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Daisy Lowe, Noel Ashman and Damon ‘bruk pocket’ Dash

According to WireImage, several nights ago Damon Dash and Noel Ashman (never heard of the man) hosted a party for non entity Daisy Lowe in New York City.

Is this what it’s come to Dame??? Hanging out and hosting birthday parties for the likes of Daisy Lowe?

Well…. I guess if it helps to maintain your ‘baller’ lifestyle and helps to keep one foot in the heady world of entertainment…..

For those who are not so familiar with Miss Lowe, she is an annoying D-list British ‘celeb’, who spends her nights out clubbin and models part time. She also used to date an over rated Mark Ronson.

Her mother Pearl Lowe fronted a rock/indie band back in the 90s and used to run with the “IT crowd – the Primrose Hill posse”. She was also once friend’s with Kate Moss and is a former  heroin/cocaine abuser.

Anyway this is bascially how Daisy’s managed to claim D-list status and a few column inches here in the UK.

You gotta love it!

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  1. I saw this somewhere, and thought he does look out of place there, where is the cristal?… the bling, the ballers and a-c list celebs??? the usual stuff we are used to seeing flocked around him, jade jaggar for example, anywho…

    times can’t be that bad is it… I’m assuming thier are his peoples and he is just spending time with them lol.

  2. u know I still struggle to believe he’s broke,… how… mr I don’t wear nothing twice ha!… I woner if he still loves like that now.


  3. I can believe it. I don’t think he is in the best shape financially, and his stock within the world of entertainment has dropped. But he rubbed too many people up the wrong way.

    I am reading about this event on line.. some news sources say he helped host the party, others say he was a guest DJ (Dame’s a DJ now???).

  4. oh my gosh, a guest Dj ahaha, thats what I was wondering about, usually when celebs host a party they are either a-b list talentless but still they are a-b list thats all that matters the others who host have a talent, rapping, singing, even djing… what the frick can he do?

    and I think your right, I belive he did rub people the wrong way and alot too, so now ain’t nobody putting thier hand out to help him! No Sir !

    damon who… oh that guy that used to work with jay-z…

    pride cometh before a fall, indeed!

  5. You guys are pathetic….Dame OWNS part of club pLumm and he came out to support his SON who is a DJ there. These stories make me laugh!

  6. You hear that folks – The Insider thinks we are all Pathetic!!!

    I feel nothing but shame right now.


    Anyway thanks for stopping by and setting the record straight. It has definitely put all our minds at rest and I can now go on with my day!

    Its also good to know that Dame’s underaged son works in his nightclub as a DJ…. nice……

    Feel free to stop by again.

  7. he must know where he is, … if you go down to the woods today….;)

    labeling Pathetic… tut, tut, tut

    so he was with his peoples then? ha…

    hey Insider can u also tell us if he is really broke or not, cos I would love to sleep at night.

  8. Insider, could you please tell me what a PLumm is? Is it short for plumber? Or is it a new fruit? Finally, could you ask brukback mountain, if he remembers that episode of Cribs?*

    *I’m never letting that Cribs episode go, I’m holding on to it till the day I die. Ok, maybe a tad bit melodramtic, …..till the day I forget.

  9. Yes I remember that Cribs episode when he showed us all his lovely home based in London (Chelsea). He behaved as if he owned it when in fact he was renting, and eventually ended up in rent arears…..

    Then there was the episode before that one when he showed off his hotel room (not sure why). (he was in London styaying at one of those swanky hotels opposite Hyde Park).

    Boasting, boasting, boasting…..


  10. OK, so PATHETIC might have been a bit harsh, but it’s crazy to hear how these stories get blown out of proportion. Plumm -yes with two m’s is a club in Nyc. I was not bragging that he is part owner of a club, I was simply responding to the original post of him hosting parties there. He goes to plumm to see his son DJ.
    He doesn’t have as much money as he once did, but he is not broke. How many people can say that they created an empire that allowed African American’s to flourish? He might have been a bit abrasive back in the day, but he isn’t that way anymore. People can change…

  11. im WITH YOU JANICE & Adaobi, sorry about the caps, I ain’t retyping gotta type fast the boss’ footsteps are close, anywho ..lol

    I should sleep now, ahh boi, I ain’t letting that episode go, no sir!, Jade jagger feeling intimidated by the hookers in/around the pool, one of the brothers from SAS looking at one of the hookers like he has never see a semi naked girl before, (camera’s don’t lie – the geeks, holla at ya boi!) also he him boasting and bragging, why lie ?

  12. @ Insider

    “He might have been a bit abrasive back in the day, but he isn’t that way anymore. People can change…”

    A bit abrasive?? that’s putting it mildly!!!! From what I hear the man behaved like a blasted hurricane. And his current situation has forced him to change.

    I just hope that change has been for the better.

  13. @ Fr

    Lawd I remember all that. It was embarrassing… They were hookers weren’t they…. lol smh…..

    Also an incident that also stands out in my mind was the way he spoke – no correction – SHOUTED/SCREAMED at Kevin Liles on the documentary DVD ‘The Show’ (1999) You might even be able to find the footage on YouTube now.

    It was so uncalled for. Dame derserved one hell of a verbal beat down for that but Kevin remained calm. If it had been me he would have felt the full wrath of my Jamaican temperament inherited from my father (lol).

    I’m still surprised that Kevin gave his permission for that footage to be shown.

    The funny thing is though Kevin later wrote about the incident in his book which was released 3 years ago. He said that he gave permission for it to be shown so people could see the ignorance.

  14. lol fr..I do remember Dame bragging about how he doesn’t wear his socks twice he just be throwin them away ..

    Adaobi Says:
    Popping tags, saying he always starts his day popping tags…Oh, how the [not so] mighty have fallen.

    true that ..I do hope he still makin some dough doin his thang ..

  15. because he has kids, I wouldn’t wanna see the man flat out broke on his face, but we do like to see the prideful humble’d that is acceptable for me…

    @ Janice, they were blantanly hookers, the correct term would be ‘escorts’ lol…

    I missed that video the show, but kevin liles reason is good, makes sense.

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