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Fomula One champion Lewis Hamilton was spotted out and about in Los Angeles last night, with his older sister..oops.. I mean girlfriend Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

But seriously they look like they could be siblings, and Lewis constantly looks like the cat who got the cream, over joyed to have nabbed a looker who sings, dances, wears next to nothing for a living and resembles himself.

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  1. she doesn’t look like his sister, she looks like she could be his (skanky) mum. My sister is does not like her, she says its rape and no one is doing anything to save him lol

  2. I often wonder… What’s really going on here?

    What does Nicole really see in Lewis. He just looks like a little boy. There isn’t anythng physically appealing about him. He’s in his early 20s and she’s in her early 30s. I wonder what they talk about?

  3. I think Lewis is gorgeous and they both make a lovely couple. They seem very much in love – if you don’t know what they talk about in private, don’t presume anything. They’ve been together for a year now, and they are both extremely talented. Lewis is the F1 World Champion, and he’s been champion in every motoring category he’s entered. If you are a fan of his like me and have seen pictures of his toned body, you will see something else that Nicole must like about him. He is just the most gorgeous sexy man alive.

  4. Miss Mad News, no I’m not Nicole, but I am a mad nutty fan of LH. I have seen LH fans slagging off Nicole, and Nicole fans slagging off Lewis. What a shame. I have to like Nicole as she seems to make LH happy. I have loads of pics of them on my computer and they seem very much in tune to me. Love love love Lewis. I’ve met LH twice, and have 4 autographs, and he’s a really lovely down to earth, friendly guy. The perfect man, as Nicole has said. Let’s big up the brothers who succeed and are true role models!

  5. i completely get why any woman in her late teens early 20s would like Lewis, he is a good looking young man. but i struggle to see what him and nicole have in common.

    I’ve seen them in public and she towers over him, it really looks like she’s taking her son for a walk.

  6. @ B Cave – slightly unhealthy infatuation with this couple, as you said ‘mad nutty fan ‘.

    They probably are a loving couple etc etc bla bla bla, but theres no getting away from the fact that she looks like his AUNTIE…

    Big up to Lewis the CHAMP !!!

  7. As someone in show business said 90% of celebrities hook up is based on convenience….business boost.

    B Cave you need to lift up a prayer and hope that they’re part of the 10%

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