Jade Goody

Reality TV star Jade Goody has spent her first night on the Indian version of Celebrity Big Brother.  (WHY????? I can’t believe they invited her on the show SMH….)

It comes 18 months after the 27-year-old was accused of racism towards Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty in the UK show.

Goody told Indian audiences before she went in to the house the incident with Shetty was “in the past” and that she was “not proud of it”.

Shetty takes Davina McCall’s role on the Indian show, known as ‘Bigg Boss’.

“I know I have behaved wrongly but that was my yesterday,” Goody said.

“Today, I have changed for the better and I am here to prove it. I am determined to be myself and win everyone’s heart.” Continue Reading….. 

And Jade’s publicist Max Clifford has just announced that she has been diagnosed with having cervical cancer.

Apparently before flying out to India, Jade had collapsed several times and had under gone various tests.  

She was given the news while in the the Big Brother house over the phone yesterday……. Continue Reading…

Any news item that involves a client of Max Clifford’s is often exaggerated. I just hope they haven’t embellished the diagnosis to win Jade public sympathy.

Jade’s lucrative career crashed and burned, so I would not put anything past her or Max Clifford…..


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  1. It’s a hard one to comment on..cancer is something u wouldn’t wish on anyone. Everything she is or has done goes out the window and hope she still has a long and relatively healthy life.

  2. Apparently and according to GMTV, Shilpa invited her on the show.

    Goody is so desperate to get back in the sunday papers limelight, trying to redeem herself, but no one cares. Once you’ve made a fool of yourself, it’s too late.

    We all know she showed her true colours, with the racist comments, so anything after that is just a farce… JUST LIKE BORIS !!!

  3. @ Reclaimin
    “Everything she is or has done goes out the window ”

    Yes I’m sure that’s what Max Clifford is banking on.

    I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy, so if she is in deed ill then I hope she get’s better soon.

    BUT I just have my suspicions….. It all seems so convenient!

  4. you dont want me to comment!!! oh lord!!!you dont want me to comment!!!!
    the two words convenience and max clifford have never gone together so well!
    thats me … i’m out

  5. I smell publicity stunt. Cancer is not something play with so if she in fact has cervical cancer then I wish her the best, however, the manner in which it all unfolded is crazy to me. If she had undergone tests wouldn’t she wait to find out the results before flying to India? Like why even go and have that unfold on the show unless it was a way to get sympathy from the public?! Maybe I’m wrong but it seems like a stunt to me…

  6. @ Reclaiming…., you know I made the comment purely on the basis of why she went into the India BB house and the desperate events that took her there.

    I really wasn’t referencing on the fact hat she may have cervical cancer.
    I feel sorry for anyone who may have any type of cancer/terminal illness , so that did not come across very well.

    One thing I will say though is why would they tell her in the diary room, that she has this illness…..F–KUPNESS !!!

  7. This is Jade Goody. Queen of the Reveal. How did she get her fame again??

    she’ll be in the diary room holding out she fanny talkin’ bout ‘ -‘you can’t see it; but its rite up there!!’

    i dont feel compassion here, sorry.

    @ Ty – u voiced the five letter word i had in my head, when i read the headline. much thx.


  8. “She’ll be in the diary room holding out she fanny talkin’ bout ‘ -’you can’t see it; but its rite up there!!’”

    (hiding face in hands)…….. lol… no Cleo… No…. lol…

  9. the jade goody and the alleged fine lady shelpa shetty was a set up to
    make that disgusting show more interesting. and someone should
    have informed shela’s aunt that jade goody is anglo caribbian and that
    run is native of the west indies. we should not have been involved
    fish and chips who is the racist Shilpa’s aunt.

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