X Factor runners up JLS

X Factor creator and entertainment mogul Simon Cowell is no fool!

This news should not come as a surprise to any of us.

Via The London Paper

STARS of the X-Factor are being paid just as little as £100 each for performing on the live tour, it emerged today.

Winner Alexandra Burke – currently number one in the singles charts – and other finalists are being paid £250 per concert.

But biggest losers are four-piece outfit JLS who lost out to Alexandra in the live final. They are being paid £400 per concert working out as £100 each.

Concert fees go up to £200 a show for each member of JLS and £500 for solo artist during weekdays.

But they have to perform two shows a day at the weekend, effectively halving their fee.

Tickets for the shows across the country cost between £30 and £45 and many have been sell outs.

The shows at the O2 Arena will make £600,000.

And in other news….


X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has become the first British female to sell a million copies of a single in the UK.

Burke’s cover of the classic ‘Hallelujah’, has been sitting at the number one spot for the past three weeks, and was the first chart-topper of 2009. 

Congratulations Alexandra.

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  1. Quick to sign the contract innit !!!

    but whats their alternative….they’re not big voices like Alexandra, so they better milk it for as long as it lasts.

  2. Man, would it kill the promoters to pay them more than that? At the very least you’d think they’d pay them more so as not to look bad!

    JLS should kill it with merchandise sales though. I saw some young girl in a red JLS hoody the other day!

  3. Whatever it takes to make it big. This is a stepping stone to make it big. They are not stars yet but stars in the making hopefully. Coming from a minority group, they should handle it better because it’s part of being a minority. I’ve said this be4 and am saying it again, they’ll esp alex and jls have to work ten times harder and bend forward and backwords to be successful. If someone told me, in ten years time you will be able to have a house with paid mortgage and be able to look after my family without worrying about cash, but i am giving you 40 pounds a show for now, i would take it. They have to work hard, that’s life. Who said it was going to be easy?
    I pray they make it. Personally i love jls, i feel them when they sing. They remind me so much of an african spirit. Their laughter and togetherness, there’s some good vibe they feed.
    Good luck to them

  4. I meant to throw in the result figures published by x factor to emphasise my point of having to work ten times hard. They built a fan base slowly( jls and alex). Eoghan won six times i believe, i wish i could know why the people channeled their votes, it would make interesting reading. My belief is, minority always have to prove themselves more.

  5. Doesn’t your Beverly Knight have a bigger voice than Alex?
    Very pleased for young ALEX, this is no doubt, a VERY good look for her and black music in the UK! Perhaps?

  6. only time will tell. I’m even terrified of being optimistic 4 her in this case. I’m not a fan of hers but as a black person, i wish her the best. I love Beverly Knight and would hate to compare the two. Personalities? Hmmmm….. indeed.

  7. Hmmm…Mrs Gump-Alex will unlikely make black music but is a black person so if you can be happy that she won for that reason than great.
    Musically, I expect watered down Mariah Cary esque musak that the British mainstream audience can handle..

    @ Lati – the idea that being paid a miniscule fraction of the machine that Simon Cowell operates and consider it as a ‘stepping stone to greater things’ is gullible. Fame seems to be the thing that young people crave the most nowadays and he has given this to them. What he hasn’t given them is an independent fighting chance to deliver musicallly what they want and the ability too earn a substantial amount that can put them in good stead for the rest of their lives. When they have grown sick of the screaming girlies and the association of being Simons puppets you will hear the horror stories..I predict by Feb 2010…

  8. If they earn a good sum of money by 2010, even with covers, they should be grateful. If they were so good, i think they would have had a contract along time ago. And if they are good indeed, with the contracts that have been given, they will prove it. With the contracts in the bag already, why should they complain about the little sum they are getting now when they have bigger things. Other artists struggle a lot more and for longer. They are in a good position now as far as i am concerned.

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