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A mother whose adopted son has Down’s syndrome is helping the 21-year-old to find a woman who will take his virginity, it emerged today.

Lucy Baxter, a leading campaigner on the rights of Down’s syndrome sufferers, is so desperate to help her son Otto have sex, she has considered paying for him to visit a prostitute.

Ms Baxter, who has three other adopted sons with the condition, has helped Otto to set up a Bebo webpage appealing for potential dates to come forward.

She argues that Otto and other Down’s Syndrome sufferers are no different to many 21-year-olds seeking sex, without anybody batting an eyelid. Continue Reading….

What the hell????

Lucy, a full-time mum and carer, said she would love to be a grandmother one day and ‘would prefer to see him with a girlfriend who doesn’t have Down’s.’

‘I would also love it if Otto got a girlfriend pregnant,’ she added.

Otto will lose his virginity when the time is right . Lucy needs to stay out of it!

‘I would have no problem if he went to a brothel in Amsterdam.’ she said.

I get the distinct impression that she wants this more than Otto does…..

Otto’s story is featured in Natalie Cassidy’s Real Britain, on BBC3, at 8pm on Thursday (19th March).


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  1. I have worked with them and those with learning difficulties. Believe me when i say, they have sexual feelings. One i know used to shag a carpet, sad, and eventually they got him meds 2 stop that feeling, another one always touched himself down below. Even when they went 2 their clubs, they had girlfriends and boyf’s which was always nice 2 c when they interacted. Kissing and curdling. Am with her on that am afraid.

  2. Lati you incourage pointless lust?

    What he needs is a Playstation 3 or an X-Box 360. Not a prostitute.

    I have also worked with them. They fully know what they are doing and should be disaplined when performing those acts in public. There feelings are no different to anyone elses sexual needs and fustrations in life, each to there own.

    It may well do more harm than good!

    If he gets stuck to his bed sheets every night what then.

  3. What do u mean pointless? In public? These were clubs specifically 4 those with learning difficulties,but even outside that, did we need 2 stop them? No, and i would not dream of it. It was not pointless, their happiness after was something u could never buy with any amount. Am not sure about them having a child but.

  4. The shaging of the carpet, the man always 24/7 had a hard on. I think his hormones had gone wrong, so they got him meds. Am a woman, u tell me.

  5. Real Nv, didn’t mean to put you off there, had to put my point across there. Lol. Seriously, going to this club is one of the best experiences you can get with the people with learning difficulties. They did not go as far as having sex, just kissing, curdling, holding hands and dancing close, simple things. I can only imagine what else they felt. Surely, you canot deny them that. For some the only reason they even left their houses was to meet their girlfriends or boyfriends for that little bit of time which happened once in a week. And if for any reason the boyfriend or girlfriend did not turn up, then if you were working that week, you were in for a long sad face and i am not doing this and that attitude. SMh. It was fun to see.

  6. I hope you learn to see different where all this is concerned and realise in the future this is not a good idea.

    Take him bunjie jumping, disney land there is so much to do in the world.

    Pointless lust: is it not better to encorage respectful loving relationships.
    Public: their are other children, workers and parents coming in and out.

    As for the carpet thing he should not even be in the club until his situation is resolved.

    Its a playsetting not a dating gathering, im not even getting into that, its off the subject.

  7. The carpet thing, was in his house, he had a problem and he never left the house until it was solved. The clubs, were only for those with learning difficulties.
    Respectful loving relationships is exactly what they had because like anyone else, they took an interest in each other and loved each other, yes and got jelous when the other spoke to someone else, which i can see in even those without learning difficulties. The workers never gave a damn, like the ones in the usual clubs never give a damn what any one does. For some reason, they were very respectful and in control. Non aggressive. May be the ones i worked with were not aggressive. True i have heard about those who are aggressive and dangerous but the ones i have known, were harmless.

  8. I must stress Lati im not saying they should not cuddle etc. Im saying a mother should not encorage a lustful experience onto there child period.

  9. I only disagree with the mother about her wanting a grandchild, because it seems it is what she wants and i am not sure whether he wants the same thing. It sounds selfish, but with the sexual feelings, God knows what she has seen happen with him so i am not saying a thing about that. Anyway, am saying nothing further.

  10. Lati we have a total flipped view on this, Im ok with her wanting a grandchild and pressuring for it. A lot of mums do that including mine at times, but for her to pay for a prostitute is just wrong.

    Like I said I hope you see some sense in that in the future.

  11. At the end of the day, people with special needs or learning difficulties will have sexual desires that are unhibited by societies doctrines.

    Toddlers have been known to touch themselves intimately because they have discovered that what they are doing feels nice.

    It is then up to those around them to let them understand how to address those desires..

    It is very very very difficult to reason this given the mental capacities of the cases in question, if we are to take the moral ground on this then are we to say that all allegedly ‘mentally capable’ people should be chastised for having desires for whatcan only be described as unadulterated lust?

