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Via Digital Spy

Jade Goody’s condition has reportedly worsened to the point where she is going blind, with her remaining vision limited to one eye.

The reality TV star was diagnosedwith cervical cancer last year and the condition has since spread to her liver, bowel and groin before moving to her brain.

Goody wants to go home to spend more time with her children but her sight has deteriorated since she was christened in hospital at the weekend, The Sun reports.

A friend said: “Every day Jade’s away from the children she knows it’s one less day she’ll get to spend with them before she dies.

“She’s desperate to be close to her sons in her final hours and hates them seeing her in hospital.

“She wants to go home and be surrounded by family and friends – not in a hospital bed. Everyone’s concentrating on getting the nurses prepared so that she can face the pain at home.”

What will it be tomorrow?

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  1. I hope for her sake she becoming more unaware of what is happening now and she will be able to leave this world peacefully …

  2. Janice,
    I hope max clifford is giving you some money the up-to-the-minute updates on JG,I sincerely do!

  3. Stop it! Lol

    Iam just showing you the ridiculousless of it all. Not her illness but the news stories….everyday its something new. Wanna hear the latest… Katie Price aka Jordan says she will fly in from Los Angeles to make up with Jade and say her final goodbyes.


  4. Just playing Jan,
    I cant understand or think of anyone who has been headlining so much or earned so much money because the countdown clocks ticking faster.

    Im still confused how a silly uneducated (I want to say tart but I wont) in BB came out a Millionaire selling perfume? Life can be so unpredictable at times.

  5. Miss M, since she needs a page all to herself, title suggestion: Cockney Diana Updates…

  6. Ah, u guys, u all know how important the dash period(eg, 2000-2005) is. That dash has to be filled. U better start filling yours. She has to make it happen. Smh

  7. Latest;

    Picture of Jade on the front cover of The London Paper leaving hospital on a stretcher, look pale and extremely ill.

    The caption underneath large picture.

    ‘Jade Goes Home To Die’

  8. I admire you jade,you have been throuth so much pain,yet you have only had one concern and that is to make sure your babies have got a good future.they have got a wonderful mother and it is so sad you have to be taken away from them at such a young prayers are for you jade and your beautiful sons.god bless you.x

  9. Please you lot, leave the girl alone. she is dying and leavin 2 little boys behind. I think she is incredibly brave for what she is doing, securing a good future for her little ones. all this to give them a better life than she had, no-one can help thier upbringing. Try and put yourself in her shoes. I truly pray for a miracle, god bless you x

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