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As most of you know my Jim Jim can do no wrong in my eyes. But I have to admit this video footage has left me shaking my head.

This was embarrassing to watch. Jim handled the situation like a young ignorant male in his late teens/early 20s.  Not a good look at all for a man in his 30s.

The security staff were just doing their jobs, and did not deserve to be verbally abused in this fashion. 

Apparently the hotel had a problem with the number of folk in Jim’s entourage and not all the rooms booked had been paid for.

I also hear that Jim’s credit card transaction declined.

If true then I can understand the stress and embarrassment that this might have caused, hence the melt down. But please he is old enough to know better.

Do you know what makes this footage even more embarassing to watch? The security staff. Both men look so calm and composed. They are looking at Jim like he has totally lost the plot, and being called all those names doesn’t faze them one bit. It’s like water off a duck’s back. 

Also to make matters worse the larger one dressed in black is just laughing at him.

Even members from Jim’s entourage (at least I think they belong to his entourage) look slightly embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Anyway, hopefully my Jim Jim will watch this video today with a clearer head and see the error of his ways.

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  1. I don’t know why you are surprised at his behavior, Janice. He’s waste, always has been, always will be…

    the bottom of the food chain….

    I’d be laughing at him too. You can only laugh at such ridiculousness.

  2. Janice,
    boo, we love and adore your website.It has come to my undivded attention that you are suffering from Post- Jim Jim disorder, in other words you need an INTERVENTION! shit! even Bruk pockets knows how to act in public.
    *side eyes you*

  3. not a good look at all. it’s down hill from here,…slowly, but still down hill.

  4. “Post- Jim Jim disorder” lololololol, im hyperventilating.

    problems, Jimmy??

  5. LMAOROTF!!! Oh Janice Janice Janice… I agree with Perez!! I agree with everyone above…. Janice: Jim Jones is a class A Homo Thug!! So now imagine this same thing in the oh so prestigious Louie V store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan!! Oh the horror… SMH !!!

    Pop champagne my ass Jim Jones is an ass!! A broke, dirty, Homo Thug!!!
    Ewwwh…. we have to find Janice a new love people!!! We cannot have Janice associating with such garbage!!!

    😦 😦 😦

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