Honorees for this year’s annual Hip Hop Honors show will be Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Slick Rick, Naughty By Nature and Too $hort.

The show will premiere on October 7th at 10pm stateside.

It will probably air here in the UK the following month on MTV Base.

Read full press release below….

NEW YORK, August 13, 2008 – VH1 has announced the five honorees for their fifth annual “VH1 Hip Hop Honors,” Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Slick Rick, Naughty By Nature and Too $hort. Hosted once again by Tracy Morgan, this year’s musical celebration will give viewers a chance to step back and reminisce on a time when hip hop music began to make its greatest impact on American pop culture.

Premiering on Tuesday, October 7 at 10PM*, generations of hip hop will bridge the gap for one exceptional night to set it off with the original style and flavor that sparked a revolution and continues to fuel an evolution around the world. Additional performances and appearances will be announced shortly.

“Now in its fifth year, the ‘VH1 Hip Hop Honors’ has come to represent the pinnacle of innovation and achievement in hip hop music,” said Tom Calderone, Executive Vice President and General Manager, VH1. “This year’s five honorees are no different and are being recognized for their significant contributions to hip hop culture and for helping to elevate hip hop into a truly global phenomenon.”

Introducing this year’s honorees:

Cypress Hill: With a driving rhyme style and brutally infectious production, this L.A. based collective brought a welcomed Latino perspective to hip hop storytelling, creating records like “Insane in the Brain” that crossed all barriers and gave Cypress Hill fans in the rock, as well as, rap world.

De La Soul: This Long Island trio brought a playful, smart, and off-center style to hip hop, while pushing their suburban and bohemian sensibility to the fore. Their innovative sound has influenced not only other MCs, but helped inspire the entire underground movement in the culture.

Naughty By Nature: Led by the strident style of lead MC Treach, Naughty By Nature brought New Jersey hip hop into the mainstream by creating hit singles than became anthems for a generation. “OPP” and “Hip Hop Hooray” are two of the most popular records in rap history.

Slick Rick: With vivid storytelling and unique rhyme style Slick Rick has always been one of the most unique and influential figures in the culture’s history. When you combine Rick’s MC gifts with his gold chains, eye patch and regal clothing the result is a figure who embodies the fun, the danger and the flavor that is hip hop.

Too $hort: Too $hort started his career in the ’80s selling 12-inch singles full of freaky tales on his own indie label in Oakland and has remained true to his raw style, in the process becoming a legend in the game while staying true to his hard core values.

Additionally, on September 16 VH1.com will launch its dedicated “VH1 Hip Hop Honors” Web site with honoree profiles, exclusive online programming, show information and more at HipHop.VH1.com. Additional VH1.com and VH1 Mobile efforts around “VH1 Hip Hop Honors” will be announced in the coming weeks.

“VH1 Hip Hop Honors” is executive produced by Lee Rolontz for VH1 and Jac Benson for Blackjac Entertainment. Louis J. Horvitz will direct. Nelson George and Fab Five Freddie are co-executive producers.

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  1. Ok I’ll actually be looking forward to this one…should be interesting to see who performs N.B.N’s ‘Uptown Anthem’a classic!, De la Soul have to do Me Myself & Eye… “Black is Black” loved that part of the song…and of course RICK DA RULER!!!!!!!…..”…dave the doap fiend, shooting dope, who don’t know the menaing of water nor soap!” – Childrens Story!…will there ever be another S. Rick ..NO!

  2. I appreciate the fact that hip-hop has an outlet to honor the many influential artist that have lessed us over the years with there talents over the 30 plus years that the genre has een around but I must say that being a TRUE fan of the music I am truly offended and appauled that the MIGHTY Gangstarr has been passed up again in this years list. Taking nothing away from any of the honorees past and present but if VH1 is gonna honor the music and give it its just deserts! They need to re-evaluate the way that voters are assessing the inclusion of artist that will be honored! Gangstarr’ catalog of material is considered classic amongst TRUE hip hop fans around the world. I personally feel that its a slap in the face of hiphop to not include gang in the the 5th installment BLASPHEMY!!!

  3. I’ve said the same thing about EPMD. They’ve honored groups who don’t have nearly as many hits and impact on the hip hop culture than them. Maybe they’ll correct their mis-steps next year.

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