The UK’s M.I.A performed at the Diesel 30th Anniversary party that took place in Brooklyn this past weekend. T.I and N.E.R.D also performed.

I really don’t know how M.I.A gets away with it, I really don’t! Her music is absolute shite yet for some reason the industry’s embraced her wholeheartedly and people (particularly Stateside) continue to lap up her unique brand of garbage.  

The “singer/rapper” tied the knot very suddenly several months ago ( to the  son of Warner Music Group’s CEO, Edgar Bronfman, Jr), and low and behold, here she is on stage “dancing” like her life depended on it, five/six months pregnant.

Note to M.I.A Neneh Cherry was giving energic performances on stage while heavily pregnant back in ’88/89′.  You ain’t doing nothing new. It’s been done luv!

How does she get away with it???????????

Check out the track ‘Paper Planes’ (below). Some might say the beat is infectious but how does M.I.A get away with sounding like this and looking like a woman who stands outside tube stations, begging passers by for change??? And what is she talking about?

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  1. I remember hearing one of her old tunes “Bangalang” or whatever the hell it was called. It made my ears bleed. Straight garbage.

    I reckon she is viewed as über-cool by the “trendy” media, which I guess means that u don’t have any discernible talent.

    How does she get away with it? Same way the emperor got away with having no clothes.

  2. “Bangaland” was atrocious! I remember first hearing it and thinking WTF???

    You’re right she is viewed as being “uber-cool by the Hoxton/Islington media set. The same people who viewed Lilly “posh girl” Allen as being uber cool.

    “How does she get away with it? Same way the emperor got away with having no clothes.”


  3. well what i find interesting is that she …. and diplo ripped off the brazilain baili funk style of making music and get all the credit for it!!
    people acting like they created this style of music!

  4. Is this what the music industry has come to since I’ve been away? Things really have trundled downhill rapidly and are getting worse. Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable.

  5. Funny enough I like M.I.A I can see why people would hate her music but I think its cool and catchy. I like hearing a offkey weird sound and voice talking some other ish once in a while.
    I think she’s talking more sense a being a lot more true & honest than some US rap artists.
    All she want to do is take your money CHING!

    @ jamnice is my friend
    Welcome to the music industry!
    All that is standard procedure!

  6. I like her too, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she is mad talented I’m just saying I def’ think there is a place for her in music, especially in today’s music scene, the beat is fantastic (u might wanna hear Kardinal Official on it, – SOLID!) The video and concept for the video is massive, I like her style, it’s off key, strange and perhaps even doesn’t suit, but hey if John Brown can rap, ?..why not M.I.A. I heard that she used to leave like in that video, bangalang yeah that one, like with some Bengali tribe in forest, she seems pretty down to me! and not because she lived in a forest, but she’s just being her!

  7. She lived in a Forest with a Bengali Tribe???? She also fled Sri Lanka with her family (that’s what I read in The Source some years back)

    lol…No comment! smh…… I love a good back story.

    My friend went to school with her…..

    I’m just going to leave it at that!

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