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Prince Harry apologises for using offensive language to describe an Asian member of his army platoon.

The News of the World said it had a video of the army lieutenant calling a colleague a “Paki” while pretending to make a phonecall to the Queen.

A statement from St James Palace said he did so three years ago as a nickname about a friend and without any malice.

The video reportedly shows Harry while still an officer cadet at Sandhurst military academy.

It was filmed in front of other cadets at an airport departure lounge as they waited for a flight to Cyprus to go on manoeuvres.

The newspaper said the prince had called the soldier “our little Paki friend”.

A statement from St James’s Palace said: “Prince Harry fully understands how offensive this term can be, and is extremely sorry for any offence his words might cause.

“However, on this occasion three years ago, Prince Harry used the term without any malice and as a nickname about a highly popular member of his platoon.

“There is no question that Prince Harry was in any way seeking to insult his friend.” Continue Reading…..

Oh please! LOL!!!! 

I bet he says a lot worse behind closed doors, and has a crisp white Klan’s uniform hanging at the back of his wardrobe.

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  1. What did we expect from his incestual genepool? Good Manners? This spoiled brat should have been made to apologize himself rather than dump it on some palace lackey ‘spokesperson’. Someday he’ll say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get his ass kicked. I look forward to the news report of that.

  2. Oh dear, the Little ASBO PRINCE has done it again – if anyone needs an order to be kept under control it has to be this little twit – Gosh his Mum would be so proud.

  3. Jan, my hubbie laughed when he saw this a minute ago on the beeb cos he knew u would have this up pronto! lol!

  4. If he managed to wear a nazi uniform at a fancy dress party, i am sure he can manage to use racist language. He’s human u know. Being a prince does not immune him from being racist or use racist language. It’s the order of the day in britain and he’s prince of the british. The rest can now be relaxed and be glad that he can do it, so what’s to stop them from doing the same.
    Apologies never cut it when it comes to race, you cannot call me a nigga then apologise and think it will change the way i think you think about me. He can apologise till the cows home, the pakistanis will see him racist regardless. He made his bed, he can lay in it.

  5. His grandwizard [strikethrough & replace with GRAND DADDY] taught him well.

    The intent of that statement is TOO obvious.

  6. To CleoC – “grandwizard” common now, talk about racist remarks. But then I guess its alright for anyone else using racist remarks as long as they’re not white. Talk about calling the kettle black. Oops, my apology.

  7. I agree with Brooke about him bein a “spoiled brat” ..He’s just an idiot ,I mean 2 wear a Nazi costume and think that would be cool’re just plain old stupid

  8. “our little paki FRIEND!!!! ”

  9. Believe me, i was reading some comments and actually someone thought that using the term ‘paki’ was the same as using ‘brit’. I nearly broke my computer in two after that. It was either ignorance at its highest level or something i cannot explain.

  10. Was watching, “the wright stuff” programme a couple of minutes ago and was amazed at the amount of ignorance people have about racism. They were saying things like, “it was three years ago”, “lets look at the context in which he said it”, and actually the guest who was bold headed had the audacity to say that he’s sometimes called terms by his friends that he cannot say on tv. I think sometimes such people 4get that racist remarks or behaviour are a trigger to something deeper. Its something that makes one feel worthless and bullied and angry and also lose a sense of belonging. Its like someone saying i can wipe my feet on you and you can do nothing because thats what you are for. Take it or leave it. It does not matter whether he meant to be racist or not, the term triggers painful and hostile feelings in people and that is the problem especially when he’s a public figure. Either i am the ignorant one or the reverse is true.

  11. 100 percent behind you..!! people dont understand what rascism is…..
    so lets make it clearer for harry…….. this is something your mother wouldnt say!! comprendi!!!!!!!!!! your mum princess di … would not know where to look right now my dear boy!!! SORT IT OUT!!!!!!!! watch how your brother moves!!!! he’s not fucking half as much as you!!!!!!!! nor does he say or do stupid things………… DONT BE LIKE HIM !!! BUT WATCH HIM CLOSELY AND LEARN.. you plumb!!!

  12. this country will NEVER understand racism because this little island is built on ignorance of the world. I know plenty ppl that will not think there is any thing wrong with it, dont know why ppl get so up tight about ‘my friend is Scottish and doesnt mind being called Scot’ Paki is not short for ppl coming from Pakistan im from Bradford honey it is and always will be a term to put an Asiabn man in his place, put down, slur, vocal hatred. What really makes me laugh is Paki means PURE… HARRY YOU IGNORANT ANNOYING LITTLE PUP HEAD…YOUR IGNORANCE MAKES ME SICK BUT YOUR FAMILY IS ONLY A MIRROR IMAGE OF THE SMALL ISLAND WITH BIG ISSUES!!!!

  13. I rushed to read that. What is so annoying about it is this “asian” friend defending him. I know people who are terrified of being called racist and also who can end a conversation at the mere mention of racism, but still treat people like crap. I wonder whether they laugh with each other or at each other. Racism comes in many forms and people do not wear it on their fore heads. Why use such demeaning terms anyway?

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