Murderer/Lunatic: Karl Bishop

Via BBC News

A man who stabbed 18-year-old Harry Potter actor Rob Knox to death outside a bar in south-east London has been found guilty of murder.

Karl Bishop, 22, from Sidcup, attacked the teenage actor after a fight outside the Metro Bar in Sidcup last May.

Bishop denied murder and five counts of wounding at the Old Bailey.

Mr Knox was stabbed five times as he defended his brother Jamie from Bishop, the court had heard. Five other people were also injured in the fight.

Mr Knox’s parents were present in court for the verdict.

Mr Knox, from Swanley, Kent, played the part of Marcus Belby in the film Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

Bishop, whose face was “screwed up with rage”, armed himself with two kitchen knives and lashed out at the victim and his friends, witnesses said.

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What a complete waste of a young life.

As for Karl Bishop, that lunatic deserves a life sentence.

Rest In Peace Rob Knox

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  1. Is this fella smiling in his mugshot??? He better have buck teeth, the size of Ye’s ego. RIP kiddo. Everybody & their mother wants be a gangster, this mentality has got to stop.

  2. What scares me most about these crimes is that the criminals have no remorse whatsoever. I have not heard of one who was. Its like they wake up with an agenda of killing 4 the day. Scary. Rest in peace knox.

  3. there are people walking around this planet that want to take lives away….
    in every country ,in every city, in every hood
    i am used to living with such people.. i have done all my life .. what really annoys me.. is nobody asking them the right questions….
    what MADE YOU SO ANGRY and how can we change it for the next generation
    not all of these killers woke up with such anger!!
    i wanna know what it is!!!
    i wanna know .. i dont just wanna sit here and judge them… i really would like to know from them first hand..
    what CHANGED YOU!

  4. When some one has no remorse, chances r that they’ll wear that smug on their faces when asked why they did it.

  5. i dont wanna know why he did it!!!!
    i wanna know what fuels his need to want to do it… theres always something behind these kind of actions.. anyone that works with kids like this will tell you …
    theres always something!!!! and thats the thing that worries me!!

  6. Sometimes i look at the family system in britain which i think has been affected by the economic system. Parents and guardians are looking for money to look after their families and spend less time with their children. I think the children sometimes are forced to grow without the proper guidance of their families, they end up relying on the schools to groom the children. And the teachers have their hands tied because if a child cannot be controlled by the parents, chances are that they cannot be controlled by any one. Children use this tactic a lot. You find children hanging out in town in groups doing nothing and you worry sometimes for them. The peer pressure can be dangerous. Not all are a bad influence i must say, but when you have idol minds, the thought is terrifying. Then you have the bullying culture which i think knocks confidence and makes people dangerously defensive sometimes. Scary, scary, scary.

  7. for me the downfall began when parents started beaten up on teachers defending thier children, like thier were saints, this gives children the freedom to act, do, or behave as they feel, and everything will be ok, if they act like it ain’t thier fault, i didn’t start it, he looked at me, he trod on my shoes, he looked at my girl, he slept with my girl, he dissed me,..ahh etc etc …

  8. oh and the Anger Ty, it comes from so many places, its when it is not addressed, it festers in a child and becomes rage in a adult. IMO

  9. @ fr, such parents step in when something wrong has happened 2 their children, but do not giv them quality time at home and have no idea what they get up 2 in their absence. Sometimes they want 2 protect themselves by blaming others 4 their children’s behaviours.

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