Daniel De Gale (March 14th 1987 – October 2008) 

[Thanks Agnes]

I just received the sad news that leukaemia survivor Daniel De Gale sadly passed away today.

Daniel was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 1993 at the age of six and was put on a 2 year course of chemotherapy which he completed in March 1995. But after being in remission for just 9 months, he relapsed in December 1995, when a routine blood test revealed leukaemia cells again. With no assurance that a second course of chemotherapy would be successful his mother, Beverley De Gale, sought a bone marrow transplant for Daniel.

Daniel’s chances of finding a match within the UK were as low as 1 in 250,000 as there were only 550 African, African Caribbean, and people of mixed parentage on the UK register. Beverley and her partner, Orin Lewis, set up the African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust to raise awareness, and to support and assist Black and Mixed Parentage people suffering with Leukaemia and all other blood related cancers. The charity also became involved with recruiting potential donors from many influential organisations such as the Fire Brigade, the Black Police Association, colleges and universities.

In 1999, after six years of treatment, a matching donor was found (Doreene Carney from Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A), making Daniel the first black person in the UK to receive a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor.

Daniel died from an illness unrelated to cancer.

I am stunned….. this is so sad. Daniel was on TV several weeks ago when highlights of the annual African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust Ball aired on MTV Base.  He looked well and had grown up to become a handsome, and well mannered young man.

My thoughts and prayers are with the De Gale family at this sad time.

Rest In Peace Daniel.

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  1. My heart aches for the departing of a truley wonderful insparational young man
    RIP Daniel
    Jasons Mum

  2. Daniel – you were an amazing person! I really thought you was going to pull through this Dan. After everything you’ve been through. Your going to be missed so much Dan. I still can’t believe I’m never going to see you again! Well heavens got another angel… we’ll all be reunited in Heaven soon… skanking to some funky house again! lol… So much love goes out to you… and ur fam. I know this is hard for them… xx

  3. I also heard this heartbreaking news yesterday and hoped it was untrue. I am stunned and feel so, so sad. My sympathy, love and commitment to do more goes to his family.

  4. At times like this words are hard to find,
    Your Son was and is still a role model for all young black boys/men today.
    May God’s peace be with you at this time, May you continue to draw your strength from him daily.

  5. I can’t believe it, Daniel was like a brother to me. He was such a good friend. Rest In Peace Bruv. You will never be forgotten.

  6. If every one in this world was like Daniel this world would be problem free and much like paradise, my thoughts and highest regards go to his family. R.I.P Daniel.

  7. I am saddened at new Daniel untimely death.

    He was an inspiration and gave hope to families with children suffering with Leukaemia.

    My thoughts and prays are with the family.

    Ann Lewis

  8. This is such sad news.
    My condolences to the family at this time.
    I hope his passing makes more people aware of the ACLT

  9. This is very sad news
    This family brought a much needed awareness about Leukaemia and the importance of being a donor amongst the balck population not only in the UK but across the Atlantic.

    My Smypathy to the family


  10. I am so sorry to hear the news of Daniel. My blessings & thoughts go to your family at this time. Lorna Archer

  11. Beverley
    The thought and prayers of my family go out to you and yours at this time. You were truly bless to have had such a beautiful son who fought to tne end and who inspired others never to give up. May God be with you and your family through this difficult time.

  12. Mr & Mrs De Gale please accept my condolences. I will be praying for you to remain strong during this heartbreaking time.

    God bless you.


  13. My heart sank when I received this news by email this morning. It seems like God was determined to take back his Angel. RIP Daniel and much courage to his parents.

  14. I heard this last night and refused to believe it true.

    My eyes are filled with tears and my heart with sadness. A beautiful young man gone. Rest In Peace Daniel

    My thoughts and prayers are with Beverley and Orin.

  15. Words can not express the loss of Daniel. He grow up in the public eye and made black people aware that we do need each other. He became apart of our lives.

    Sleep Tight Daniel – R I P

    To the family – I am deeply sorry for your loss.


  16. I can’t believe this courageous young man has lost his fight for life however he did not live in vain. He will always be remembered in our hearts.

    RIP Daniel

  17. Please accept the condolences from the entire Edwards family. Life in general is a hard struggle but Daniel went through a lot more than most of us will ever go through. Rest assured he has gone to a better place and we will all meet again.
    Keep strong.

