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Terminally ill reality TV star Jade Goody features in a new music video, which has been made for her sons Bobby and Jack.

The video is set to R&B singer Omar Simon’s song ‘One Day’ and was filmed in December before Goody fell seriously ill.

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  1. Ia this really happening…

    *Reclaimin says to herself* I love black man I love black men I love black men..musn’t let this change anything….

  2. what the hell is this? are they serious? is she ‘friends’ with this black man? are Take That unavailable?

    frankly, her time is up.

  3. I love the song and the singer!

    Seems really weird with Jade popping in and out and now I cant get that muppet Miss Piggy out my head, Vanessa holds the crown still.

    I wonder what response this will get.

  4. okay!!!!!whats going on here!
    and where did the reggae toasting come from….. i was not ready!!!!

  5. Zip it Agnes, zip it, i can’t….

    Oh lorrrrd @ Ty the reggae toasting lmao !!! That nonsense starts at 1.52 too funny. Apart from that his voice was okay.

  6. Damn yall are too funny!!! @Tyiscloser haaaaaaa
    Wow she has some pull able to create a video for her sons…. damn let me call Justin Timberlake so we can make a video for my son…

    So is she racist?

    I liked parts of the video does that count??? thought: oh my!!

  7. reggae toasting? lol, shit im gonna have to watch it again for that. Ty, the guy is irish….

  8. y is everybody hating if u had the chance to make a music video for kids so u can be remembered will u not do it?give the woman a break,so wat if she’s not a good person,think abt the kids

  9. Its Good that Jade left a nice Video for her kids. Those who say nasty things about her dont forget you will be accountable for your own Kharma. May Jade RIP.

  10. I only knew that she had done this by watching jade with love….. then googled it and this site popped up.
    If thats what she wanted 2 do, then who r we 2 criticise? ppl go on bout bullying in schools n it just makes u wonder where kids get it from after readin some of these comments…..

  11. Yeah Same i had no idea Jade was featured in a music video until i watched Jade…With Love! It’s very Nice of her to make a music video for her Two Sons, so they will remember her. Jade may of had a Bad up-bringing, But over the past 7 years she has made me laugh, i watched all of her programmes on Living TV and even bought her perfume ( which was very nice 😀 ) . I don’t know how people can critisise her after what she has done which is raiseing awareness about Cancer. Some People ought to be so ashamed of themselves. Jade never deserved to get Cancer even if she did do one or two things wrong in her life, but everybody makes mistakes!
    Jade Miss You Loads R.I.P x x x

  12. Here here Cool Operator Kazzie, rayhannah & Lauren ……well said. Each to their own and Karma will appear for those out a line, eventually!

    My heart goes out to her family and what they have had to deal with. I lost my father in january to cancer after i was his care provider, so i know whats involved and the rollercoaster of emotions one experiences caring for the terminally ill. Jade and my dad are peace now. Watching her shows on living have helped me deal with my situation greatly, to which i am grateful to jade. I live in tenerife and just missed seeing her when she was here in january (just after i lost my dad). I drive past the monkey park a few times a week and think about her every time i pass it now.

    The girl did good and i commend her for her achievments. I like the song and the video.

  13. The children learn bullying from their parents and that is exactly what jade was. A bully who did it on tv. All this was open for all to see lets not forget, and that’s why many disliked her. She awakened the demons and represented the manipulative bullies only humbled by misfortunes. Seeking attention and sympathy and exploiting for selfish reasons. Anyway, we the british are well known for rewarding any one who to be misfortuned even criminals, cry for a lesser sentence and get it. Britain get a grip.

  14. I realize that Jade had a lot of problems, but I admire her for what she has done for her two boys. I think she was falsely accused of being a racist and, after reading her two books, I came to understand that she had a rotten life when she was a child. I’m happy she was able to earn a lot of money in the end through all of her interviews, etc. She made her life into something when she came from nothing. “One Day” by Omar Simon is a beautiful song which I will always cherish.

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