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Singer Robbie Williams has said he is ready to rejoin Take That and is being welcomed back by his old bandmates.

He told The Mirror newspaper the reunion was “looking more likely by the week”, adding he is in “regular contact” with them.

The 35-year-old star quit Take That in 1995. The band split up a year later but reformed as a chart-topping foursome in 2006.

Williams’ management said there were no plans for him to rejoin the band.

The singer’s departure from the band was acrimonious and for many years he was not on speaking terms with Gary Barlow.

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This is why it’s important to stay humble.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again! You got a nerve Robbie!

This lonely, self obsessed loser spent a decade bad mouthing his former band mates/laughing at their misfortunes, after he went on to enjoy massive solo success, selling millions of records all over the world.

(Although he did fail to break the US market and never got over it lol!!!)

In 2004 he finally fell flat on that smug little face of his when the highly anticipated album  Rude Box BRICKED, while his former Take That band mates reunited and went on to blow up all over again.

Since then Take That have sold millions of albums and their tours continue to sell out within minutes of tickets going on sale.

Robbie on the other hand is desperate for the attention and “working on a new album” but the fans no longer care, hence the desperation to reunite with Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard.

I am now a Take That fan and I pray that they ban him from rejoining the fold.

They don’t need you Robbie, so why don’t you do us all a favour and sod off back to Beverly Hills/Rehab.

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  1. This story makes me so angry and I realise I really need to stop taking it personally, lol. But I echo everything you’ve just said. Robbie is a shining example to all these two bit artists currently enjoying their 15 mins that one should always remain humble. I really can’t see how he will fit in the group now to be honest, and I think his stage-hogging, attention seeking antics will be really off-putting. Stay strong Gary and Co. don’t be fooled by his tears and sob stories.

    BTW what’s with all the 80’s group reforms? Spandau Ballet couldn’t stand the sight of each other and are now telling us about comeback tour. Whatever next.

  2. It makes my blood boil everytime he tells some tabloid that there is a chance that he might rejoin the group.

    THEY DON’T NEED YOU. But he desperatly needs them now.. which I guess is funny. But I hope Gary and co just tell him to GALONG!!!

    Awww Spandau Ballet… they had some good tunes though. But I think them reforming has a lot to do with money and timing.

  3. Robbie is just idol. He has too much money and no life almost. He just wants to find something to do or annoy someone. Current take that are way ahead of him and he will never catch up. Putting him back would be making twenty steps back. Too late. They are doing great, why spoil it. ah

  4. And what i did not forget was when Gary said that he was the one without talent in the group. And when you look at Robbie’s stuff, he really is trying too hard and over dressing or acting, and sometimes he looks out of this world. Louis Walsh was right. You know how he talks too much. He said take that should not even let him in the same room they are in. Atleast he was honest.

  5. I cannot imagine him in the M&S advert. The four guys appear to be gentlemen, him… Too much at stake am afraid, even things like M&S adverts, no way am i seeing him in xmas adverts. lol. He needs to stay way clear of current take that.

  6. robbie is the biggest attention whore, he can’t share the limelight. if they let him back he will do his best to get all the attention. he should be left out in the cold, they dont need him.

  7. although I believe in forgiveness, 2nd, 3rd, 4th lol chances, which I think it seems like take taht (the 4) have forgiven robbie and have grown, they are mature respectable men (to an extent) where Robbie is not even seem as anything close to that right now, …

    At one point I thought they should let him back, how great would that be, Ha, how wrong I was,… after coping there album, watching that amazing video (greatest day of our lives) I see that there is just no place for Robbie williams…

    If he wants to work with them – do that on his album, collab’, he is not the most talented, but he had his moments… ‘Angels’, ‘she’s the one’… both songs that I loved, so I think he should invite them to work with him on his project, leave them to do their thing on theirs, perhaps cameo appearances in videos, that sort of thing.

    and since were on the topic The Telegraph says…

    Take That ‘would be richer’ if Robbie Williams rejoins the band

    that is besides the point though… surely money is not an issue here?

  8. Robbie has too many personal issues he does not deal or struggles to deal with. Which we all have at one point in time but if they are destructful and extended to others who are innocent, it aint worth it. I doubt even him inviting them to work with him is any good. The man has issues he has to deal with. I think him relating to people on a deeper level in many ways turns him into something else. The man hardly knows who he is. He would not describe himself in ten words. Someone with no identity is usually the most destructful person. He is better going solo and working with people who hardly have no personal connections with him.(IMHO)

  9. Is it true that robbie is in to aliens? And is it true that he said that he feels like a fraud and doesn’t feel like he deserves the success he has? Gary once said he could not work with some one he did not know what goes on in his head. He looks and sounds like a lost soul. I am a take that fun.

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