  18. I was very happy today as I was celebrating the 6th Birthday of my last born – but then I heard the sad news about Daniel.. What a remarkable young man, a true inspiration to all young people. May he rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family & friends.

  19. My thoughts and prayers are with Daniel’s family and friends – he was truly an inspiration as a young boy, who became a beautiful young man. I just hope that with Daniel’s departure, we as a community realise the importance of giving blood and possibly being donors where necessary.

    Rest in Sweet Peace Daniel x

  20. I was so sorry to hear of Daniel’s passing, that I could not hold back the tears. Daniel passed through a great struggle at a young age. I hope his family are able to find comfort in the knowledge that Daniel is now in a far better place. Condolence to his family. Rest In Peace Daniel.

  21. Shocked, saddend, and with disbelief – With the ongoing campaign of Beverley and Orin, Daniel’s passing will not be in vain. My heart goes out to the entire family at this sad time.

    RIP Daniel – An inspirational to us all.

  22. Such sad news, condelences to the family – may his love, hope and desires live on through those that have been left behind. Remember memories can never be forgotten, Daniel has been choosen for a specfic reason which time or this lfie may never reveal, you were blessed with a truly wonderful soul.

  23. My heart goes out to the family Daniel was a remarkable young man who will live on on the hearts of the nation. R.I.P Daniel

  24. Beverley & Orin
    It will be the little things
    that you will remember,
    the quiet moments,
    the smiles, the laughter.
    And although it may seem
    hard right now,
    it will be the memories
    of these little things
    that help to push
    away the pain
    and bring the smiles
    back again.

    RIP Daniel

  25. I’m absolutely stunned. My friend has just told me, while she was crying down the phone. That alone shows how much Daniel meant too so many people, how many lives he and his family touched. He will always be remembered. My heart goes out to the family!

    RIP Daniel

  26. Beverley, Orin and family

    My condolenses go out to you all at this time. The short time that I worked with you in helpling to get the “message” out there and to encourage the donations of blood was truly an eye opening time. Daniel being your inspiriation for this cause was the right vehicle as he helped to start the journey for so many others. I am so sad for your loss. Yours sincerely, Jean Xxx


  28. I am so sad to hear of the passing of Daniel. I do so hope that his mother, step-father and family may find comfort in remembering the years he had with them. Rest in Peace Daniel.

  29. I would like to say how deeply shocked and upset of the death of daniel degale as i heard the news on choice fm which i couldn’t believe what i was hearing. I would lile to send my deepest sympathy to the degale as they’ve lost someone who was so young and was full of life – my heart goes out to.

    R.I.P Daniel, gone but definately not forgotten!

  30. This is truely devastating news – my heart goes out to his parents and family and I hope Daniel’s strength will sustain them for the future to come.

  31. Thinking of the family of dear DANIEL DE GALE
    In your memories may you find comfort in your friends and family may you also find love. In your heart may you find the strength to help you through this sorrowful time.

    May Daniels memory always give you a sense of pride as you look back on the wonderful young man that was on loan to you.

    I know you will alway remember the strength and character that Daniel had and the countless inspiration and joy he gave to others.

  32. A flower from a seed grows, in time it rests ready to bloom again. Like the seed sown, you to shall bloom again.

  33. Daniel touched my heart when i saw him at the Windsor Fellowship awards night in 2006 and then i had the pleasure of knowing him when he amongst others became friends with my daugher. i am deeply sadned by his loss. May the good Lord give his family the strengh to overcome their huge loss. God Bless you Daniel and may you rest in peace. love Lydia

  34. I’ve justt heard the very sad news today and am utterly shocked. My sincere condolenses go out to Beverley, Orin and the rest of your family. R.I.P Daniel

  35. I send my heartfelt condolences to all Daniels family at such a devastatingly sad time. The family and Daniel will be in my thoughts and it’s such a sad day for the black and minority ethnic community as we need to support our gifts from God by putting ourselves forward as donors, in order to prevent another gift from God losing their life in such a sad way.
    God watch over the family and guide Daniel to his rightful place in heaven.
    God Bless you Daniel

  36. Really, really sad news.

    Daniel’s life was a testimony for strength, courage, giving and peace. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

  37. This is very sad news
    This family brought a much needed awareness about Leukaemia and the importance of being a donor amongst the balck population not only in the UK but across the Atlantic.

    My Sympathy to the family


  38. I was so shocked when I heard the news. My thoughts and prayers are with Daniel’s family and friends. RIP Daniel you were truly an inspiration to all.

