Borat’s child, she will grow up to have a good laugh at his father’s ‘genius’ work.

    Is Eminem Homophobic?

  3. Just seen the footage of this and I cannot stop laughing – I would have been ROFLMAO if i had been there!!! I hear what you are saying Fr, it’s one of those “shouldn’t laugh but can’t help it” moments.

    Poor little Eminem, he no like to play, no?

    Hee hee hee!!!!

  4. I just watched the video on ‘I’amLuca’ some blog that had it, anyway… sacha is well out of order, his ass must of wait, his BARE ass, crack and all must of rude up against em’s face, whule he was moving, there was some movement, as you could imagine, maybe even over his lips, LMAO..ahahahaha,.. when I say that is not comedy, man it is funny, but if that was my face underneath sachas balls and ass, then it would not be funny at all, … hehe

    I mean em is always giving it to other people, sometimes it’s called for, some times it ain’t, but anyhow, he got much more than payback,He walked off mad, I don’t know if this is gonna end well for sasha!

  5. According to Lifestyle Magazine Em was in on the prank.. Well sort of. It was agreed that Sacha would come down dressed and end up sitting on his lap. But Sasha had other plans… En was expecting bare arse/balls in face antics lol.
    He is really angry. Sacha set him up lol

  6. I think that was going to far, perhaps some others could have played it off, but I think that hurt em still, Uncool sasha, Uncool man! but still lol!

  7. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! I’m so glad that I was watching this live!! It was to funny, my sister ran in my room to see what i was laughing at cause I was so damn loud.

  8. I don’t understand why people especially blacks are laughing at this fool called Sasha Cohen. Have you forgotten already how he took the mickey out of black people with his Ali G character. Never would verify who he was trying to be with Ali G, just left the people to debate and argue among themselves as to who he was taking the biscuit out of. It all became clear when it was discovered that he is a jewish man. Zionist scum and the synagogue of Satan.

  9. Ahh…the sweet musings of Verbz. Anyhoo, anyone see the incident that was Halle & Jamie? All I’ve seen are the pics, I need reactions from those who saw it live.

  10. Verbs is hardcore truth!!!
    I laughed suh till!!!
    Eminem has always murked out other rich from our pockets celebs – the hypocrite, bare crack in his nostril – hahaha – he was so vex!!!!

  11. Em deserved it. Cohen is just like any other comedian expressing what he truly feels but in a sick way.

  12. Verbs needs a girlfriend. Some things are not that serious!


    I appreciate your militant stance on things though…

    Da Ali G show was comedy. Pure, plain and simple. I found no offense w/it, and neither should any person of color w/even a modicum of intelligence. I find Cohen a comedic genius of sorts…I LOVED the Borat movie, w/its Anti-Semitic overtones (the Running of The Jew? HIL-arious!), especially considering Cohen’s a Jew. In fact, he and his co-star spoke Hebrew throughout the whole movie.

    Having said all that, I watched it and had tears in my eyes. Em CLEARLY did not know the extent to which the joke was going to be played out.

    Again–comedic genius!

  13. I hear you loud and clear sundance, Verb’s firm stand on issues is much appreciated, plus his straight forwardness.

    Sacha is a comedian who does not know when to stop. LMAO

  14. @Sundance

    Check out what you are saying. The guy takes the upmost pee out of blacks, won’t confirm who his character is(mighty suspicious), has you laughing at him making fun of you and also has you defending him saying that intelligent people shouldn’t have been offended. “Is it because I is black” was the biggest giveaway, hidden in plain view, right in your face. What he done is no different to the minstrels minus the painted faces.

    I don’t mind a bit of comedy but why doesn’t he take the biscuit out of his own people, wear a long black coat, get 2 long locks for sideburns, stand in front of a wall with a torah in his hand and rock back and forth like an man with autism? True comedians make laughs out of life in general, not constantly prodding with the knife at other nationalities.

  15. @ Verbs,

    Again, the world needs people like you w/such strong convictions. I admire and respect your stance, even though I don’t agree.

    Cohen didn’t “take the piss” out of Black people! Do you seriously think that all Black people act like the Ali G character? It’s sort of like if I’m on a street full of women and yell, “Ay bitch!” If a girl turns around and is offended, then she must believe that she is, in fact, a bitch.

    If you are offended by Cohen’s antics via Da Ali G show, I think that speaks to the kind of person you consider yourself to be! I KNEW he wasn’t making fun of me, personally…he was clowning all these wanna be rappers/thugs/gangsters and “wiggers” out there, hence my sentiment that anyone w/intelligence would be able to see that and not be offended.

