“I’m not racist. I have nothing against coloureds…. I mean black people… or your skin colour. I mean it’s not your fault …..”


This was said during a conversation over lunch with a former colleague, twelve/thirteen years ago. I was working weekends at a department store (those born, raised and living in London should remember Allders of Bromley, which has now been turned in to a Primark), and this particular colleague happened to be a 16 year old girl, who at the time was involved in a hot and heavy relationship with a 32 year old man….  


Anyway I cannot remember how we got on to the subject matter of Race but she dropped this gem and I thought I would share it.




I often wonder what became of her…..



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  1. its not your fault…..
    theres so much clues in that comment…
    so being black is a cursed position in some peoples eyes..
    who knew .. who knew!!!
    planet of the apes..!!

  2. Black folks aren’t cursed, even though some folks do misinterept those scriptures and get things all twisted adding more confusion, (I know U ain’t one of them Janice, not pointing the finger love, I see ya point)…

    as for that 16year old girl…

    I saw her the other day in Bermondsey, pusing a buggy with a mix race, big lip, big nose baby he was beautiful, and she was soo happy calling him tyrone!… she looked like lady soveriegn in her late 20’s lol

    hows times change huh? lol

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