  39. I truly cant believe such an inspirational young man is no longer with us.
    My condolences goes out to the family at such a difficult time. Thinking of you you all.

    Love Juliet x

  40. I am so sad – condolenses to your family. You always had such a lovely smile although you were going through so much, may you rest in peace – God Bless x

  41. My heartfelt condolences to the Daniel’s family. I could not hold back the tears. I have never met Daniel, however he touched my life in such a big way. He also shares the same name as my son. I know many people who registered with the ACLT, solely because they wanted to try to make a difference for children like Daniel. My condolences to the whole of the De Gale family. At least you know he is with the angels now. Daniel RIP.

  42. I am so sorry to hear of Daniel’s death and my prayers and thoughts are with the whole family. Thousands of people’s lives have been saved through this brave and gracious, wonderful young man .

  43. My thoughts are with the De Gale family….

    I know that at a time like this words are not enough to console you.

    But remeber that Daniel is now in a better Place – Heaven. And he will be proud of you!

    R.I.P Daniel.

  44. I just now heard the news and could not believe it that Daniel has passed away.

    My thoughts are with the rest of the family as it is really tragic as he was a inspiration. All the hardwork that he has done is not in vain.

    RIP Daniel

  45. I am very sorry to hear about Daniel, he was a great inspiration to us all, my condolences to his family at this difficult time. God Bless

  46. Ah…………. this is such sad news as it seemed Daniel had a bright and happy future to look forward to after coping with so much.

    Daniel RIP with the Angels.

    We will miss you.

    God Bless

  47. I am deeply saddened to hear this news. But am still inspired by a young man who in his short life really made a difference! Love and best wishes to Daniels Family. XXX

  48. Daniel you did not just touch the hearts of you family and friends, you also touched the hearts of strangers, I being one of them. I know that you will be sorely missed by those who knew and loved you, but they like myself will know that you have left a legacy which hopefully will be followed by other young men and women.
    Condolences to the DeGale family.
    God Bless, Rest In Peace and may your memory live on forever.

  49. A courageous young man…gone too soon. My heart goes out to all the family. RIP Daniel

  50. RIP Daniel…you were an inspiration to us all and will be sadly missed.

    We need to all ensure we give blood so we can save our own people.

    Show some support and help raise funds for the ACLT by ordering the song I have a Dream from below.

    God Bless Daniel’s family.

  51. Daniel came into this world a baby, now he left this world a young man, we know not why he was chosen to left this world at this time, gog alone has the answer. Rest in Peace young man

  52. I feel so sad and shocked to hear the sad news that Daniel has gone. I’ve followed his story through the years, and felt so proud of him as if he was my own son. He was a true inspiration and my prayers go out to the De Gale
    family your Angel Daniel will be watching over you all and the lord will help you to continue the good work you are doing. RIP Daniel

  53. I’m truly saddened by this news and I extend my heartfelt condolences to the De Gale family let’s all keep supporting the work of the Trust – RIP Daniel

  54. Condolences to the De Gale family. Take comfort in the added years you had with Daniel. I’m sure every moment with him was cherished. We have no time on how long we live and to God, Daniel had done all he had to do in his short life. May he rest in peace.

  55. Just heard this sad news at lunchtime on the TV. We would like to send our sympathy to all who ere close to Daniel.

  56. R.I.P Daniel. A young man who touched many people, and many others who felt the cascading waves.

  57. I was completely stunned when I heard the news about Daniel today.
    My thoughts go out to his family. He was an inspriation to so many people.

    RIP Daniel
    You must truly be with the angels

  58. U were an inspiration to us all, its so sad that a brave young man like you has past so young.

    may ur soul live on 4eva



  59. This is so sad, he was such an amazing inspiration to everyone. The incredible work he and his family put in to get more black on the bone marrow register wil be his legacy. rip

  60. I am so sad and shocked to hear this news.

    My prayers and thoughts are with the family. Although gone, he will ALWAYS be remembered for what he suffered, survived and achived in his life.

    A true torch bearer for young men, and someone whose memory deserves to be honoured.

    For Daniel:
    May a choir of angels
    Come to greet you
    May they speed you to paradise.
    May the Lord enfold you in his mercy.
    May you live in eternal life

    R.I.P Daniel

  61. We are sorry to hear this sad news and would like to offer our condolence to Daniel’s family and friends.
    Daniel has been considered as a true inspiration to all.

