Celebrity Big Brother 2009 will launch his week (Friday) and thankfully the rumour that Whitney Houston would appear on the show where Z-list celebrities/non entities go to lay the remains of their once illustrious careers to rest for good was just that – a rumour.

Anyway the ‘celebs’ who will enter the BB House on Friday are as follows…..

Former Sugababes group member Mutya Buena. I guess abruptly leaving a successful group and going solo wasn’t the best move for old Mutya….

90s rap superstar Coolio.  The fact that he will be going in to the house doesn’t surprise me…..

‘Mini Me’/’Austin Powers’ star Verne Troyer. Oh dear.. Verne must be seriously bruk pocket now.  At the height of the ‘Austin Powers’ hysteria he was loaded.

LaToya Jackson. Well she doesn’t exactly have much to lose does she?

Click here to check out the other ‘celebs’ who will also be entering the BB House on Friday.

Celebrity Big Brother, Channel 4 – Friday 9PM

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  1. Mutya? Did not expect that. LaToya…..Jermaine, how could you? Still not watching it.

    Sidebar: Happy New Year! Now, you can break your resolutions.

  2. Never! With the internet, my tenacity, novels, comics & my consoles (PS2 & 360), I really don’t watch the telly anymore.

  3. @ Adaobi lol.

    Goooo onnnnn Adaobi just this once !!! Put down the console , novel get some snacks and a glass of your favourite beverage and belly laugh with us.

    If these people are this desperate enough to go on tv and make twats of themselves, lets enjoy in their foolishness lol

  4. I watched last night… I cringed!!!! Lmao!!! LaToya Jackson.. Looks awful. I cannot wait to see her without the makeup though… Latoya in her younger days was a pretty woman.. But now she looks exactly like Michael. Its ridiculous.

    Adaobi just watch it when you can… Its going to be hilarious.

  5. I just finished watching the latest chapter of Watchmen Motion Comic & was contemplating rewatching “The Good, The Bad, The Weird” or going on a killing spree (via God of War or Ninja Gaiden II), then I read the words “make twats of themselves, lets enjoy in their foolishness”. I hate to admit it, I’m currently watching it on 4oD.

    Darn you, Agnes & Janice, for prying on my eagerness to watch idiots.

  6. Just when you think Coolio starts to make a little sense he f–ks it up by getting in Latoyas face talking shit about how much money he’s made and other nonsensical questions….. he does this whilst whispering…..hellllllllllo we can hear you, you’re on NATIONAL TV, lol.

    Once Coolio & (LAGER LOUT & MAN TIEF Ulrika ) have had a drink, watch how they behave. Whats the deal with Mini me, he soooo looks like he doesn’t want to be there.

    Adaobi, I’m glad you are watching, cos the fun has only started !!!

  7. Only a few days in and I hate to admit it – I’m hooked! Ulrika already looks on the verge of a breakdown, Latoya looks totally shell-shocked (and what’s with the mono-syllabic answers, “Latoya, have you ever been married?”, response: “Yes” , followed by deafening silence), the Scottish politician looks like he wants to slap Coolio. And Tina… well, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that one. I expect it all to kick off at least by close of play today.

  8. Thank God I can’t watch it live (Yes, I’m a walking contradiction), due to my IPTV developing a conscience or something. I wonder who’s going to be the Shilpa of this bunch? Did anyone notice how Coolio perked up when Michelle walked in?

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