    I’m surprised, actually, that you take offence to it, Verbs. You strike me as very intelligent (based on our other back-and-forths in previous posts), so that you would let this relative “comedic fly on your arm” bother you is telling…

    PS: Cohen does poke fun @ other nationalities! Borat is from Kazakhstan, the movie itself pokes fun @ Jews, and this Bruno character is Austrian…

  16. @Sundance

    Sundance, Sundance, come on bro, you’re better than this, look again at what you are saying, lets run through it:

    A woman being offended at being called a bitch must believe that she is one??????? Did the possibility spring to mind that calling a woman a bitch is rude, uncalled for and out of order? The latter would sound like a more reasonable explanation. Maybe the woman would be offended because the shoe doesn’t fit. Offence is not always an admission of guilt.

    He gunned black people period and had them laughing at their own selves which was a shame. You still don’t get it, me and you know that all blacks don’t behave in the same way as Ali G but some thick fools out there don’t know any better. I personally have had white people approach me and form their fingers into the westcoast sign and say “respect to my vex, english massive, yo”. The damage has already been done, just as other nationalities watch black women shake their booties and think that is all they are good for, so now we have others who think that we all talk dumb, haven’t got a clue, play load music from cars and loaft all day on street corners.

    You keep talking about people with intelligence should not be offended, however I think it is not wise or intelligent to defend a man you don’t even know personally. You don’t even know his motives yet you are defending him as if he were your brother. This is classic Orwellianism, he has you defending him and his actions to the hilt and you don’t even know him nor him you. Now, because of his actions, other people think that can relate to black people on a bottom of the barrel level by flashing silly hand signs and talking stupidness.

    Again, why is it always the intelligent thing to turn a blind eye and give the guy the benefit of the doubt? Why is questioning the man’s motives and seeing his comedy sketch for what it really is not intelligent? He threw so many smoking guns in your face but he knew many folks including yourself wouldn’t clock on. Is that the state we as blacks are in, where we will allow ourselves to be degraded and taken the mickey out of, just to be accepted into a society? Remember, these same people who you are letting off the hook were placing excrement through your fore parent’s letterboxes, linching, verbally and physically abusing them. Things haven’t changed, the racism has just moved to the political front.

    Your ps merely adds credence to my point before, that he always pokes at others and that he won’t go the whole hog and take the biscuit out of his own people. Lets see him dawn the clothes of a jew and go the whole hog like he did against us. No, won’t do it will he! I’m still waiting for HIS admission on who Ali G was.

  17. Some of us choose to live in a non conspiratory world and have better and more pressing things to worry about. Cohen and his silly antics which i laugh at, are the least of my problems. We only get offended if it’s the truth and we have been caught. So, was he telling the truth about black people in ali G? We have different perceptions and views on what we see Verbs. Because we are different.

  18. LOL he’s back @Verbs… chile take it easy… it is comedy we have to be able to laugh at things because the world is jus too serious!!!

    It was just jokes man…. we all know that Sacha pushes the limits and smh at the poor soul who is at the brunt of it…. I am not mad Em got served… it is karma… let’s be easy… I am still laughing @ that shit f’n comedy it was refreshing to see him squirm…. cannot wait until the movie Bruno comes out!!! Lawd have mercy!!!

    Welcome back Verbs!!!!

  19. Verbs,

    It truly is not that serious! You need a hobby or something, My Brother! LOL

    Da Ali G show as Orwellian? You must be kidding…

    I’m only defending the validity of his comedy, not the man himself! Clearly, you just didn’t “get it”.

    According to your logic, NO ONE should EVER poke fun @ any nationality besides their own, lest they be considered racist. And while I agree that calling a woman a bitch is rude and uncalled for, my point was that if a caricature doesn’t apply to you, when it’s presented, if you are smart enough to recognize it as just jokes, you won’t be offended. For instance, would you apply the same blanket that you drape Cohen’s Ali G character with to Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Paul Mooney, Steve Harvey, Chris Rock and countless other black comedians that poke fun of their own race as well as others? I would think not, and if you do, then you really, really, REALLY need a girlfriend…LOL

    Those that “watch black women shake their booties [on tv…SIC] and think that is all they are good for” are ignorant, hence my earlier statement about intellect.

    By the way, my earlier PS actually DOES reinforce my point. Did you even see the Borat movie? He pokes fun of his own race in virtually every scene of the movie. Again—I refer to the HILARIOUS Running of the Jew scene, as well as the scene in the bed and breakfast run by the nice elderly Jewish couple…

    Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree again…LOL

  20. (Yet another) PS: I’m going to see “Bruno” day and date. If it’s even 1/ as funny as “Borat” was, I’d be pleased.

