This is just wrong on soooooo many levels!!!!!!!

“Singer/rapper” T-Baby’s message is to “Stop The Violence” in Detroit but that message gets lost in this travesty of a track.

The vocals and the lyrics…Lord have mercy! (smh) Who let them in the studio????? Was it you Sickamore???

And as for the video… NO WORDS! I suggest you all watch to the bitter end……SMH…..

Spotted @ where else? C&D

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  1. lmao i`m mad that this video been out since January & EVERYBODY just now seein this monstrocity.
    but there are sooooo many things wrong with the song,
    but there are even more things wrong with the video.
    [esp. the girl in the black dancin, thats a hell no]

    the youngin from Filnobep hit the nail on the head with the response vid.
    i`m not gon lie, the message of the song is good tho.
    but the song & vid is baaad, just plain wrong.

    smh. damn black people, we need to do better! lmao

  2. What an experience !!!

    This just makes you realise and appreciate how much, work, time, money and effort goes into a ‘legit’ video. WTF !!!

    Forget about stop the violence in Detroit, the message should be

  3. Oh father, my constitution can only take so much and this damn near pushed me over the edge! I understand whole heartedly the cause she is fighting against but I need to know who a) stood and recorded the video and b) ‘mastered’ this track because if this ain’t a prime example of why certain people shouldn’t be allowed to even know what a mic is let alone know that the internet exists then i don’t know what is!

    Janice, i don’t know if i can ever forgive you for introducing this to my world – my own man wants it as a blasted ring tone – noooooooooooo!!!!!!

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