    May he rest in peace.xxxxxxx

  62. A very courageous young man and a very surportive family who raised awareness. His at peace now, but his name will remembered.
    RIP. x

  63. We always think we’ll have tomorrow.
    Thought he’d be here till forever.
    Condolences to the DeGale family &
    All who knew him.
    May you Rest In Peace

  64. sometimes angels are taken too soon, he achieved so much in short lifespan he truly lived in his purpose.

    Prayers and blessing to the De gale family x

  65. Bev, Orin and Dominique our prayers are with you. Daniel will be remembered with much love

  66. Ben, Bev, Dom, Elliot and Orin. The family will be here for all of you and cannot express how we feel let alone understand how you must feel now and the continous pain to come. Just as you were here for me/us, I will be there for you. Daniel made history when he was alive and that legacy will carry on. It’s not much consoloation but remember that in the better place that he’s gone to, he will be well looked after and loved – u know there are plenty of people from his family who will look after him now as well as the Almighty. All my love. See you soon. Gen

  67. To the De Gale and Lewis family

    Daniel touched so many people, he was intelligent, articulate and a gentlemen. There are so many wonderful things I can say about him. He had a warmth and such a beautiful smile.

    R.I.P Daniel xxx

  68. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr and Mrs De Gale and family, who are going through this difficult time.

    Their strength and courage has not gone unnoticed for many people and this is a poignant time for black people to unite and donate their blood sample.

    RIP Daniel. A true inspiration for our young generation to follow.

  69. I am so saddened to hear that Daniel has passed away. I hope that his parents and family are getting all the support they need and deserve.

  70. Such sad news…

    My heart goes out to Beverly & Orin. Daniel touched the lives of many and may he rest in peace.

    God called him to a higher place as his work here was done.

    RIP Daniel De-Gale

  71. I am so sorry to hear of your lost. My condolences goes out to you and family at such a sad time and a long struggle. I followed the story of your Son and say the lady who was a match on GMTV etc.

    From my family and I.

  72. So sad to hear!

    He inspired me and my partner to join the ACLT Register – and even though it took 2 hours, our young daughter never complained once!

    RIP Daniel. Your legacy lives on!

  73. My heart sank when i heard the news this morning on the radio. My heart goes out to all his family and friends and all your hard work will not go unnoticed. You WILL save many other lives through your families’ hard work ( the trust) and dedication.
    RIP Daniel

  74. I am so sad to hear of Daniel’s passing. He was such an inspiring young man and had a lot to offer the world. My thoughts are with Orin and Beverly and the family who have done so much amazing work to help others.

    Rest in peace Daniel. Your legacy lives on.

  75. My thoughts and prayers are with Daniel’s family and friends at this difficult time.
    Kim Hutt (London Met)


  77. I am saddened to hear the news of Daniel’s death. It was only a week or so a go i saw him on the t.v. and was saying to myself what a lovely young man he has grown up to be. My deepest sympathy to the family.

  78. It is hard to begin to express how I felt this morning when I heard this terrible news… my thoughts go out to all the family at this tough time. Daniel did more good with all your help in his short life than many will do in 100 years – I will always remember him as an inspirational young man. Love to you all. David

  79. So very sad, you was a very brave young man and a credit to your parents as they were to you, gone but never forgotten.

  80. I am so sorry to hear of Daniel’s passing.He was a brave and inspirational young man. My condolences go out to the De-Gale family and friends of Daniel.

    May he rest in peace with the angels

    R.I.P daniel

  81. Daniel was an inspiration to many people and was truly a credit to his family. My heart goes out to the De-Gale family

  82. Like everyone else, i am truly shocked and saddened by the early passing of this wonderful soul, but for all those who have a hope in the creator, the good lord knows what he is doing and he lent us an angel for a while. Daniel came here to do his work and has been such an inspiration to all, and will go down in history for having heightened the awareness of the great need for bone marrow for black people. That has been a phenomenal work that you and your family started and because of you, it will grow to touch the lives of many. We are only here for a time and our purpose is to make that time worthwhile. You have done that Daniel and nuff respect to you and your wonderful family. I wish them strength and courage.

  83. I just heard the news about Daniel’s passing.
    My condolences to the De-Gale and Lewis families.
    My heart goes out to you at this difficult time.
    Words cannot express your feelings at this time; but hopefully the
    memories of all Daniel’s life will bring you some comfort.

