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  1. Bloody f’n idiots. They are not touching the gay men, but the women? And this is the problem we have in Africa. Even the laws will not protect these women i am afraid. Unfortunately women are still men’s objects and the gay concept is seen as a white man’s concept. So untill the people get sensitised and desensitised, this is still going to happen for a long time. Not forgetting the traditional, cultural and religious beliefs they still hold. Poverty which does not allow them to access information, corruption, etc.. Ah.. I am sure the leaders are turning a blind eye and have their Mp3 player ear phones inserted in their ears. Sometimes your own are your worst enemies. Gees. The crime rate in south Africa is high though. *shut it lati, shut it, take a chill pill or two or a full bottle*

  2. This is the same intelligent mentality, that has these rather IQ enhanced men raping virgins to cure HIV/AIDS. Wow, & you wonder why they prefer woman. Lati, they don’t rape the gay men, that would make them gay, they just kill them.

  3. You are so right on that one(gay men), but i doubt they are victimised as much as the women though. Women are the easier target. Discriminating them is one thing, but raping them as well? The crime rate is really sky high in South africa.

  4. And the sad thing about this, is that if men do not stand up and fight against this, and i mean the afn men, nothing will happen. Because chances are, the women’s voice will not be heard. And what r the chances of that happening with a male dorminated gov’t cabinet? And the idiots above. They know its wrong 2 rape period. Imagine that fool who said, ‘i dont hav time 2 rape but others can do it?’ no, he knows its not right but cannot admit it. Idiot. Am afraid the chill pills r not working.

  5. Africans wont do shit! I am African! and I believe we are the biggest cowards. We are victimized,and terrorized and yet we stay so damn quite.conservative my black ass.If you are going to use religion as a strife to their lesbian ways. god says no to rape. so how do you justify that? if you use god and the next you disobey his commands. I am sick! there is no hope for African countries,and I am not being pessimistic .

  6. The problem is they will throw yo black ass in jail and pin murder on you. I guess it all comes down 2 how much heat one can take. The gov’t leaders hold the cards, but are they willing 2 play them esp when they have the presidential campaigns 2 look 4ward 2 in future? The gay community are the minority. There4 not enough. But its the women they run 2 4 votes bse they r the majority but cannot protect them. Ah

  7. Oh dear, that is realy bad. And who is going to listen to a woman any way? No one am afraid. The very rapists who would have helped are the worst. The governments are turning a deaf ear. But i guess this is always the journey all human rights activists must take, that is shedding blood. I do not see a near and easy end to this. It can only get worse before it gets any better. And i doubt involving the likes of america and other countries they think are useful is any good. After all, they are only coming to terms with the gay people themselves(am not deluding myself on this one). If the local people themselves cannot get it together, i doubt any outside help will be useful, because like i said, laws mean nothing in Africa and i will add jamaica in this case. These rapists are even carrying out their behaviours in disguise of correcting the lesbians. A cover up for crimes they have always committed only this time they have a perfect excuse that every one is willing to go with and agree to.
    As if you just wake up and hate and rape. They are serial rapists who have always existed period. If they had defiled a minor or child, they would be on to them like flies, but grown lesbian women, nah, they cannot be assed.

  8. too sad, and whats sadder is not much is likely to happen to stop this!, but of course we will hear of programmes and plans in place, to please the overseas ears and eyes tuned into to this now, but really nothing will change on the front line.

    but I have tool that is mighty than most think a pen!

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