Head of MTV Base Jasmine Dotiwala

UK rapper Giggs has accused BBC Radio and MTV Base of blacklisting his music and even released a track/video (The Last Straw) blasting both broadcasters.

But now the Head of MTV Base/Mariah’s gal pal/media chick about town Jasmine Dotiwala, and 1Xtra executive producer and events manager Ray Paul have both issued statements refuting these allegations.

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It looks like Giggs has shot himself in the foot.

I have to ride with Jasmine on this one.  She has given him some sound advice. But as usual people think that they already know it all!

And watch Giggs tell his side of the story.

Two words – MEDIA TRAINING!!!

Your thoughts please….

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  1. Giggs forgot where he is, thinks he is on the ‘hard streets’ of NY or something – thought he could start beef with the media and start shouting off at the mouth about how he’s being hard done by and kept down by these jealous organizations who ‘aint ready’ for what he’s ready to bring. Must have thought they would feel some kind of shame and suddenly open up their playlists to him.

    He has conveniently forgotten that his material (if it can even be called that) is unsuitable for the general public ears – the same general public who’s complaints could effectively in enough numbers generate serious problems for the aforementioned organizations. He also forgot that the organizations have reached out and given him solid advice on how to tackle these obstacles, but does he want to play ball and get wider attention?


    Why? Cos he is a stubborn, fool headed, delusional pickney who isn’t mature enough to understand the ‘grown up’ concept of LISTEN TO WHEN PEOPLE TRY AND HELP YOU!!!

  2. CJ Michaels, I love you and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Whether i like Giggs material or not AND I DON’T, even MTV Base have certain controls ie; WATERSHED !!! Giggs material is not mainstream. I mean come on now what are we championing here !!!

    I cannot wait to see what Giggs supporters are gonna jump on this and say…FR where you at ??? lol 🙂

  3. Something tells me that 2/3 years down the line Giggs is going to regret acting out in this fashion.

    If his management had his best interests at heart they would have sat him down and advised him to do as Jasmine said. She wasn’t being difficult she was actually trying to help him.

    He needs to start recognising that and FAST!

    But you know what… he will have to learn the hard way first….

  4. Not familiar with Gigg’s music at all (man, I must be WAY out of the loop).

    MTV Base and 1Xtra are major outlets for an artist but I can’t believe that an artist cannot be successful without them. There are many other ways to reach your audience in this day and age.

  5. I wasn’t either up until a couple months ago……..

    Its not like they don’t want to help him though. Base was prepared to feature his music etc,they just wanted him to change a few things, which is understandable (have you actually listened to his music/watched the videos I’ve posted?) but instead he has decided to ‘beef’ with them. Create drama with major media outlets before his career has even left the starting block.

    He must think he has clout like Jay-Z and Nas.

  6. You might think he shot himself in the foot,but i dont think he’s in critical condition because he got you to write about him and in the same breath mention Nas and Jay z.
    We should not always jump to conclusions, like he said “turn a negative situation into a positive” and thats what he seems to be trying to do.
    On the other hand i hear what your saying but i must say i dont agree.(But thats only my opinion)

  7. How is he trying to turn a negative in to a positive…. what by called the Head of Base a “fat cow”? (lol)

    You don’t think he’s in critical condition Perhaps not… well at this moment in time…..

    Yes I did mention Nas and Jay in the same breath didn’t I…..

  8. Yeah, checked the videos, and I can see why Base wanted him to provide edited versions! Most underground artists don’t get nowhere near the kind of help they were offering, so don’t know how it all went sour. He says one thing, they say another…

    I don’t beleive though, that two major media oultets are deliberately and actively trying to “block” his career – they don’t care that much about him to try and do that.

  9. The old “well,it’s got us all talking” is a bit tired. Are any of us gonna buy his music to create the real revenue he needs? I highly doubt it. He needs MTV like a mutha, that is the home of crap black music….