  84. Daniel achieved so much in his short life, he was a credit to his family and to all of us.


  85. this is so sad and shocking.

    r.i.p daniel, my thoughts go out to his family.

  86. We only heard the news this afternoon which has been a total shock as we have been following the story of Daniel and thought he had gone through the worse.

    Daniel you were truly a saint and will be missed tremendously – RIP.

    Beverley and Orin our thoughts are with you both and your family.

  87. I am so sadened by this news. To loose a child is the deepest pain a parent can feel. My heart goes out to the DeGale family. You will be in my prayers.

  88. I am saddened to hear about Daniel’s death. Daniel was truly an inspiration to many. He will always be remembered, his legacy will continue to live on.

    I pray that God will comfort and strengthen the De Gale family and friends at this time and that the work of the ACLT will continue to go from strength to strength.

  89. my deepest condolences go out to Beverley and Orin. This is devastating news. Through Daniel and the efforts and courage of his family, my brother lives on. I am honoured to have known Daniel. His legacy will live on. Thank You.

  90. I am saddened to hear the news of Daniel’s death. My thoughts go out to De Gale family…

    R.I.P Daniel…

  91. I am deeply sad to hear this news! Total shock..

    All my family will be praying for him and his love ones in this difficult time.
    He had grown to be a great role model for all of us.


  92. It is truly sad that you have left us. You never knew me but I knew you and followed your life through the years like thousands of others. You were a true inspiration to us all.

    R.I.P Daniel

  93. I am deeply sad to hear this news. My family’s prayers go out to Daniel on his new journey and to his family and friends in this difficult time.

    He is and will always remain a wonderful & strong role model.
    Follow your path God laid for you as now you are free! Rest in peace.

  94. I am so very sad for the family. I believe a bright young man has left a lot for us all to remember.

  95. I am so stunned to hear that Daniel has died. Beverly Orin and family, my heart goes out to you. I know you will take comfort knowing he was a real inspiration to many people. You can always be proud of your wonderful son and his legacy. Come on everybody, if your not registered, do so now.

  96. You were truly a tremendous young man who will always be remembered. Our prayers and thoughts to your family at this time.

    May you now R.I.P

  97. I have just come in from a very busy day, rather up beat. To find my sister’s message that Daniel has passed…. what a Shock!

    Bev & Orin our heart to out to you both and all your relatives & family. Our thoughts are with you at this time. I am looking at Daniel picture… it cannot be easy. More over the world family that you have helped bring together around this issue, through your many works. May you both be lifted by the lasting spirit, May your store house remain full and blessed, May you be strengthened to continue the good work. Most of all may we all seek live life in his honour.

    Daniel, thank you for influencing positive change.

    PS. We enjoy the Muhammed Ali Joe Frazier framed montage we have from the previous event, it will mean more now. Bless.

  98. Rest in perfect peace Daniel. My deepest condolences to the De Gale family. Heaven has gained an absolute angel.

  99. you are now at peace daniel may our dear lord continue to bless your family and keep them strong and together. god bless

  100. My heart goes out to the Family of Daniel at this sadn time. From experience I can tell you that the saddest time of any one’s life is to lose someone dear to death the enemy, but the most devastating thing in a parent’s life, is to loose a child whilst you remain behind.

    My hope is that one day we will all meet again, so take courage. Treasure precious memories, and show how much he meant to you in the way you live your lives going forward. He was a fighter, so honor his memory by refusing to give up hope.

  101. I am so sorry that this wonderful inspirational young man has left his family. Pleased that he was able to be a beacon of hope for other families who will and are presently going through the misery of Cancer treatment.

    Though he has departed physically, I know his spirit/presence will always be with the wonderful family & friends that loved & raised him.

    Thank you for making us all aware of the need for donating and taking the stigma away. You’ll always be remembered in our hearts.

    Some of us are only sent here for a while to bless those around us and make us aware that it is possible to be a loving inspiration..

  102. I remember this young man smiling at all times and recently saw him on MTV for trust party with other clebereties, I remember thinking how remarkable he was, how courage his parents were and how we need to be more like them.

    He was and is a wonderful soul, and whilst I am sad at his passing, I know he is back home.

    RIP Daniel. You were extraordinary and such an inspiration.

  103. Your fight and determination was amazing. May you rest peacefully now. God bless you xxxxxx

  104. Heaven has certainly gained another angel. I have known the family for twenty years. I have admired Daniels courage and determination for life. He has touched the hearts of all that knew him, and has gained admiration from all.

