Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis

According to The Sun newspaper, singer Leona Lewis has been paid £1 million to perform at a 21st birthday party.

Lewis apparently sang seven songs at the event thrown for Libby Caudwell, daughter of Phones4U founder John Caudwell.

A spokesperson confirmed that Lewis did perform at the party but said that all other details were confidential.


I could be rolling in dough like Bill Gates but I still wouldn’t pay Leona Lewis £1 million to perform at my child’s 21st birthday party. 

Don’t get me wrong, Leona is a talented vocalist and seems like a nice humble girl but come on!!! £1 million!!! She’s not Madonna, Michael or Prince! 

And she only sang seven songs???

Question – apart from Bleeding Love what else does Leona sing???

Anyway, if my child was a huge fan then I would be willing to pay no more than 5k – that’s it!

But hey it’s nice work if you can get it. Well done Leona (if true).

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  1. “Better in time” was another hit, check the sounds scan,when was the last hit jim jones had?
    I still love you Janice

  2. oh snap! UM! lol

    well, a £1m, thats is exactly why there is people starving inna de worrllld, but hey, it ain’t my money.

    what up P?

  3. Top 100?! Can I list of those top ten songs? The billboard 100 not the rap 100 there is no competition there. What up C?

  4. lol @ Janice… but Janice he is still an asshole I don’t care how many top 10 records he has had… and he probably bought all those cd’s himself!!!

    What up P? How is it n the land of La La?!!

  5. john caudwell got the idea and whole format 4 phones 4 U,from kendal copeland.john went looking 4 kendal(as promissed)but run in to his famialy.having all ready coned kendal out of £130,000 and ripped his life apart with sick and molishious roumers. they decided they could’nt let him find out,so they kept him away and set about distroying kendals charictor in the most demeaning ways posable.they paid people to turn the lies into what seemed to be the truth!they have turned his life into a living hell!john has been well hustled and has never heard the truth.mother,maurean moore,sisters,kaeren folds,kay ?,cousin alaster hirst,his mum alison,all from burnley.have bought £500,000 + houses,are living his millionair lifestyle,make sure the lies follow him where ever he goes. kendal is offering 7%(not nagotable) of what is recovered from the £10 million (that is rightfully his!)to the person/s who prove what his famialy have done to his life and get his money back! THIS IS NO HOAX!his mum lives in Trentham staf

  6. It’s official, Jan has made it, all that’s left now are the numericals. i.e. first/second….BTW, P, how did your finals go?

  7. They went swell & swollen. Now i’m waiting on the rest like a paternity test! P PREZ you are not the MOTHER. bwahaha~ how you doing Adaobi?

  8. the story about kendal copeland is not spam,it is true!he is being commissiond to tell his life story.there will be plenty of suprising revelations.this is the type of story that will capture the imagonation of the nation.it has all the hallmarkes of a block buster.keep an eye out for THE TRUTH WILL OUT you wont be able to put it down! it will also become a block buster film! WATCH THIS SPACE!

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