BARACK OBAMA – HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and gentleman I give you Barack Obama, the 44th President the United States of America.

🙂 I am so proud right now.

But now the hard work REALLY begins!

*Did anyone see the footage of The Rev Jesse Jackson crying?*


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Rev Jesse Jackson sheds tears after Barack Obama’s election win is announced.

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  1. *Did anyone see the footage of The Rev Jessie Jackson crying?*

    Yes, and the first thing me and chris said was “it was cos he didn’t do it” lmao!

  2. Farrakhan will probably say obama’s been set up etc etc.Im not interested in listeining to negative theories/reasonings. I just want to enjoy this historical/ inspirational moment, before its down to business.

  3. Rev Jessie Jackson is a Hypocrite!!! Just the other day he wanted to rip Obama’s nuts off now hes crying??!!!

    If you dont like someone then fair enough, but to then switch

    The guy is a fool.

  4. We have to remember that with all Jesse’s faults he was out their striving for change during the Civil Rights era . A treacherous time! Jesse a long with others stuck their necks on the line so black people everywhere could at least have a chance.

    Ok so the cutting Obama’s nuts out remark was un-called for and damn right spiteful, but I think seeing Obama up there, winning the election, floored him. He never thought he would live to see this day happen.

    He was probably thinking back to a time not so long ago when black men were being routinely lynched, when segregration was law, and when black people were being denied the right to vote.

    He helped in the fight to eradicate the injustice that was going on.

    Regardless, I will still have some level of respect for Jesse.

    And now some 40 years later here standing before him is America’s first black President.

    Forget what he said in the past about Obama.

    Early this morning what we saw (I think) were genuine tears of joy.

  5. Re: Rev Jackson

    Well anyone can make a mistake 🙂 However, I believe even he couldn’t get past the most emotional, “stratospheric” moment in history. You’d have to be made of stone not to be moved.

  6. I think Jesse was truly touched by this.

    Let’s not forget that he was actually there when Martin was shot. This moment must have brought back all that emotion, I’m sure.

    Mistakes have been made on his part, sure, but aren’t we all human?

    I think what is most telling is how the (invited by McCain’s party) supporters @ McCain’s concession speech actually booed when McCain mentioned Obama’s name, and chants of “NO WAY!” and very tepid applause were heard when McCain offered an olive branch to Obama, whereas there was almost raucous applause when Obama gave some well-deserved respect to McCain…

    THAT speaks VOLUMES as to the makeup and racist proclivity of lots of McCain supporters here in America.

    @ any rate, Conservative racism lost. BADLY!

    PS: Watch Fox News closely…pundits are downplaying the significance of this moment! It’s hilarious, actually. You can actually see the haterade leaking from the corners of their covetous mouths…and I LOVE it!

  7. I can only begin to imagine how moving that moment was for Jesse yesterday…I was @ my girlfriend’s aunt’s house, celebrating w/drinks, etc., and I actually cried.

    Like a baby!

    I’ll bet Sean Hannity/Bill O’Reilly/ad nauseaum cried harder, though…LOL

    Fox News sickens me pretty much all the time. It is neither fair nor balanced–case in point: Monday night, they played only anti-Obama ads!

    It’s hard, but I’m watching that channel, laughing my ass off @ them trying to somehow take this win away from America…I can’t wait until Hannity and Colmes and the O’Reilly Factor come on later today…

  8. @ Sundance “I actually cried…I’ll bet Sean Hannity/Bill O’Reilly/ad nauseaum cried harder, though…LOL”
    Ha Ha! too true!

    Goota admit, seeing the crowd, hearing the acceptance speech, realising it’s real…brought a lump to the throat.

  9. I am overjoyed!
    I did see Jesse Jackson crying and I really do believe he was emotional because of this historic event. I don’t think he was up to no good on this one..I think that was real.

  10. Let me tell you! The sight of all the people walking downtown to the White House and standing together was amazing!!!! People partied in the streets for hours! I am so proud to be a part of such a historic event. My husband and I took our 4 year old son with us to vote yesterday and it was just a wonderful feeling to know that my son was able to be with us. We stood in line for 2 hours in the cold and rain but no one complained. The feeling now in Washington DC is just beautiful like I have no words, lol! We made history yesterday! We showed up and voted and made a difference! I’m really proud to be African American right now. I’m just proud to be here for this period!

  11. im shocked, i shouldnt be but, when do we actually see dreams unfold…so exciting to be in history. It happened in my life time man! I can die a happy woman – so proud over. I’ll leave the negative thought till next monday ; )

  12. A tear went down my face. Very moving for Black Peeps across the world. Many are sceptical but regardless its a great year for Black People to hold there head high! Big Up Lewis Hamilton too!

  13. I was OVERJOYED by Obama’s VICTORY over race & all sorts of discrimination. Having come back late from work Tuesday night, I JUST wouldn’t let myself fall asleep. I didn’t want to miss a thing. My brother & I, here in Nigeria, wanted to watch history being made. While I watched, I prayed God to protect him, his wife & children; and for God to help him meet his responsibilities excellently well. By God’s grace, Obama will be the best president USA has ever had. GOD is Great!!!

    McCain & his supporters (those racists booing) are BIG time LOOSERS! They’ve lost, BADLY INDEED!

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