Kolin Dhillon with his “friend” Prince Charles

Why the shock? why the surprise? Like father like son….hilarious…….SMH

An Asian polo club member referred to by the Prince of Wales as “Sooty” has said Charles has “zero prejudice”.

Kolin Dhillon said the nickname used by his friend was a “term of affection with no offence meant or felt”.

He said it was also used by other members at the Cirencester Park Polo club in Gloucestershire.

The story emerged days after Prince Harry apologised for using the word “Paki” to describe a member of his army platoon in 2006.

Clarence House refused to comment on the polo club story but said suggesting Charles was racist was “completely ridiculous”.

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Kolin Dhillon you are a FOOL!!!!!

A part of me believes that deep down you know the nickname “sooty” is totally unacceptable and isn’t really being used as a “term of affecton”.  But I guess the idea of being banished outside of the Royal circle frightens the life out of you, so you keep your mouth shut, smile, convince yourself that it isn’t racist and will defend the Prince like a loyal dog.

If the Prince and his cronies are calling you ‘sooty’ to your face then Lord knows what they are calling you behind your back!

Do you really think they see you as an equal Kolin????

It’s time to stop burying your head in the sand you FOOL!!!

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  1. Janice, your reaction sums up why such terms must never be used at any point in time especially by public figures.

  2. I doubt anything will come of this. Kolin has defended his ‘friend’ and claims to be happy about being called ‘Sooty’. Plus the situation hasn’t been mentioned on todays news.

    At the end of the day if Kolin is happy then leave him to it. He is a lost cause.

    As for Prince Charles… Well look at the background he comes from and the environment that he was brought up in. Why should we expect any different?

  3. The royals are arian elitists who still hold to the idea of a supreme race, namely the modern day super wealthy white people. Their belief system is so diabolical that they have plans to eradicate even members of their own race, those of a poorer disposition, because they feel that they aswell as we the common people are less than animals and do not deserve to live and inhabit the earth.

    This Kolin dude is deluded. The love of money is the root of all evil. He can’t even stand up for truth and defend himself, lying to himself that they are his brethren. If that is what they are addressing a man of middle eastern origin by, a very dark cloud looms over what they are referring to black people as, a very dark cloud indeed.

    Edom has had its day, this wicked system these bankers have set up is coming to a close. Babylon is fallen!

  4. verbs… love ya comment, Gwan! “…He can’t even stand up for truth and defend himself, lying to himself that they are his brethren.”

    LOL & SMH

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