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  1. Lady Luck killed it.

    Who was the rambling woman that followed her? lol. i started fidgeting whilst she was on.

  2. rah digga and lady luck absolutely hip hop mc’s
    the others did they’re thing
    … but janice …. go and find erick sermon and dress they did one as well i watched it yesterday
    ERICK SERMON IS a beast!!!!!!!!!!
    you have got to post that clip …

  3. Rah Digga is beast on the mic, one of my fav. mc’s. Your heart just pumps in your chest with the bass in her voice. Crazy vibe.

    Lady Luck fabulicious.

    CleoC the rambling girl at 2.59 was China Girl. What a hot mess lol !!!
    “I’m thick in the butt and I got tits”…….. ridiculous, even if she was freestyling.

    I would love to see Rah Digga and Lil Wayne battle. He wouldn’t stand a chance lol !!!

  4. Yes, Digga and Luck were the only 2 worth listening to thru this whole thing….

    I had high hopes for Queenpen, seeing as how she was one of my top 10 female emcees back in the day…

    I did a song w/Digga a few years back (check my MySpace page,, and I was so humbled by her verse on that joint…


    Having said that, there are other ppl on these boards that do the damn thing musically also (Ty and Mishal, I’m looking directly @ the both of you!), and it’s great to see/hear that music is still alive and well in terms of both originality and good sound!

  5. I’m sorry to have to say that Digga looked washed up, outta touch streetwise, and broke. Lady Luck stood out as a real hoodsta – able to get her hustle on and maintain regardless. Remember, its all about streetz. #1 rule maintain and come up without being touched……….Lady Luck killed it!!

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