    Turning a comedic mirror on racism is a great way of exposing it for the ridiculous practice that it is. That’s why Richard Pryor was as successful as he was!

  21. (Yet another) PS: I’m going to see “Bruno” day and date. If it’s even 1/2 as funny as “Borat” was, I’d be pleased.

    Turning a comedic mirror on racism is a great way of exposing it for the ridiculous practice that it is. That’s why Richard Pryor was as successful as he was!

  22. @Sundance

    Agreed, we’ll have to agree to disagree. However remember, many people drop their true feelings and intentions through jokes knowing that you won’t clock on. Cohen had to shift from the Ali G character because the heat was on him due to the fact that black people were clocking on to what he was really doing. Him not coming clean about the true origin of Ali G only made blacks more suspicious and rightly so. What was a joke to you was serious to him. He views black people as scum, period.

  23. There are many people i view as scum as well. If he sees us that way, he will not be the first nor the last. If the people who watch it believe what he does is true, then they believe it already in the first place. I do not have to be offended at each and everything he does and portrays us to be. You know there are people who honestly play loud music, and black women who shake their booties for all sorts of reasons. I will laugh at it because some of it is true and seeing how others view it, is interesting at times.

  24. My view is that the Ali G character, when he first appeared on the 11 O’Clock Show, was based on white people from leafy suburbs who behaved in a way that they thought was “black” and “street” and so looked ridiculous. People like Westwood. As Sundance said – ‘he was clowning all these wanna be rappers/thugs/gangsters and “wiggers” ‘.

    I do think however, that as the character took off and became more mainstream, that completely changed. I do feel that most white people thought he was taking the piss out of black people and hip hop culture, and used this as an excuse to take the piss themselves by repeating the catchphrases etc. The fact that Cohen never came out and said to white people ‘well actually, I was taking the piss out of YOU’, made it easy for them.

    So I guess I agree with both Sunadnce and Verbs!

  25. What makes good comedy is the accurate observation of what goes on in society and it being portrayed the way it is. I have seen many comedians make excellent observations, black, white, iranians and so on. And the reason why they are hated by many is because they manage to pick out things they see as ridiculous and feed them to the people. The reception they get for their work, speaks for its self.

    You are either offended because it’s the truth and you do not want to be seen (are embarrassed), or you like it because you have actually observed it yourself and have never had the opportunity to say it, or you would rather your own race did it than another race.

  26. Why is it that everything is a conspiracy verbs? Why should we look for plots that might not be there and add stress to ourselves? If that’s how you operate, that is you and not me or everyone else for that matter.

    Can i watch a movie about black people without wondering what is being plotted against us? Or what is being plotted against Christianity?

    Is there a hidden conspiracy in each and everything everyone does and says? Oh Lord have mercy.

  27. ‘And the reason why they are hated by many is’

    I meant to write, “the reason they are liked by many”.

  28. Errrr…… No, i meant it the way it is because they are really hated for being honest. LOL

  29. @Rowetta

    They(the conspirators) are not even secretive about their plots against the people anymore, they just throw what they are going to do to you in your face especially via films because they know that you are drugged up and in a trance from fluoride, lead in the water, food additives, chemtrails, vaccinations and television. This world is crumbling around you and you know it. Remember, you can stick your head in the sand but the rest of your body is still exposed.

  30. @Albertromania

    The conspiracy doesn’t just pass over you because you decide not to acknowledge it. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will have to confess that if things in this world continue to spiral downhill at the same rate or even faster, you are going to be forced to take note sooner than you would have liked to.

  31. Things have been spiralling down since i was born. Is there a time things were ever on the up? With the good comes the bad. What can we really do about it? Sit and sulk and bury ourselves in self pitty, riot, what? We are made to adopt as human beings even when things are really tough and life goes on. Let us laugh while we can then. Life is too short luv.

  32. @Verbs no te apures el mio esta malo por que no es mi primer lengua… pero estoy praticando!! mi mama me dices que es malo… que quiere naci en Orlando!!! ha ha

  33. Ah si, tu es muy exotica,lol. Mitad y mitad, combinacion es muy bueno. Disculpe, es tu madre de Dominica o la Republica De Dominicana?

  34. Ah, Republica Dominicana es muy bien. El pais es pober y los pueblos pero la gente alli tiene un espiritu bueno y ellos mostar muchos benevolencias. Yo viajado alli en Marzo y antes en Diciembre. Estoy visita Punta Cana otra vez en Septiembre.

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