I haven’t purchased a copy of Vibe in 3 years. But I may snap up a copy of April’s issue.

I would really like to know how T.I managed to get off with such a lenient prison sentence.

An already convicted felon caught with all those guns in his possession.  

How did he manage to get off so lightly???

The rapper will begin his prison sentence on the 27th March and will spend one year and one day behind bars after pleading guilty to possession of unregistered weapons.

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  1. Wow, dude has better guns, especially when compared to the Nigerian Police. Infact scratch that, everyone has better guns than those Black Devils*

    *That’s the lovely nickname my sister gave our lovely officers, they wear black uniforms & are always (especially on Sundays**) on the roads doing absolutely nothing, except asking for money. Oh I forgot & smiling. Although if you’re an okada or danfo driver or the driver of a rather crappish car, that’s a whole other story without the happy dispositions, then they demand for your money.

    **Imagine coming from church & meeting your friendly BD less than 5 minutes away & trying not cuss the bejebus out of him.

  2. I ain’t gonna call him a snitch, but I wannna know how he got off so lightly too.

    and is Mavado really a gangsta for life?… probbly not, just until he has enough money… Ruwssssssss!

  3. all that community work was part of the deal… and he’s been doing a whole lot of them… so goood on him.. i think he deserves it!!! he deserves to not get hit up .. HE’S BEEN PUTTING IN HARD WORK TO SAY SOME POSITIVE THINGS TO THE KIDS SO I HAVE NO PROBLEM!! with him and his leniant sentence!

  4. @Ty

    Well what choice did he have? It was “tell us what we need to know” /do some community service/talk to the kids/ 1 year jail time. Or sit in prison until you are 40 .

    I wonder if more convicted felons up on the same charges will get the same deal???

    Actually I like T.I. The man has a family to support.

    @FR Mavado is a gangster… I say no more….

  5. lol adaobi, u remind me of the times around xmas, easter and beginning of school. The police were at the top of their game then. And dare u drive a car with cracked head lights, no side mirrors or broken passenger windows? Which 4 many drivers is never noticed and normal. Hmm. Now days they insist on seat belts which is good but another reason 4 police officers at home 2 be vigilant when such days come up.

  6. I don’t think T.I. snitched on anyone… but who knows?? He is positive for the most part and they probably didn’t want him to do hard time because he is not a gangster… at least I don’t get gangster from him …he is very nice in person…. not like your boyfriend Jim Jim!!! 😉

  7. Isn’t it funny that only black men are allowed to be gangsters and do photo shoots for glossy mags…nice message for the kids

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