Antigua’s government will introduce the death penalty for crimes involving weapons in the wake of the murders of a British honeymoon couple.

Catherine was killed and Ben Mullany died later in hospital in Swansea

The new sentencing legislation will be introduced for anyone who uses a gun or knife in a crime which results in death or serious injury.

The inquest into the fatal shootings of honeymoon couple Ben and Catherine Mullany has been opened and adjourned.

Three forensics staff from the UK have been sent to the Caribbean to help.

The couple from Pontardawe in the Swansea valley, were shot in their hotel cottage in Antigua on 28 July, the last day of their honeymoon, in what police think was a robbery which went wrong.

Catherine Mullany, who was training to become a GP, was killed instantly after being shot in the head.

Her husband, a University of the West of England physiotherapy student, died a week later after being airlifted to hospital in Swansea in a critical condition.

They were both 31. Continue Reading…..

The individual/individuals responsible for this heinous act deserve to rot.  However it’s interesting to me that the government would decide to introduce the death penalty now.

A young married, Caucasian British couple are brutally murdered on Antiguan soil and all of a sudden laws are changed within a matter of weeks…. 

Would they have done this had it been a local couple?

Before this tragic incident several Islanders had been brutally murdered, their families destroyed. But the government did not think it necessary to rush in new laws then.

I see that our need to still please the plantation owner/massa is still alive and kicking.  And anything to please the old Empire.


Rest In Peace Catherine and Ben Mullany

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  1. There also seems to be the view that West Indian detectives are not capable of investigating high profile crimes against British citizens, or are somehow lacking in their techniques. See how fast British detectives catch a flight out there whenever something big goes down. It’s not as if they take any specialist equipment with them that is not available out there. Best believe they pack the sun tan lotion and a “how to speak patios” phrase book though.

  2. I think the question, why the death penalty, now, is appropriate. England doesn’t have the death penalty for any crimes.

    The more important question is do murderers deserve the death penalty?

    Some do.

  3. it the nail on the hit – Antigua was doing nicely off there tourism until this happened and the government, what the tourism o continue, some drastic steps had to be made, personally I think thats BS though, the death penalty is un called for!

  4. i am from antigua but i live in newyork i am so upset about what happend i think they should give them the death penlty.

  5. i cant belive what antigua is comeing to they give the country a bad name to much things is agoin on their

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