    An uncomfortable topic but perhaps one that is required…

  12. I can never say no to that. Before i worked with them i probably would have said no, but after that, i realised they are no different, like Reclaimin said, it’s how the situation is controlled. Some i have heard have been out of control and ended up running to women outside not knowing what wrong they are doing but, there are those who are in control and safe enough to interact with each other with no harm. Ok the only difference was that the ones i worked with interacted with those who had learning difficulties as well. But still, i would not say no to what the mother of that child is going to do. It is usually the body language you get from them. They just get together and be4 you know it, they have created a friendship. How do you control that? There’s only so much they can control in their own lives. These feelings you cannot deny them. Not many things make them happy. but interacting and going out for some reason seems to be at the top of their list.

  13. My friends your missing the point!

    Read the headline.

    Would you hire a prostitute for your children whether they where disabled or not because of virginity?

    It is wrong!
    It is disrespectful to women!
    Its hypocritical!
    It will likely be a traumatic memory for the abled woman!
    Its promoting negative human behaviour!

    Sex is not a magical, Real Love is!

  14. I did read the headline and that’s exactly what it is- a headline. A way of getting interest in an oversaturated media, provocative headlines get the desired results..

    I will have to watch this as I think as I think there may be fleshier info regarding this.

    Furthermore, I don’t see how even on these very pages on Mad News we see the Beyonces of the world shaking their booty, flaunting their sexuality or the endless trail of ghetto fab rappers boasting about their virile pimpin ways etc..and no one bats an eyelid as if that’s acceptable.

    RESPECT TO YOU if you live up to the black and white ideals of sex for procreation only or love…I simply think that it is just an ideal and hardly lived up to in todays society. It is easier to preach to the ‘mentally incapable’ and take the moral highground on their behalf….

  15. @ Reclaimin, you summed that up nicely.
    Because that is exactly what happens in their day to day lives(preached to). Choices are made for them, from the food they eat, to when they go to bed, to where they go and who they see and what they do. If you asked them whether they wanted something without giving them a choice, you would have to wait forever be4 you got an answer, so you come up with your own choice from which they will choose. The feelings am afraid, there’s no control over them, and then the preaching ends otherwise you get another behavioural symptom as a result. If they hate someone, they do, if they love, they love. I know of a lady who hated this worker and she used to donate things to charity. So what she used to do, she would get the workers shoes or clothes if she slept over and put them in her collection of charity stuff to give away. She was a classic. LOL

  16. @Reclaimin
    I dont live up to it by a long shot, but love should be promoted to your child period.

    He has a voice and legs he can try his luck like everyone else. He’s had some kisses already.

    We all sometimes dont get what we want and have our choices decided like everything in nature.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you both thought Pinnochio needed a prostitute too.

  17. Pinocchios nose would have no troule finding a girl!lmao!

    I hear you about what to promote to your your child…what age is he again?

  18. Im going to be Real Reclaimin.

    He’s an unattractive Mentally Retarded (IQ, Judgement etc lower) 21 year old young man with an extra chromosome who’s toungue probly acts like a frog and needs a little extra care than a normal.

    Dress him in a brown robe and he will resemble The hunchback of Notradame.

    He may well be more happier and easily pleased/grateful than you and me put together.

    Like I said a trip to Disney World or a PS3 seems like a better present than a prostitute to me.

  19. Damn, that was cold. I’m shivering in the outer hebrides boy and I’m still contemplating pinocchios nose (lol!)…your sexual analogies make me think that you have had an ‘exotic’ history- tongue that acts like a frog…my word! I’ll have to speak to my hubbie about that one.
    I don’t wanna laugh …I won’t I won’t……

    To save anymore gruesome metaphors I will agree to agree.

  20. Just like your shivering, im sure any prostitute or young abled lady with any sense would too.

    I’ve worked with them at a stage in my life in a mixed setting and most seem to stick out their tongue like frogs on a random. On the real I can hack working with disabled but retards cross the line I find it all disturbing.

    I think your looking at my analogies in a sexual way when they aren’t the exotic history you talk about is as close to home as your mirror. A wooden nose may be just what the doctor ordered, coz I didn’t say a thing about any noses! LoL

  21. “On the real I can hack working with disabled but retards cross the line I find it all disturbing.

    I think that is is such a worrying thing to say about another human being..small wonder social workers and the like are being pulled up for their poor practices…

    Working with them and being actually proud to state this and yet refer to them as ‘retards’ is a reason to have any care worker reviewed if we wanna get serious about the whole thing.

    Not sure if ur based in the UK, but an attitude like this toward the disabled only validates my beliefs that a hell of a lot of Social Care Workers only do the job for the perks (blatantly difficult to get rid of Civil Servants) with little concern for the humans involved. I’m glad that you may have stopped working with these ‘retards’ who clearly were too subhuman for you to deal with…daaamn.