    Bev, Orin my thoughts and prayers goes out to you and the rest of the family. A candle has been lit for you all and will never glow weary.

    God blessings

  105. I am so very sorry to hear such sad news. The Grant family send their condolences. Bev, I’ve known you since we were kids. Orin, by co-incidence I got to know you years later. Over the past few years I’ve witnessed, such determination, dedication, faith and unselfishness from both of you. Daniel expressed the same courageous dignity and was so Inspirational to so many. Be proud. So many of us are so much better off for knowing you and following Daniel’s story. Thank You! Surely Daniel will now be seated alongside the best of them. I pray that God will comfort and strengthen your family and friends at this time of sadness. Love, Steven.

  106. Daniel, you were truely a remarkable young man, with a lot of courage and strength. God bless you and your Family always. You have left behind a legacy that I know will continue to grow and to help others.

    One love.

  107. I cannot believe I was not aware of your story until now! A good friend emailed this to me and I heard the news on the TV! My sincere condolences to your amazing family and friends and I know you will live on in all their hearts – you will live on forever. I would like to contribute to your cause by passing this onto to my friends and making them aware and I will try my best to help wherever I can.

    Rest in Peace Daniel

  108. To the DeGale Family

    May Peace be with you and keep you through the times ahead.

    Daniel had a beautiful presence about him at all times. Always smiling and well mannered.

    He has gone to be with the Lord, and we believe that you will continually experience the 21 years of Joy from Daniel whatever you do and wherever you go.

    God Bless


  109. Daniel – a truly inspirational brave young man.

    May God bless you and keep you. Your parents were blessed when you came into this world.

    Thank you Daniel for your selfless attitude to life – a role model to many young men today.

  110. I have always followed Daniel’s story and my heart always went out to him and his family.

    Daniel was very good friends with friends of mine and I would always see him out a functions. This young man lived life and always had a smile on his face.

    My heart goes out to his family and his close friends as I know you’re all feeling it too. Try to be strong at this sad time as I know you feel robbed.

    R.I.P Daniel. x

  111. Wishing the family all the best. I was shocked to find the article in the metro this morning about Daniel. I only met him a couple of times through family some years ago, and found him to be a very pleasant and well mannered child. Always smiling, regardless of his condition. I would like to extend my sympathy to all his family and friends.

  112. I was so shocked to read of Daniel death. My prayers and sympathy goes out to the family and extended close friends.

    I pray that God Keep will keep you all under his wings and in his shelter.

    To both parents, you have been truly bless to have a son like Daniel.

    God Bless you all!

  113. I was truly, truly saddened to here about the passing of this courageous young man.

    My thoughts go out to his whole family and friends.

    The teenage yobs who have been terroising our streets should take a close look at his short life and feel ashamed that even though he had been ill for most of his life he was still able to carry on with his studies and obviously had plans to make something of himself!!!

    I hope his legacy lives on and on…

  114. My deepest sympathies go to the De Gale family. It is not always easy to deal with death and it must be especially hard to deal with the death of a child. No parent expects to bury their child.

    I hope all who have read about Daniel can take inspiration from him, because no matter what adversities are thrown at you, you can conquer them without resulting to crime and lead an upstanding life.

    I hope Daniel’s legacy will be the inspiration that so many young black people need to do something with their life, even if it is for a short time.
    Rest in peace Daniel, I am sure your legacy will live on because of all you have achieved and all the hearts you have touched in your short life.

  115. To be absent from the body is to be present with the L-rd. I resides in Canada and was unaware of Daniel and his story but I believe that G-d has a plan and purpose for us all. Daniel was a powerful man in the Bible and this Daniel is not different – look at the lives he touched.

    May the good L-rd keep those left behind as we have a hope that we WILL SEE Daniel again.

    G-d bless you all

  116. To The De Gale Family, Daniel and his family have left a lasting legacy to the world. His and your efforts to promote the importance of getting donors within the Afro-Caribbean community will always be remembered and continued.

    Daniel is an amazing soul who has left his impression on many, you have much to be proud of.

    Wishing you all Peace & Love during this time.

  117. I could not beleive I heard right, but today I find out it is true. The brilliant light of Daniel De Gayle now shines in heaven.
    I could not keep the tears from falling from my eyes. Beverley and Orin I pray that the Lord will give you the strength you both need at this your time of need. Keep strong for one another and the spirit of your most beautiful son will keep you strong to continue what you have started.
    The Lord keep and bless you and make his face to shine upon you.

