Jo Jo and K-Ci recently performed live in Sydney Australia and this is what happened…. (1.51 mark)

What cracked me up the most was the security guard’s reaction…. SMH……..

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. Janice this is definitely one of your best blogs for 2008. Absolutely hilarious !!! I’ve watched it about five times in the space of about 3 minutes.

    Are K-Ci and Jo Jo not brothers ? and if your brother slumps to the ground………….WAIT I’M LAUGHING TO MUCH…………..surely you would help to pick him up…even if you knew he was drunk, but no K-Ci continues to sing and throw hishands i te air, like the audience are blind.. and the security guard walks straight past … ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hha ha ha ha ha. I am crying with laughter. It’s just too funny.

    Please tell me this concert wasn’t in 2008 and the place is packed !!! lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.

    Whats even funnier is the girl taking the video shouting ” shit ! pick him up, pick him up”.

  2. What the hell? Security guy nonchalantly strolls over, picks up the mic and walks off without so much as a backward glance?

    He prolly thinkin’ – “sheeit, I aint gettin’ paid to pick up niggas, but I gotta secure that mic coz I’m a professional”

    If JoJo was in the way u know security guy would have stepped over him too.

  3. they didnt pick him up bcuz they kno the reasons are self inflicted, and the security guard must believe the mic is worth more tha Jo Jo’s life as it currently is. Kci obviously agrees, or is too high to care.

    much more smh than the otha you tube clip of them in concert. if u dont kno that one, get ta kno, lololol.

  4. oh man…this is the funniest thing ever….secuirity got his priorities right ‘ he done with this shhheeeiiiiitttt’ lol

    oh man…..i cant breathe…to funny!!!!!

  5. While looking at the video ever noticed that theres a fat dot in the middle of the stage where he fell exactly. Now i’m not a believer in conspiracy theory or anything of that nature. And I’m also not attempting to say that the occurrence was planned . All I’m saying is that x marked the spot. Or more likely the Flop !!! Obviously he wasn’t feeling well….I was thinking that he was going to fall way before he actually did. Kc and JoJo Give it up….. Lets just remember the past. Anyway Mr. Dalvin and Devante Swing were my favorites 🙂

  6. Unfortunately Agnes, this fiasco was at the weekend i think…

    It’s one of those things where you don’t know whether to laugh or be concerned cos a grown man dropping over – HARD – on stage and laying there looking like a stiff ain’t funny, but a big old hard back ‘security guard’ breezing past him to pick up a microphone has to be the funniest, most messed up thing i’ve seen this year – followed closely by that “It’s so cold in the D” video (J, i don’t know if i can forgive you for introducing that severe mess into my life – my own man wants it as a ring tone!)

  7. I’m sorry but I had to play this again, GOD FORGIVE ME IF I’M WRONG !!!
    but that is so not an epilyptic fit.

    1.Why, for all the yams in Africa, is the security guard standing in the wings just looking at Jojo lying on the floor. Toooo funny !!!. His stance is like, ” I’ve had enough of you two, for real. “.

    2. annnnd you can tell by the way the security guard initially folows Jojo onto the stage that he knows something is up/or that Jojo is not fit to perform.

    Sooo wrong on all levels… !!!

  8. “Pick him up men, pick him up”. Some ignorant child [on utube] actually said it was epilepsy, seriously….. Anyhoo, I assumed it was in Naij (lets c there was DMX & Kelly, they always seem 2 go humpty dumpty when they get there). Oh, I think it was 4 d “you pick me up when I was down” line. Apparently, he missed.
    The guard deserves an award.

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