According to today’s, Sunday Mirror, Oprah Winfrey and Larry King are both bidding to interview Jade Goody.

They are apparently in talks with Jade’s agent and PR guru Max Clifford about the possiblity of her appearing on US television via satalite link up.


Goody, amazed at all the international interest said, “This illness has made me famous all over the world”.


All I have to say is….You REALLY are on top of your game Max.

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  1. Max is still an evil piece of scum, making money out of a person’s misery and tragedy. Love of money, root of all evil. As for Jade, still as dunce as ever, she should be spending the time in quiet quarters with her family cherishing the last moments with them, not looking for fame out of a illness. The twisted mind of these celebrities is beyond me, as soon as they get the money, they just turn stupid and dumb.

  2. 2 years ago after the Shilpa Shetty episode nobody wanted to know Jade… Now she’s a national tresure. And celebrities who ignored her less than a year ago are lining up to be her friend… An interesting/sad turn of events…

  3. A national fake. I’m sorry but there are thousands of women that find themselves in this kind of predicament, where is the attention for them, why should Miss Goody be such a special case? Still couldn’t believe when she found out that she had cancer, that the first thing she was wondering after was celebrity support, unbelievable and so unusually dumb.

  4. Money or Quality time? Its very debatable when kids are involved. I would say a nice balance of both is good. If she can cash in due to her fame she should. Max is doing his job and cant force Jade to do something she doesn’t want to do. Its good in a way that Jade has taken this route, as more girls will take smear tests and realise the reality and importance of regular checks.

  5. its the way its been presented that sends mixed messages. Saying one thing and doing another. God knows i want her 2 live 4 her children’s sake. Very good idea though.

  6. With certain fundamental basics in place you need never worry about cancer or smear tests……but for those who are unaware of them then regular check ups are recommended.

  7. Why is she famous? I wasat my local grocery store and article read” ill reality stars hope”with a picture of her kid andjack. Didn’t even bother to read. Is she dieing soon?

  8. Why is she famous? People have been asking that same question here for 7 years.

    Famous for appearing on a reality show and acting the fool.
    Made millions.

    Now sadly she’s famous for this…

  9. Hmmm, the only time i got 2 know her was when the racial scandal broke out. Then followed her 2 india. I have never seen anything so infuriating. But there u go. I must say, people r so 4giving.

  10. It just occured 2 me, that everytime i read the magazine ‘take a break’, there’s always a woman, man or child sharing their cancer stories and donating the money got frm their stories 2 charity. Yes sarah percy’s daughter alana sold all her toys and donated it 2 the hospital treating her mum. Where’s the fuss? How inspiring is this little genuine gal. Way 2 go alana.

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