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Jade Goody has admitted that she feels disappointed after being snubbed by celebrities since being diagnosed with cancer.

The reality TV star told The Mirror that the only offer of support has come from Elton John, who has invited her to stay at his French villa while she recuperates.

 “I’ve not really heard from any other celebrities though,” she continued. “But then I never had many celebrity friends. I loved Jonathan Ross and going on his show and it would have been nice to have a card from him or a call or something.

“And Jimmy Carr I loved too but I never heard from him either. I loved meeting them at the time, but maybe to them I was just another contestant on their show.

“I did used to be friends with the Prince of Brunei and we hung out together a bit. He rang me when I was first diagnosed but since then he hasn’t been to see me or sent a card so maybe we weren’t friends after all.”

Goody recently confirmed that she has a 40% chance of beating the illness.

But Jade why is this so important to you and why are you surprised??? 

This is the fake shallow world of ‘celebrity’ that we are talking about here.

None of the celebrities that you mingled with back then, thought of you as a friend. They only gave you the time of day because you were the ‘It Girl’ of the moment.

Focus on the people who really do care about you, namely your two sons!

I have been watching Jade’s latest TV documentary Jade: The Next Chapter which airs on Living TV (Wednesday nights 10pm).

It is actually really sad watching Jade struggling to get to grips with her illness (chemotherapy treatment and hair loss) while attempting to lead a normal life. 

I wish her the best of luck and hope she has the strength to get through this bleek period.

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  1. she should be focusing on her health ….ince again… her shallow side pops up… what has the celebrity world got to do with real life issues…

  2. Listen, Jade, sweetheart, if they weren’t ya friends before ya extended 15 mins of fame / celebrity-ism (I know, ‘llow me) then they ain’t now love,…

    I really hope she pulls through this and comes out on the other side stronger and free…

    pls don’t go back and suck up to the celeb world Ms Goody… that would be a waste of new life!

  3. I have no words honestly. She should be grateful for the time she has with her family now. I just do not get her at all. Was never a fan but i wish her a good recovery.

  4. She has never heard of anything. I cannot stand her, i am only being nice bse she’s not well and she has children. That false trip she made to india, sticks to my mind every time i see her picture, am biting my tongue here.

  5. How can she then launch a verbal attack on an indian? Don’t even know why she flew out to India, she only voiced what was in her heart. She only apologised because of the upraw, not because she was genuinely sorry. I still cannot believe that her main concern is about celeb support rather than getting well.

    Just goes to show, when its all said and done, you are own your own Jade. Its just a pity that she had to find that out under such grim circumstances.

  6. If she was talented, she would probably have some sympathy from “celebrities”, but she is only famous for all the wrong reasons. Big sigh.. Isn’t sympathy from the common people enough, they are the majority after all.

  7. Maybe if she wasnt parading her illness around the media like a new Fragrance and had some dignity people might care more. God id never wish anyone go through cancer like my father but she is wealthy enough not be plastered all over the papers. If i had a 40% chance of living i wouldnt be spending time doing interviews. The families of cancer victims hate having this rubbish rammed down their throats.
    I wouldnt mind but she isnt raising awareness for the Cancer Charities who have to look after people who cant afford the best private care shes just raising her bank balance. I really hope she recovers and then disappears into obscurity but i fear it will just be more “oh isnt she brave” crap.

  8. @ tyisicloser, i love that expression of hairy hands, but what does it mean? I am imagining it literaly and it sounds scary but what does it mean?

  9. @ tyisicloser,
    Now i am thinking of this man during the day and turned into a ware wolf at night. I give up.

  10. Hi Jade,i would just like to offer a few words of support for you & your family.I am very sad to learn that your cancer has now spread,please be strong as with a little prayer you can find comfort,lets hope that you can try a new direction with further medication & beat this living nightmare.Due to the world we live in people today are far too busy with their own selfish life styles thinking that they are that important even to take time out to offer support as im sure you would try help anyone in need.You are natural & funny & thats what we as a nation reguire not this false attitude that clouds many.Please Take Care x

  11. Jade, I cried when I heard that doctors can no longer help you! You are a character & a breath of fresh air from the fake, sham world of celebrity. You show you raw feelings & emotions-if you are happy we see it, & if you are sad of frightened we see it. You dont deserve this & I have tremendous admiration for you & the way you just want to do the right thing for your boys. You are a wonderful mother & a truely lovely person, and I feel so so sad for you, & your family!

  12. i think that she should not die because of everything shes been through so i think that she should have a last chance to live just like some people and have that opputinity to see her kids grow just the way her mum saw her grow but god has his reasons hope shes well god bless her

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