Ne-Yo… Ne-Yo.. Ne-Yo….smh…lol….smh…..

Let the backlash begin Yung Berg style! lol 

But  perhaps he was only trying to be funny/sarcastic….

Anyway watch from mark 6.48

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your thoughts please…..

(Footage can now be viewed again)

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  1. Ne-Yo this comment is very ignorant, sad, and unfortunate and I have the feeling that you know better. As a public eye figure you have to chose your words more carefully than others, because if you don’t this is the kind of backlash you will receive. I am highly disappointed in you b/c your comment is highly demeaning and so untrue. You have a song called mirror and although it talks about something else…I suggest you grab one, look at your reflection, and do some true soul searching. If you cant respect yourself then at least respect your fans, you know the people that supported you and gave you the platform to speak to the world. And for the record I bought six copies of your album to give as X-Mas gifts to various family members and friends, but they will be returned. I will no longer endorse you and I hope others won’t as well. Wake-UP Ne-Yo!

  2. I am very disapointed in Ne-yo because i really have issues with the whole light dark thing and this is just proving just how truly messed up American ppl are. I would love my child and or anyone the same whether they blue black or white. Take a look in the a mirror idiot. You are doing nothing but cursing yourself “BROTHER”


  3. to be honest…

    ne-yo CAN write a cheesy money making pop song…have to give him that.

    otherwise he’s quite shit.
    this just proves his level of intelligence is just as shit.
    so i’m not surprised.

    smh…the world we live in. and SOME of the black men in it.

  4. He is the epitome of a COON! I don’t fault him though, I blame his parents. Is he still going around talking about he “half Chinese” ?

  5. oh dear!!!!!…
    he didnt say it with the swagger of yung berg
    .. but nevertheless thats a slip up to say anyhow….
    i wanna apologise to all the dark skinned people like myself… who .. obviuosly will never have pretty darkskin babies…. damn.. its so hard in the D…

  6. WoW!
    A freudian slip at its finest!!!
    After Dizzie Rascal, this is clearly BUFFOON No.2!
    Why would he even be credited with the clout to be sarcastic????!!!!

  7. Colorism is a worldwide issue; not just an American one. Furthermore, all Black people (mixed race) are dark-skinned! Beyonce, Halle, and Alicia are all dark skinned. Even Mariah looks dark when standing next to a White person. It kills me when Black people walk around labeling themselves as “light-skinned”. I’m Soledad O’Brien’s color and I consider myself dark-skinned, so Ne-Yo’s comments were offensive to me as well.
    Unfortunately for Ne-yo, he wouldn’t be attractive in any shade.

  8. Black is beautiful in EVERY shade. I’m sick of these Self-hating-I-bleach-my-skin-and-on-album-covers-I-always-get-ten-shades-lighter fools opening their overpaid mouths and says crap like this.

    When your ignorant and stupid; it pays to keep your mouth shut. SMH.

  9. Finally watched it, not really in the same vein as Yung Berg’s stupidity, c’mon that child added the water test! But a stupid slip none the less.
    @ P, you’re right, even Africans do that, you’d be amazed.
    Jenny Boom Boom, I wonder how she got that name?

  10. this is the type of comment that makes me realsie how dumb .. these supposed celebrities are!!

  11. Limited Exposure should be on the menu for this fool. Stick to what it is you seem to do well Ne-No, which is: Making music, singing songs and dancing!…..ummmm looks like you’ve resurrected the caricuture of something strangely familiar!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am co-signin’ with P on that one!! OMG he is so ugly and he is a Queen!! I don’t care how much he denies it!!

    And that girl who interviewed him is an idiot too OMG so much ignorance in the World!!!!

    Chris Brown and Usher dance way better than Neyo yo!!!

  13. Ne-yo, according to your standards, YOU would not be attractive. But then again, you aren’t. Hm…this dude wouldn’t even be considered ‘light’ skinned in the darkest room. WTF is up with these ignorant muthas.

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