  10. I’m a big fan of Giggs’ music ,and I’ve noticed that they never play his stuff. A lot of people always ask why he’s not being played on Base. I think that they must have a problem besides that, who knows, we are only lookin in from the outside view. There must be more to the story. I think /no one will make song in deep depth exposing them. but I’ve worked with jasmine Dotigal before and she does like to play alot of stupid games FAT COW MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOPE HE WE FIND OUT THE TRUTH

  11. I admire Giggs for speaking up about the things that upset him in life. As for those of you who say that he hasn’t got any talent, he just talks over music, he’s boring etc. I think you all need to go back into your books and see that this type of music is known as the spoken word. What happened to the phrase ‘Freedom of speech’? The problem with the society that we live in today is that it is full of control freaks who want to dictate to everyone how they should eat, how much we should sleep etc. As for you Miss Mad News you appear to be a typical example of a black person that feels like they have made it and therefore you don’t want to see another brotha make it. I have one things to say, Giggs keep doing your thing and don’t let anyone dictate to you how to tell your story.

  12. @ Ms Xpert

    Giggs is now a Spoken Word artist is he? Hmmmm never been a big Spoken Word fan.

    “As for you Miss Mad News you appear to be a typical example of a black person that feels like they have made it and therefore you don’t want to see another brotha make it.”

    Yeah that’s me always happy to keep the black man down…..

  13. Brap Hol tyt giggs , My n1ggaz gonna make it still bun all u commercial pricks init!

  14. @ Miss Mad News

    What an intelligent reply from a so called columnist.

    When Giggs enrolls for media training perhaps you should consider joining him but enrolling for creative writing classes instead??????

    Linton Kwesi johnson
    Maya Angelou
    Dana Bryant
    Ursula Rucker
    Gil Scot Heron
    Anthony Joseph
    Jill Scott
    Giggs? okeyden…

  16. janice aka sad news you sound very bitter ,and you must be some kind of hater ,but i done a bit of research from my contacts and jazz and ray are very good friends so its funny that there both being named for blockin him,i asked a contact of mine inside the music industry and they said 1xtra are not aloud to play giggs ,they only played him when the awards were he was up for the bet award ,thats only because time ,they had to because play atleast one song a day legaley from each artist .i will be findin out more info.

  17. I express an opinion and I’m labelled a hater and bitter… well it’s not like I haven’t been labelled with those tags a milion times before. I embrace them wholeheartedly! 🙂

    Thanks for the info

  18. giggs comes from the streets of peckham one of the roughest area in london
    his been through all kinds of things and
    what else can he talk about in his music when the only thing his been through are people getting shot or stabbed, things like that. his been real in his music and nothing more nothing less
    let him be and express his feelings you haters

  19. janice

    u sound lik sum1 dat dnt ave a life 2 luk after n a loner .feel sorry 4 u darling…writin lik u tuff dats sounds insecure to me..waste gal

  20. I write like I’m tuff (well that’s the first time I’ve heard that!)… I’m a waste gal, I’m a loner, you feel sorry for me?

    Thanks. And thanks for the free assessment. It’s appreciated.


  21. I do believe wholeheartedly that the industry and mainly Ray and Jazmine were attempting to blackball Giggz. What Giggz represents is what alot of people are not willing to accept: which is a young black male thats been through hell n now hes putting his hell in words n to music. No matter what the industry says and does to Giggz he will still remain the voice of the streets.

  22. giggs dun da right ting…dnt bite ya lip 4 no man ca a close mouth dnt get fed…y shud he do sumting he dnt agree wid…all of use dat say he dun da rong thing are all on cheeks use our sum ass licking ppl dat will forget ur morales an wer u came frm jus 2 get to the top…llow daht…Fu*k mtv base and 1xtra as long as da streets, djs, youtube, keep bumpin his ting den he aint got nuttin to worry bout



  24. u are an idiot just because it doesnt appeal to u dont dis him hes a fucking G he speaks about what he know he dont wanna go comercial like most of the fakers nowadays he speaks from the streets coz thats all he knows. she is a silly little fat cow missin out giggs is big in the uk he dont need to change shit. its alright for american rappers to talk about guns drugs all day nothin get said but when this man does it he needs to change because they say so. good on him 4 not changin 4 these fakerz.

