Here we go again…a report delving in to the private lives of numerous black male celebrities, which more or less accuses them of being closet homosexuals, without any sufficient evidence.

Until I see actual evidence of these male celebrities caught with their faces down and arses up/caught in a passionate embrace, I will continue to not take these rumours seriously.  

However check out this entertaining video featuring blogger Xem VanAdams.

(What was actor Duane Martin thinking when he agreed to wear that pink thong LOL!!!)

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  1. so spill the beans who were they talking about???? Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole, The Game, Lil Wayne, Eazy E, ??????

  2. Well there ain’t too much evidence, but talk is that A.Cole’s marriage is a sham, a great move by each parties PR, when things looked bad, racial tension, sexual tendencies humm, yet that move quashed all that shhh, or so they think!….

    Sol’s been gay for years, everybody knows that. As for Master Stepz, only that incident in the club, but the footage, has never been found, but I think what they say happened really did!

    J.L. – Mr Green Light, nahhhh come on. I can see why with Omarion, but nah doubt it, and probably not Bow Wow,…. ok The Game… wait some say that Eazy was a freak, he went both ways a gangster ass, wet top homo??? and then he died of aids???damn!!… that’s real talk, it hasn’t come out in the open public, but people know, and Game always sings about the dude, just would make sense!

  3. Sol Campbell… I’ve heard the rumours but he’s always denied them and always seems to have an older woman on his arm…..

    Master Stepz – What incident in the club????

    Ashley Cole – He’s a strange one……

  4. Some silly gay making foolish assumptions.
    Its like gays really want them to be gay.

    Puffy didn’t look like he was doing the vogue, thats his normal puffy n Mase glossy dance.

    Caught in the moment doing dumb ..ish is a long way from being gay or confused, im sure we have all regretted doing some dumb ish and have probly been framed with a picture in our lives, like one of my ex’s putting nail varnish on my fingers and lipstick across half my face while I was sleeping, taking a photo. Hardly gay! but if shown to others can easily be assumed. Its been securely disposed along with its negative. lol

    Having a good friend you roll with every day is not gay.
    If I listened to all the silly rumours every rap star would eventually be exposed to be gay or confused even if they have a wife and kids.

    Im not saying what they done is not stupid coz it is, like wearing a thong is just wrong but he may have been caught in a moment, manipulated in ways that are unknown and probably cringes in disgust everytime he see’s it thinking what a fool I was.

    Who Next Biggie and Tupac? wouldn’t put it past that gay to chat rubbish about that.

    Eazy E? cmon now!
    Dont believe that for a second.
    Whoever said that is definitely pulling your leg!

  5. All I’m saying is – don’t think that there ain’t no black celebrity’s who are gay, they just can’t come out, like think of all the sports players, Uk & Usa, rappers, singers, actors etc etc… there must be 1/2 who are gay, thats just a low of averages or some shhh, now to go around accusing is never cool, I just shared what I’ve heard and what I believe, and eazy e, yes I do believe he was !

    I know sol’s always got a women on his arm, that means nothing, I think his brother went to prison for beating somebody up for claiming he was gay, and he almost lost his mind when the rumours came out… that time with the talk about him, a.cole and master steps being in a club playing oral games on each other or something like that, and there was supposed to be mobile phone video footage,… when this shhh hit the papers wow…sol lost it, nobody could find the dude, then he transfers to Portsmouth home of many a homosexual people, some might say the uk’s, San Franciso, anyway…

    the guy in the video is not a likeable guy, and he keeps saying I’m not saying he’s gay, but, but, come on we all know some of these entertainers are gay (i.e. Eddie Murphy) but we don’t want to believe it!

  6. …corection – when I say 1/2 above I don’t mean half, I mean like 1 or 2…, 1/10 or 2/50/ 3/100.. something like that!

  7. Oh yes.. I remember Sol had some sort of a breakdown (He went AWOL)

    A. Cole and Master – Yep! I remember… LOL!!! Other footballers were said to be involved as well. But it didn’t happen in a club.. I’m sure they said it happened in one of their homes.

    Yes there are definitely black gay sports stars, actors, artists etc, but I think its the one’s we LEAST expect.

  8. Some are, im not disputing that.
    But most accused arn’t. Im sure if they was hiding the fact they was gay they would do a better job of it.

    I was more talking about the US accusations

    Where the UK is concerned, our media is not as assuming as the US in that respect, so when the UK media makes an accusation its more valid as we turn a leaf into a branch and the US turn a leaf into a tree.

    ps. my post was not an attack on your post was only picking at the Easy E part. I was a fan back in the day along with NWA and am very sure he’s not gay! heard a lot of interviews, footage and stuff.

  9. Has anyone read Hiding in Hip Hop yet ???….very interesting read, but very tiresome….. You go through the book thinking is it him, is it her and to be honest when you get to the end you really don’t care.

    I was more interested in reading how the author battled with being on the down low throught his life, rather than exposing who was gay/down low,
    ( same difference) etc… After a while all the closet parties became boring and the unhibited sex sex sex was a total…..snore offfffffff.

    It’s still a good read though and I recommend it to anyone. You’ll soon see that their world, ( down low ) really is different and theres a lot that goes on that we sure as hell don’t know about… Not for the faint hearted.

    @ The Real NV – trust me after you read this book, straight from the horses mouth….no one aint pulling no legs…it’s so much bigger than you think !!!

  10. Nah. I’m not in to playing guessing games. That’s what put me off about the book. The fact that the author detailed all these different incidents that took place, the parties, blah blah blah and we were expected to guess who he was talking about. Forget it. Unless you’re going to name names its boring.

  11. “Forget it. Unless you’re going to name names its boring.”
    @ Janice – and it so was, it took ages to get through the book.

    His actual life journey was quite interesting, but as for exposing peeps
    it really was a chore.

  12. @ TY, he don’t wanna die…hehe,… I’ll do it then … seeing how ya name is well quiet obvious…

    Nah I’m kidding, whats the point, about Eazy E, I remeber that vide Dre Day, and the talk is, that video spoke about eazy e in a true light, but was played down when all found out he had aids, and was dying, so the nwa memebers got behind him, support wise and I guess put everythin aside.

    but I still think there’s a side to eazy many don’t know about, and probably won’t ever hear about openly!

  13. Wow, another hater trail is wagging it’s tail. Black celebrities who might be in the closet, who really cares? Are most of us ever going to meet them, befriend them, or work for them? I don’t care who may be gay or not, I do
    care about the quality of films, music and artistry they put out there for us.
    Why? Because my hard earned cash is paying for it. It matters to parents
    that may have kids/teens who admire these people, but as a parent you need to be your child’s ultimate role model. Hollywood and those who paid
    the way for today’s actors, singers, musicians and directors would cringe
    knowing that so many people are hung up on the sex lives of celebrities, as
    we are today. If you live in a glass house-don’t throw stones at people you hardly know.

  14. People wouldn’t be hung up on celebrities (or non celebrities) sex lives if they would stop putting it out there! I could care less. If I was involved with someone I expect full disclosure… but since I ain’t involved with any of them. I don’t give a rats ass whose on top or the bottom! o_O #allrudeeverything

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