‘I have to say that you know you have arrived when you acquire a nickname,’ he said. ‘I enjoy being called Sooty by my friends who I am sure universally use the name as a term of affection with no offence meant or felt.

‘The Prince of Wales is a man of zero prejudice and both his sons have always been most respectful.’

[Indian born Kolin Dhillon defends his ‘friend’ Prince Charles after he is accused of racism]

What an IDIOT!!!! Can he really be this dumb?


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  1. I might get shot for saying this but i think, (i don’t really remember exactly for it’s been a while), anyways, i think that somewhere in the indian system either in the religious system or something, they have or had a caste system which is discriminatory. I will research and get back to you’s but not soon. Anyways you can type indian caste system into google. You might not be surprised at his behaviour after that. But deluded, he is.

  2. tyisicloser ur too funny! they say ignorance is bliss and Kolin seems quite comfortable is this state. if being called “sooty” helps him sleep good at night and it makes him feel better about himself then he can have at it. poor idiot thinks that he has “arrived”. WOW!!

  3. is the same thing as when the darkest of brudda’s where nicknamed ‘Chalky’ lol… by their work mates down the factory / office / bus depot etc…

    sooty, lol… ahh boi!

  4. Just checked out this caste system and i can now comfortably write what i wanted to say without guilt. Anyway, their caste system is or was mainly based on skin colour. The darker one was, the lower the caste and i mean down and outcast. So i was looking at his colour and tried to place him somewhere in his caste system, maybe he finds it normal. Or because he has gained some wealth he now thinks he is in the upper caste, i do not know. Either way, he is deluded. There’s no any other way to describe his behaviour.

  5. Why is it that everyone knows the royal family to be racist and this man does not? Was speaking to a scottish workmate and it is not news to them. I think it was a way to make people 4get abt the Harry incident and i think it worked. Everyone knows Charles has always used such language and it’s not news, so they put him in the firing line with that man and it all goes away so fast and leaves us furious with this “friend”?

  6. I know Kolin from years ago and believe me he would let HRH call him anything at all as long as he did not ignore him. From Charles point of view when you are top of the social pile you can only look down on everybody

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