  25. what everyone on this site needs to do is, ….go to MTV base, listen to the artists featured such as lil wayne, jayz, 50 cent, RICK ROSSSS and all the other US rappers….then come back on this site and tell me what u hear…

    …because to me, it is very clear that all these rappers make drug references, violent references and evry other reference that they are asking Giggs not to.

    I f your gona make a rule, it has to apply to EVERYONE. We wanna support the US and make them rich….yet we fail to support our own…PERFETIC….

    the worst thing is, I’m not even a Giggs fan, but I completely understand his frustration. May not agree with his life style but just to leave you with a clear example….. RICK ROSS ‘I feed ’em steroids ‘….in fact the WHOLE BLOODY SONG is about his life as a drug dealer….MTV base needs to come of the bullish……your phoney

  26. Giggs dun the rite fing stickin to his guns basically wat they tryin to do is change him in to sum sell out! ye he spits sum raw shit that people dont wanna hear but at the end of the day hes 1 of the only people out there tellin you how it is instead of this cotton wool b/s. if u dont like it dont listen if u do play that shit and support the man, n to theses over protective people wrappin kids up in cotton wool is all good until they grow up and get out n there then they gunna see shit tht they didnt no happened and they aint gunna b ready for wats next to cum coz they bin wrapped up to tight loosen up ! big up Giggs n sn1 doin it big fuck the haters

  27. o n this media training fuck that he dont need it coz all that does is teach you how to lie n if u watch the interviews giggs tells it exactly how it is no funny lines sum smart ass prick told him to say he was telling you wat HE finks !

  28. There’s wrong on both sides.

    Giggs wouldn’t talk about them if they were dead pirate stations and naturally he must understand that 1xtra & Base have the power to play a big part in the success he’s going for. In the light of that he could of approached them differently and not like they’re other artists LOL. They wouldn’t “block” him for no reason, they’ve worked hard and got a lot to lose on playing what some people may find offensive (even if it’s the truth).

    However, i understand the mans frustration. ‘Talkin the hardest’ took him to the top of the UK scene and the rest got him the BET (which lets face it demands some respect). He feels he’s been ‘messed about’ and not appreciated by the stations that are backing other UK artists like chippy n them. I think for Giggs to be a UK artist in the position he’s got himself into not to have his music played on arguably the top music organizations is a piss take.

    Giggs has decided to do it without them and it has to be said he’ll have my support, i dig his music and i can relate enough said. But, really it’s a shame because it too late for kiss and make-ups and i believe it would be better for the public to have Giggs, 1xtra and Base in a good business relationship!

  29. I think Giggs done the right thing lifting the skirts of these fake people. He has done and seen alot of things that alot of people can relate to, but 1xtra and Base want to hold him down and make him sell out. Loads of U.S. rappers that glorify the things Giggs talks about get airplay, so why not him? Its real hypocritical what they are doing and they need to fix up before they alienate the very people they depend for income.

    And Janice you need to come off that negative train of thought because you dont know what he has gone through to be where he is today, and for you to just dismiss him is very unfair.

    Giggs keep doing your thing my brother.

  30. Giggs carry on doin ur ting…. all these other UK ARTISTS from the streets always end up selling out like CHIPMUNK,DIZEEE RASCAL to name a few. Giggs has stuck to his roots and is not likely to forget the music that has made him big.

    I agree Jasmine from MTV Base is basically ‘a fat cow’ loooool kmt ,tryna hold down talented artists because of a personal grudge .What a wallad.

    His music isno more ‘unsuitable’ than other US Rap artists yet stations play there music 24/7. So why are they tryna mock Giggs.

    Giggs has had a hard life growing up in Pecky and bein involved in that kind of life and he simply expresses this through his music, Nuff love and respect to him!

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