  118. Daniel, I wa so sad to hear of your passing. Your were such a courageous young man. My prayers are with your family at this time. May you rest in peace. Bless

  119. I was saddened to hear of the passing of Daniel. His journey seemed so close to all of us and became a significant part of our history. I know that his life however short has touched many in a positive way.

    At this time I wish that his family will be able to find the strength to bear such a terrible loss. My heart goes out to them as I send a prayer.

    Take care Daniel and blessings to the family.

  120. My thought and prayers go out to your family. What a lovely young man. I was fortunate to meet Orin at the blood drive about 2 years in London and for the A. N. Trust and I appreciated what he was doing for Daniel and others. I just wished more Black people would attend as we just never know what can happen.

    The memory of Daniel’s courage will stay with me for ever.

    God Bless you Daniel now you are at PEACE.

  121. A life lived on earth. Another in Heaven……A reminder. The next ACLT donor clinic in London.

    Saturday 18th October 2008
    11am till 4.30pm
    Barclay’s Bank
    126 Station Road
    HA8 7RY

    See you there. R.I.P Daniel

  122. May your soul rest in peace- you have helped so many others throughout your life, this will never be forgotten. RIP Daniel xx

  123. R.I.P Daniel, A real hero!

    Thinking of the de-gale family at this time, our thoughts are with you and your wonderful Daniel.

    God bless

  124. i did not know daniel personally but reading about him was painful he sounded to be a young man with alot of determination and heart and i feel he has shown us all what living life is all about. i am thinking of his family and friends and hope my words and prayers bring some form of comfort to all those personally touched by this wonderful young man. please remember him at his best and use the same courage and fighting spirit to heal and continue his legacy . our prayers are with you all. gemma and ty ( 8yrs old)

  125. RIP Daniel, you achieved so much in your short time here, but you will be missed and loved forever.

  126. My heart and thoughts are with all the family. Having been there myself I know your pain. SORRY! May he rest in peace.

  127. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family. What a great role model Daniel was and he will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Daniel.

  128. Very sad news. The De Gales stepped out in faith – and God provided a donor and we all became members of the De Gale family when Daniel’s plight became public. His parents tireless energy and his sister’s quiet strength in support is commendable. This family’s courageous determination makes me choke with pride and I will encourage everyone I know to take that step in faith towards supporting the good work being carried out for this worthy cause. RIP Daniel

  129. My deepest sympathies to the De-Gale family.

    Daniel, rest in peace little man you WILL live on in all our hearts. Never forgotten.


  130. Like everyone else, I’m saddened to hear of this tragic and heart breaking news. My sympathies to the De Gale family and hope that they can draw from what little comfort knowing that there is, knowing that there is support for them. Also, I hope that they will continue to do the good work they have started in raising awarness of the illness amongst black Caribbean people.

  131. May his soul rest in peace. The lord will give the family the strength to continue the good work.

  132. Please accept my sincere condolenses on her sad news. Daniel is with the Angel. The Lord has decided he will take him home. We will all meet again. My thoughts are with at this time.

    Bless you

  133. Hearfelt sympathy go out to the De Gale family. Danile was an inspiration to the black community. May God give you strength through this time.

  134. The nation crys for this truly inspirational young man. without a doubt he is resting in the arms of hte lord.

  135. I didn’t know Daniel, but heard of his story when I saw Beverly on television a couple of years ago. I worked with Bev in Hammersmith many years ago, and recognised her immediately, and saw how she has grown into an amazing woman, doing so much for people in need.
    I just wanted to say how sad I feel at the loss of Daniel and send my best wishes to Beverly and all the family. Having two sons myself, one of whom is Daniel, I cannot imagine how you must all feel.
    Take care, Gill

  136. I was so sad to hear the new that daniel has passed away, he was such a lovely young man & brave as well, my thoughts are with his family !! {R.I.P DANIEL U WILL BE TRULY MISSED}

  137. sincere condolences to the family of this very honourable young man, i know his soul will rest in peace,he was simply a beautiful gift on loan for the cause you all championed for and is still winning giving others the chance of hope to live longer, what a valuable gift priceless , keep up the struggle he will never be forgotten but will live for ever in the hearts of millions of very grateful people. THANKS DANIEL AND FAMILY AND GOODNIGHT WITH LOVE AND RESPECT ALWAYS XXXX FROM RUBY FAMILY

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