    I think your looking at my analogies in a sexual way when they aren’t the exotic history you talk about is as close to home as your mirror.”

    I apologise for daring to be humurous..

  22. No hard feelings taken but….

    The word retard has a difinition, it is not a curse word, just as the word Dumb is used for a person who cannot talk, people may use it as one, but it wraps a whole lot of definitions in one, it saves me saying Lower IQ, Lower Judgement, Lower problem solving skills, slower thinking etc. And in this respect I am using the word.

    Im not proud im being open and honest about how I feel and feel no way in sharing this as some will understand and relate and some wont. I didn’t treat them pourly they get the same respect and attention as anyone, I mostly played computer games and football etc with them and know how happy they can be for small things we may take for granted, I cannot work with them because I find it depressing, just as some find working with schizophenics depressing. Some can manage and enjoy working with them and they get my maximum respect as its a very tough job both physically and mentally draining.
    If you tried it yourself you could have a better understanding of this.

    What I have said is a reality for it to sink in that this is not a normal 22 year old young man and get the point across however harsh or disturbing it may sound, while you may consider your next date or best friend with someone with Down Syndrome I will not.

    “I think your looking at my analogies in a sexual way when they aren’t the exotic history you talk about is as close to home as your mirror.”

    I apologise for being humurous too Reclaimin..
    Im from London too.

  23. I appreciate the real talk..but if you really believed in true love that it would not be blind to someones looks or abilities- a lie? That’s why it’s all so hypothetical and not practical.

    Your term of ‘retard’ contextually painted a negative and different picture to the one you reneg, so fair enough. We’re not kids, conextually it implied something quite hideous..let’s not try and get away with that one.

    Your right, I can’t tell you how to feel about something and I rate your honesty…just think that its incredibly ignant given the different levels of mental incapabilities. As it is , I do have a friend who has Downs so must be a bit of a loser or PC bad.

    I say this to myself more than to you, I probabaly should volunteer to do some work with them given the calibre out there…I’ll have to address that.

  24. @ Real Nv, i remember wathcing a programme about women who actually do it, but i do not think they did it the way you have described it. And i think these women did it with the disabled or those with learning disabilities. They had relationships outside that.

    Yes, the job is mentally and physically draining naturally, because one is literally living their life for them, making decisions for them while trying to consider their interests as well where possible. Especially when the verbal communication is not clear sometimes.

    Yes he is not a normal 21 year old but if you tell me that his sexual feelings are different from yours, then i will withdraw whatever i have said above. The only difference is that you can easily do something about yours while he cannot.

    I doubt that you are the only one with that view though, there are several others.

    Where is verbs when you need him?

  25. @ reclaimin
    I said nothing on true love, just love meaning respect. True love is personal and is an inner journey its unconditional to yourself. All outward loves have conditions, but lets not get into that.

    Best/Close friend, not friend, two very different relationships.

    Its not about ignorance or about mental capacity, you choose *Close* friends who share the same interests, hobbies, activities, and lifestyle as your own.
    Any other would be either a Forced relationship ie, work collegue.
    Or Changed relationship ie, some1 close who has a tragic accident, stroke etc.

    If you can do it go for it, its rewarding if its for you.

    I work with kids who have learning difficulties and behavioural problems as a mentor and run music sessions with them. I feel I have a lot more to offer them than anyone else.

    @ Lati

    Disabled and learning difficaulty is very different from Down Syndrome. Dont get me wrong their are different degrees of Down Syndrome and we dont know how retarded he is, but they are very different as im sure you’d agree.

    Im not saying they dont have sexual feelings all kids/young men do, I totally agree with you in that respect.
    But it doesn’t justify a mother to take her virgin son under 25 to see a prostitute because they haven’t found the right girl, embarrassed to approuch or unnatractive to the women they chat up, or suffer from Down syndrome? She shouldn’t even be up in his business like that.

    Answer this Lati
    Would a boy in your family aged 21 sick or not prefer a wrapped up prostitute for christmas or a wrapped up PS3/Ticket to Universal Studios?

  26. We cannot afford a ps3/Ticket to universal studios, but apart from that, i doubt it will satisfy their sexual desires. There was a point in time at home when the majority of young boys lost their virginity to house maids. Yes the parents were away to work earning money leaving their sexually frustrated sons at home who did not have girlfriends, and who best to turn to than the house maids. I think even some of these house maids were raped by the “boss’s sons”. But you know how in some places laws mean nothing. It all comes down to sexual frustrations. I am a woman like i said. I do not want to ask questions i am embarrassed to ask now.

    But do you think this boy will ever come up with a solution himself? I guess he has another 40 something years to be sexually frustrated.

    For the record, i am not dismissing your point of view, it is your view, i am showing the other side of it considering what i have experienced. I hope i remember to watch the programme on thursday.

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