A PhD student in America has found that fans of Beyonce tend to be educational underachievers, while Lil Wayne fans apparently come in at the bottom of the pile.


I’m not saying a word!


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  1. lil wayne talks crap!… as for Beyounce, she ain’t doing NOTHING ground breaking, just the say old, same old,… yawwwnn!

  2. Please, of all topics? If the phd part was not there, i would say ok. The expectations are high. I guess he’s as obssessed with celebrities as everyone else. SMH

  3. I agree.Beyonce stans are as mindless as she is, to explains it all.All that uh-uhh and booty shaking will leave you numb in the membrane.She didnt even finish High School.Lil wayne talking about Louis XV like he knows his significance in history. I never find his lyrics to be educational.
    “We are not the same , i AM AN MARTIAN! ookkk!!!!

  4. P u hit the ball outta da park ma, sasha fierce is numbing a generation indeed.

    hehe…NV – I hope the research was part of his course work, that would be nice to find out she / he is being constructive in that way.

  5. P prez, u might as well say that when men are having sex, it leaves them numb in the head hence non intelligent. Most musicians especially the black very famous ones hav crap lyrics. Name me one with educative lyrics, i might have missed them. Am going 2 stick 2 xtian music now. Smh

  6. Lati… theres common, Andre 3000, and others many others love.

    I’ll hit you up with some lyrics from Mr Bin-Jamin…

    Got stopped at the mall the other day
    Heard a call from the other way
    that I just came from, some nigga was sayin somethin
    talkin bout “Hey man, you remember me from school?” smoke some
    Naw not really but he kept smilin like a clown
    facial expression lookin silly
    And he kept askin me, what kind of car you drive, I know you paid
    I know y’all got buku of hoes from all them songs that y’all done made
    And I replied that I had been goin through tha same thing that he had
    True I got more fans than the average man but not enough loot to last me
    to the end of the week, I live by the beat like you live check to check
    If you don’t move yo’ foot then I don’t eat, so we like neck to neck
    Yes we done come a long way like them Slim ass cigarettes
    from Virginia, this ain’t gon stop so we just gonna continue.

    Now Suzy Skrew had a partna named Sasha (Sasha), Thumper (Thumper)
    I remember her number like the summer
    when her and Suzy yeah they threw a slumber – – party
    but you can not call it that cause it was slummer
    Well it was more like spend the night
    Three in the morning yawnin dancin under street lights
    We chillin like a villain and a nigga feelin right
    in the middle of the ghetto on the curb, but in spite
    all of the bullshit we on our back starin at the stars above
    (aww man) Talkin bout what we gonna be when we grow up
    I said what you wanna be, she said, “Alive” (hmm)
    It made me think for a minute, then looked in her eyes
    I coulda died, time went on, I got grown
    Rhyme got strong, mind got blown, I came back home
    to find lil Sasha was gone
    Her mamma said she with a nigga that be treatin her wrong
    I kept on singin my song and hopin at a show
    that I would one day see her standin in the front row
    But two weeks later she got found in the back of a school
    With a needle in her arm, baby two months due, Sasha Thumper

    I think sasha Thumper is a true story.

    may not be educational, but def’ intelligent writing 😉

  7. Jobbing artists (released material) with lyricsa nd flow to die for…off the top of my head…

    Rich Medina
    Capitol A
    Ursula Rucker
    Georgia Ann Muldrow
    Stacey Epps
    Soweto Kinch

    …yeah yeah…they’r e not fed to you on your mainstream medium….go and educate urself then…

  8. And thats the thing. It would help 2 c the researcher’s full whole list. Not everyone will sit and listen 2 the actual lyrics. Its what gets them going and lifts their spirits. U choose what u like about music. Rythm or lyrics. U pay 4 it.Hmmm

  9. Now I am a big fan of yours Janice… He should have put your Jim Jim on that list!!! 😉

    As far as intelligent lyrics ….LOL hmm…. you must go back, bac, back to the earlier years!

    I like the beats of the music when I stop to analyze lyrics… well lets just say …. maybe I shouldn’t!!! It has been a long time since I have actually paid for a song and I refuse to pay for these types of songs! I will always buy Outkast, Mos Def, Tupac, any other true lyrisist and or singer performer that is worthy!! Beyonce, Jim Jim and Lil Wayne and quite a few others will not be counting my benjis in their stacks!!!!

    Beyonce really didn’t finish high school??? That is just sad….. now why would I want my kid idolizing a high school drop out??? Oy vey!!!

  10. By the Way Lil Wayne is in Hawaii, I will keep you posted if anything goes down!!!

  11. Jom graduated from high school and his lyrics paint a realistic picture of the streets. Lyrically he is on point! Give him a couple years and he will be up there with the Rakim’s, the Nas’ and the Common’s of the world!

  12. Nat king cole, bob marley, miriam makeba, chaka chaka, elly wamala, and my favourite nina simone.
    I’ve got my eyes got my nose, got my lips got my hair….. Got my freedoooom.., lol, luv it.

  13. @cityofconcrete(fr da geek), nice name, couldn’t care less about lyrics. A good story teller with a beat that gets me out of the house or stress bursts. Lol

  14. Thats it Lati,… I love the story tellers…

    the name comes from my Blog… 😉

    rappers are at thier best when spitting story flows… ‘IMO’

    Biggie – ‘Gotta a story to tell’
    Nas – ‘Rewind’
    Jay – ‘Song Cry’, ‘friend or foe’
    TY – ‘Rain’

    there is something quite magical about an artist who can create moving images in ones mind with a series of words!

  15. @ Reclaiming tell dem, tell dem..
    @ Lati – ” couldn’t careless about the lyrics”, really ???

    As I was saying I went to Q Tip last night la la la la la la la

  16. Agnes,If the beat or rythm is not good, 4 some reason i switch off and cannot even get what they say. The beats 4 me have to get me first.

  17. I have to say one of my fav Ty lyrics is ‘Dream’

    @ Agnes: YAAAY Q TIP! These punks should done know that they would be nuffin if it weren’t for the Q Tips of the world

    @Lati- yeah the music has to move me too…I’ve heard songs for years and still don’t know what they’re chatting about! Shamefully I only realised what James Brown was talking about on ‘Payback’..and I’ve been playing that all my damn life! SMH

  18. Phew, @ reclaimin, am glad am not the only one. I Thought i was crazy or bottom of the pile. As 4 rap music, if there is no singing in between, always utterly lost and not interested. Unless i buy the cd with written lyrics provided, which i cannot risk. Lol

  19. I for one was my high school’s valedictorian, and I have a 150 IQ… Oh yeah, and btw, I’m Beyonce’s BIGGEST FAN! I just spent the last half hour hysterical because I was looking at concert tickets for her latest tour. That student obviously took a small sample, of a select group and their little paper should be deemed null in void because of it. Statistical random sample my ass! I know plenty of Beyonce lovers who happen to be VERY intelligent! I interned at NASA last summer, & I was by no means the only fan!… Lil Wayne on the other hand, I will not defend. This just seems like a bunch of racist hogwash to me!

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