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  1. You have to laugh at this really, who do they think they are fooling? This is clear double talk. This is like saying that water is dry. Come on, you’re a bunch of sodomites doing what you are known for best, reprobate activity. The more I think about this, the more foolish it sounds. These reality chat shows seem to be getting kind of desperate for stories. I personally think that they strategised that title to pull in more viewers.

  2. 4real though how is a “straight’ man gonna get his d*ck hard 4 another man that sh*t don’t make sense ..they’re gay bobs

  3. another thing I feel so sorry 4 their kids when they get older or go 2 school and see this Tyra show and know what their father did 4 a living ..damn shame …Verbs you are right about the talk show thing because Tyras show has low low ratings and I think they’re goin 2 cancel it soon …

  4. @M

    She seems to gravitate around these topics I’ve noticed, she likes to give homosexuals the stage, power and the spotlight. Even when she was doing America’s Next Top Model, homosexuals were running rife all over that program as designers and especially as judges. They brought in their sodomite spirit and low and behold some of the models got infected and started to do certain skull duggery behind closed doors.

    The homosexual agenda is a selfish one, once in closets and looking for acceptance, now that they are out they are warning hetrosexuals that we should fear them and they are going to take over(which was the plan from the beginning). As it was in the days of Lot, so shall it be with the coming on the Son of Man.

    This is one of the reasons that there are very few men who are men anymore.

  5. they’re gay no question about it. i can’t believe one of them has a wife who believes his crap.

  6. Its time to push Thatchell back into the closet he came out of. What annoys me is when sodomites attempt to compare being gay with being black. The homosexual/beastiality stage of an empire is always the beginning of its downfall. The records of Sodom and Gomorrah which was burnt completely to the ground, the Babylonian empire, Medes/Persian empire, Greece, Rome all testify to sodomite practices as the last stage before the empire was destroyed, and now the British Empire which controls various countries around the world has seen its last days.

  7. I guess they’ll soon be campaigning against discrimination for something they are not and the children will be bullied for something their father is not. How do they justify that? What a perfect weapon for the bullies, how will their children defend themselves on this one? The mother of one of them was more confident in what they were doing than they themselves.

  8. No Queens!! Yall are gay for free too!! OMG insane how dare they claim to be straight!!! Ain’t no way in hell!!!

    Curt is so gay!!! LOL
    LMAO at Don “I ain’t doin’ nothin’ strange for for a piece of change!!!” Hillarious!!!

    Whooooo Chile!!

    The military guy is very mature about his!!

    Ok the guy from the Advocate is off his rocker!!! Gay and Straight can work and party together it doesn’t matter… the bar, restaurant scene is not the same as Gay Porn… not even close!!!

    LOL discrimination cloak? Ha we brown people live, eat and breathe discrimation!! We can’t take it off or make it disappear for a few hours!!!

  9. They’re gay people everywhere and anywhere, I’m glad they’re coming out instead of pretending what they’re not and getting married and having children under false pretenses, because once it’s in the open they destroy their family, I know someone who was so devasteted because the man she married was gay, she felt somehow that she failed, he claim that he got married because of pier presure, so let them be free.
    On the Tyra Bank show he problably go both ways…there’s a shortage of men so some woman will accept anything becuase they don’t want to be alone.
    free to be gay…boycott the downlow

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