It’s now official that R&B singer Usher has rehired his mother, Jonetta Patton, as his manager.  

 As the ‘New York Daily News’ speculated on July 7, Usher has officially ended his business relationship with Benny Medina and replaced him with his mother.  

Apparently Usher has made the management overhaul because of the lackluster response to his recent release, ‘Here I Stand.’ Continue Reading….

I think that this is probably a wise move on Usher’s part. So far thing’s just don’t seem to be working out for him this time around. And people seem to be obessed with Usher’s choice in wife – and not in a good way! GET A GRIP PEOPLE!!!


Plus Benny Medina, although hugely successful at what he does, the man comes across as being one big A-hole of a DIVA, and he isn’t even the talent.


*Little known fact:  When Medina used to manage Jennifer Lopez’s career, he was in fact the one who used to make all those ridiculous demands in her name. E.g. Jennifer insists you repaint her dressing room white, Jennifer insists on only having cotton sheets etc etc etc etc.*  

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  1. Good for him but I don’t think it will make a difference. Usher is done! Karma is a bitch. He shouldn’t have fired her in the first place.

  2. Well it happens. Michael Jackson, Brooke Shields, and Bow Wow all fired their mothers/fathers once they reached a certain age. I bet there have been time’s when Beyonce has thought about firing Matthew.
    I suppose sometimes it can be a bit much having a parent around you all the time, telling you what do and in every aspect of your life, especially when you reach a certain age.

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