Hip-hop entrepreneur Percy Miller, a.k.a. Master P, is launching a family-friendly cable network, Better Black Television.

The network will provide “positive content for a black and brown culture,” according to a company statement.

BBTV, set to launch in 2009, will be a general entertainment channel running a wide range of scripted, unscripted and news programming, including drama and comedy series, movies, animation, reality, politics, sports and entertainment news, children’s educational and teen programming, as well as “responsible hip-hop music and videos.” Source 

I hope this network is a huge success and people support it!

Well done P Miller!

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  1. This is def a good look. As long as he don’t try to star in no sitcoms or movies I’m straight! But we need some positive, quality programming cause Lord knows I aint watched BET in a minute!!

  2. No no no, don’t buy it!

    Listen-the new cool is to be black again and to actually be seen to care about black culture within circles that previously would say you were too serious, too incense or actually not black enough to care about.

    It’s the new gravy train for people that will sell their own mothers if it gets them paid. This ‘new black’ will hang around for a while, eradicating the silent majority once more, using our words and opinions with the sole interest in getting paid.

    I am hearing more and more cheesy jiggas talking up how great it is to be black like it’s a revelation.
    When they were in the thick of video hos, precious metals and distinctly bad music in the good old 90s, I didn’t see all this interest.


  3. We shall see……..these next few years will be highly entertaining-I’ll give you that…

  4. Admittedly Percy only started harping on about positivity after people stopped buying his records.

    LMAO! Very true! I didn’t even think about that.

  5. I passed this blog a few times and thought no Agnes hold your tongue… just leave it….. now look what you done started Reclaiming lol….

    I don’t know how long he’s been out of the limelight, but i really find it hard for someone to go from crazy/derranged No Limits to ‘Power to the people’. All that bafoonery is still very fresh in my mind.

    Nevertheless it will be interesting to see what his definition of ‘Better Black Television’ is and ‘responsible hip hop videos’. It can’t be much worse than BET.

    You never know if Percy can get the wake up call, perhaps in 10 years time there will be hope for Lil Wayne. God bless him.

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