The L.A. County District Attorney has just charged Chris Brown with felony assault and making criminal threats, also a felony.The charging documents name “Robyn F (Robyn Fenty aka Rihanna)”  as the alleged victim. Brown will be arraigned today at 3:30 PM in downtown LA.

A spokesperson for the D.A. tells TMZ he could face a maximum of four years and eight months in prison.

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So where does Chris go from here?

This is just sad…..


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  1. “So where does Chris go from here?”

    Far Far away!

    If this is true its a real disgrace.
    I wonder if he can handle the pressure?

  2. Accountability. You do the crime,you do the time. I don’t sympathize for him at all. He is not a child. He’s almost 20 yrs old,he know what he did. If you want to act like a grown up; you deal with grown up matters.
    As for miss fenty, I hope she gets rid of this low-self esteem. It happends to far often. My father abused my stepmom as much as I dislike her I always wondered why she stay. Its better late than never. But I have no remorse for CB. Put that nigga in jail!

  3. don’t think jail is the answer (just imo) he’ll probably get a slap on the wrist (I hope)

  4. I know I sound biased pr crazy lol, I think he needs help not punishment, he is a young black man in the limelight who made a mistake (let his anger get the best of him, when he should of been a bigger man and walked) I wouldn’t wanna see another young black male, with the ability to be a role model, behind bars for something that was blatantly avoidable, I mean is the whole story actually clear now, I switched off after a while.

  5. Again this goes back to accountability. He broke the law and committed a violent act. Most regular joe’s go to tell for that. In chris brown’s case he might not even face jail time even though all the evidence is putting to his wrong doing.
    Why do people always use “I don’t want to see another young black men” go to jail? Is there a code of ethics in the negro back I’m missing? If he was white would the black community say the same thing?
    I see no color when it comes to wrongdoing. Some are innocent,and they should profess their innocence and CB is definitely not an angel.
    Tell me this Fr… He beat his gf has week and you see this lil nigga flexing his muscle and jetskiing. Yea… His real sorry.
    Just because your asn inferior color doesn’t mean you always get a pass there’s already a large jail following.
    You make bad decisions you get a pass. Black ppl choice to support:kelly,brown,vic tell what role models they have played. Singing and dancing? When that young black man sean bell and the recent death of the black man in SF I saw whites predominantly protrsting and al shaprtons followers. I didn’t see a frowd of negros taking a damn stand. The fascination with celebrity is sick,there needs to be law to reverse that.

  6. Sorry for the typos. I can only do so much with my blackberry 🙂 but you get the jist of it.

  7. He will be a good role model by taking responsibility and changing. Rihanna a good role model 4 calling cops, but not a role model 4 starting an argument with some one she knew was violent. The same as the activist who poured green custard on the minister and was applauded and given air time. What r they teaching?

  8. Do people in relationships not argue?is rihanna suppose to seat there and keep mum because chris can’t control his anger ? That is something Chris should of been. Its a relationship. Does accountability not mean anything these days put that nigga in jail!

  9. Yes, u see gals outside pubs picking fights with men or boys and throwing insults and everyone is laughing but the minute the boy approaches stupidly 2 punch, everyone jumps 2 protect. Why?

  10. A women and a men are not built the same way. A man is predeposition to fight. He’s inclingly bigger,forecful. I understand a shook but a full out fist fight nigga please.

  11. Stop making excuses for these black men. Oh and I forgot TI. Gangbanger,mysgonist today,father and a mentor tomarrow.ahhh to be a superhero.u keep your path love. If you aint thinking straight you aint right. I’m done. I aint trying to get my blood pressure high p prez to young for all that 🙂 love yall.

  12. So CB is expected 2 control his emotions and riri not? Whatever happened 2 empowering gals 2 leave abusive relationships. Isn’t prevention better than cure? The same goes 4 abusive women. Empowerment is where u’ll find me. And not empower 2 fight but walk out where and when possible. He should never hav hit her.

  13. Men and women are not built the same thats why some women take knives, pour hot water, acid, tomatoes, eggs, etc, i am not saying that its the case 4 all abusive relationships, but in cases where women are abusive and start fights then end up injured, why is it not acknowledged? My uncle’s wife left a very bad taste in my mouth.

  14. It happens too often. I have yet to see a real photo of them together together. Their camps are close and trying to revive CB’s career.
    She stupid to. I asked my step mum the same thing.
    Btw I love yalls accents ” mum” 🙂 cute,cute. I now must attend a womens conference by choice. :/

  15. 4 the record, am not making any excuses 4 CB. I just do not understand why its ok 4 gals 2 start fights and throw insults. Why is it ok? U want the boys 2 walk, but try walking first. Abuse both ways is not right. Is it? Words, fists, the effects are just difft.

  16. I was not there, the police report is out, but i can only imagine what might hav happened btn the reading of the 3 page text and how she got a hold of his phone. He deserves his time but that report …

  17. LOL@ p prez, if i took a conference with 2 of u, i wd run mad. In that case conferences cancelled indefinately. Lol

  18. I am a bit disturbed by your accusations.
    *chaka zulu chaka zulu*
    What voodoo? Do you prefer the doll or the witch doctor? Lol

  19. The witch doctor plse, dont 4get the sea shells and buck cloth, without them, u know. Lol

  20. I’m trying to do right by god! Lati you making me pull all stuff.
    *machete,nails,,ligther, a da-shi-ki* bantu bantu .

  21. Ok, we’ll leave that out. Sunday 2moro. Getting my best wear out 4 church 2 iron. I’ll say a little prayer 4 u. Lol

  22. What church do you go to? I hope its not the one like in the outkast video: so fresh and so clean. Wearing mink and ish.

  23. I hope your praying for my good soul and one day to meet my prince *kobe bryant* 🙂

  24. Somehow answer this for me. Why does the black community vindicate someone who adopts out of their race but when people do it, its socially accepted. I for one, is willing to adopt a child of any race. Btw I’m 20 ; give me 25 more years 🙂

  25. @P prez, in america they complain over that? Do they here? I do not know. They r only babies. Whats the story? Smh

  26. Stage Three-Enlightenment

    Stage three of battered women’s syndrome occurs when a battered woman starts to understand that no one deserves to be beaten. A battered woman comes to see that the beatings she receives from her partner are not justified. She also recognizes that her partner has a serious problem. However, she stays with her abuser in an attempt to keep the relationship in tact with hopes of future change.

    Stage Four–Responsibility

    Stage four of battered women’s syndrome occurs when a battered woman recognizes that her abuser has a problem that only he can fix. Battered women in this stage come to understand that nothing they can do or say can help their abusers. Battered women in this stage choose to take the necessary steps to leave their abusers and begin to start new lives.

    If you are a victim of domestic violence, help is available. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. They will direct you to safe places in your area where you can seek help.

  27. Please, there is enough information out there and real live examples of the danger battered women face when they deny reality and think they can love their abusers enough to make them well. Rhianna’s father should be the FIRST person to stop her from going back to Chris… he’s an abuser–its a psychological pattern he CANNOT break until he is held accountable. .plain and simple. .he grew up with it. .he became an abuser and that’s how he has learned to deal with women. .. He can’t control himself. . .and he’s not going to change. Rhianna wake up and read the information about Battered Women Syndrome. .you’re classic stage one. .. Denial. .thinking he wont ever put his hands on you again. . .dont believe it. . .get out now. . you’re a beautiful woman and there are LOTS of GOOD men out there who will treat you with the respect you deserve.

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