A pastor has stood down after a relationship with one of his congregation – Big Brother bully Alexandra de Gale’s sister – left her pregnant.

Leon Richardson, of El-Shaddai Outreach Ministry, confessed to his West Croydon congregation that he had been seeing Donna de-Gale.

Although the minister, who has three children from a previous failed marriage, has stood down he continues to attend church activities and was at a bible reading session this Tuesday.

As a result around half a dozen church-goers have left the ministry in London Road as they objected to his continued presence.

One of them, Sandra Jones, told the Advertiser: “This behaviour is totally wrong. I put my faith and trust in him to find he is doing this.

Click here!“In my eyes if you are a priest you should set an example.I hear he plans to return after a year but he should stand down permanently.

“I’m amazed he has the nerve to show his face in church.”

In a meeting with select members of the congregation on July 11, Mr Richardson, 39, appealed for forgiveness saying “we don’t fall far from sin.”

When approached by the Advertiser he refused to comment on the scandal and a further accusation that he made an advance on another woman.

He said: “I’ve made my statement to the congregation and it is a personal matter. I think people are trying to be malicious.

“This is now between me and my children. I am only answerable to my congregation, which I have done.

“Pastors stand down all the time.”

Miss de-Gale, who is understood to be around three months pregnant, defended the father of her unborn child as “only human”.

She said: “Of course, you have to set an example but people make mistakes.

“So what if it was out of wedlock. People need to get a life – just because he is a man of the cloth does not make him Superman, he is human.

“Other people in public life do much worse – like take marijuana. He hasn’t done anything illegal.”

The ministry declined to comment. Continue Reading…. 

You see this is why I cannot take pastors seriously and make a conscious effort to stay away from black led churches of this kind. There’s always some drama happening behind the scenes.

You have the pastor who is on some sort of power trip, judging everyone and everything that crosses his path.

Then you have the pastor who STRESSES that you need to give “generously” each time the collection plate’s whipped out, and seems suspiciously obsessed with money.

Then you have the pastor who was born and raised in South London, but insists on doing a really bad Creflo Dollar / TD Jakes impression while up in the pulpit (I’ve witnessed this).

Then you have the pastor who steals the tithes and uses it to build two luxurious homes in Jamaica (true story).

Then you have the suave married pastor who embarks on passionate affairs with members of his congregration. 

And don’t even get me started on members of the congregration.  Some are borderline insane!

Anyway in regards to this situation, members of the congregation, who eventually opted to leave the church after the pastor’s confession, are behaving very un-christian like. He has resigned as pastor – fine! But if he still wants to attend the church (in the background), then he should be allowed to do so. At the end of the day, the church is open to everyone.

The members who left need to be asking themselves this question,

“What would Jesus do?” 

Plus he could have done a lot worse………..

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  1. “One of them, Sandra Jones, told the Advertiser: “This behaviour is totally wrong. I put my faith and trust in him to find he is doing this.”

    Like the pregnant sister said, he’s only human. Too many people put all their soul and heart into ‘one man’ who professes to be ‘holier than thou’, and they get disappointed, when he f–ks up. Pastors have een getting away with it from 19longtime and people still drink the gullible juice.

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  3. I used to attend this church, but left for personal reasons before this fiasco. In the context of this comment, my decision to leave should not be seen as a reflection of the church. With no vested interest in the ministry, I believe I can express my opinion objectively and without bias.

    Though Pastor Leon’s actions were wrong, none of those that have commented can wholeheartedly say that he is not a man of God. I know of very few other Pastors that devote themselves to ministry with the intensity he consistently demonstrated.

    Again, his actions were wrong, but those that have – and still are – pointing the finger should be aware of a key fact: this sin is no greater than another. There are those that our social values incline us to be enraged at, but fornication is certainly no worse a sin than any other practice, according the Bible.

    So then, do these people expect Pastor’s to be entirely without sin? They, like the rest of us, fall and seek God’s face for forgiveness… “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.” Prov 24:16

    In closing, I pose this question to the members of the church that have left: “Was your faith in God or man?”

  4. This man has also been linked to two other women who have become pregnant by him. Heaven only knows how many children by different women he has.
    Past congregations are aware of these “indescretions” and have left in disgust.
    Pastors are but men this is true but one who gives spiritual advice and marriage guidance must hold himself to a higher standard morally. At the very least he should practice what he preaches.

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